Therapy Pigs for the Win Win!

This week we have been writing about Therapy Pigs.  We were taking notes about how Therapy Pigs calm people down and stop them from being nervous. They can support people with autism and anxiety by helping them get over their fears such as going outside, starting new clubs and flying.  Therapy Pigs can calm you down and distract you before a test and boost children’s confidence to make friends.  With all of our notes we wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Shaw (Director of Education) to ask for a therapy pig in Crookfur Primary. Some of our reasons as to why Crookfur should have a therapy pig were;

  • There’s lots of space outside to keep the pigs
  • We have 2 sheds so have storage to keep their food and bedding
  • They can calm down teachers who are stressed
  • They would excite all the children
  • There’s lots of trees for shade
  • There is a very muddy woodland area for the pigs to roll around in
  • The Therapy Pigs can cheer people up in the playground

We really hope we can get a Therapy Pig! 🙂

P4’s Fantastic February


It has been a busy month in Primary 4A, with lots of exciting learning. In PE, we have been becoming tennis superstars by learning the basics of ball skills. We have been playing partner games to learn ball control. Wimbledon, watch out!

In the topic of weather, we have been learning about how weather affects our every day lives. In groups, we made weather instruments. We made an anemometer, a wind vane, a thermometer and rain gauge. It was hard to make our instruments but we managed to build it using team work. We have also been learning about the weather in French. Aujourd’hui, il pleu et il ya du vent!

In writing, we have been learning to write a persuasive letter. We learned about the Australian wildfires and sent letters to tourists persuading them to go to other destinations like New Zealand. This has helped us in Reading, where we have been learning about non-fiction text features. We learned about different types of non-fiction texts and how we use them.

We have been doing LOTS of learning in Maths. The Rectangles have been learning about Chance and Uncertainty where they designed their own games. The Rectangles have also been reviewing addition and subtraction within 1000. In the Circles, we have been reviewing number by comparing and ordering numbers, using greater than, less than and equals to. The Triangles have been learning how to add and subtract using 10s and 100s and have done a great job of solving tricky word problems!

We also had an exciting visit from some engineers from Thales. They taught us about engineering. We got to code a robot with black lines on paper and using different colours to code how it moved. The robot followed the pattern and did moves like tornado and backwards. We also tried to make the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti but it was hard because it kept falling!

Thanks for reading!


P4b’s Fantastic Feelings About Art

This week we have been doing art.  In art we have been looking at the pictures and deciding how we feel about it.  We looked at a picture which had elderly people floating in the air holding umbrellas and dancing.  We think it was raining or snowing and there was a reflection from the umbrellas.  We discussed how this piece of art made us feel such as joyful,  happy, excited and maybe even sad because the characters could be lost.  It made us feel happy because the characters looked like they were having fun, the characters looked like they were together as friends, the artist used bright colours such as orange, light blue, red, yellow etc.  and many of the colours were the primary colours.  The other piece of art included lots of people walking in the rain and were also holding umbrellas.  This picture mainly made us feel unhappy, sad, scared or bored because the colours were dark and there wasn’t many bright colours, the characters looked sad themselves and looked as though they were walking alone.  Next week we will be choosing a random feeling written by one of our peers and we are going to draw a picture which would make us feel that feeling.

Preparation for Burns and Chinese New Year on 25th January

In Art we were making fans just like the fans in China of which we added drawings of flowers, bamboo and some animals which represent Chinese New Year such as a rabbit, rat, ox, tiger, pig, sheep, horse, monkey, dog, dragon and snake.  The day before Chinese New Year they give the house a good clean and decorate the house with red Chinese decorations such as lanterns and signs.  Red is the main colour which stands for good luck.

In maths we were doing word problems related to Robert Burns.  In one of our word problems we used our chance and uncertainty skills when discussing the chance of picking someone called Elizabeth to play with.  Of the 7 daughters Robert Burns had 5 of them were called Elizabeth and the other 2 were called Francis and Jean.  The chance of playing with an ‘Elizabeth’ is very likely. We also learned that he died when he was 37 .  One groups’s question said his age was 3 tens and 7 units and the other group’s clue included a number line with the year he was born and the year he died.  We added on in tens and units.

P4b’s Perfect P.E. with a Fortnight of Fabulous Tennis

In P.E. we were learning how to use the tennis racket and how to hold it as if shaking someone’s hand.  We learned that you have to hold it top the side and flick your wrist.  We split into groups of 3 of our choice and had a job each.  The runner, the batter, the baller. The baller’s job was to throw the ball and the batter’s job was to hit it back to the baller.  The runner’s job was to catch the ball when it bounced it in a different direction.  We discussed that in tennis the proper name for the runner is the ball boy or the ball girl.

Come to Newton Mearns!

In writing this week we were making leaflets about Newton Mearns and persuading people to come here.  We were focusing on including a bold heading, a few sub-headings, lots of information in paragraphs under the sub-headings or in bullet points.  We discussed that it would need pictures and colour to make it attractive to the reader and some pictures could have labels or captions to tell the reader what the picture is of or where it is.  In addition, we tried to include persuasive language which are adjectives that describe something to make it sound great and to encourage the reader to want to go there.

P4b’s Fabulous First Week Back

In P.E. this week we have been developing our balance skills with a tennis ball and racket by dropping the ball from different heights and trying to catch it on the racket without it bouncing off.  In the next few weeks we will be building on our skills to play a game of tennis.

D.Y.W. started back up again this week and in the Life Skills group we made breakfast bars with apricots, raisins, sultanas, coconuts and oats. We will be making pancakes, pitta pockets and learning how to sew.  In Design and Manufacture we were being engineers and in groups from mixed classes we had to make a table from scrap paper and our aim was to make the table stand and hold a lightweight book.  It also had to be 20cm tall.  In Learning for Sustainability we gather natural materials outside such as sticks, leaves, stones, bark and pine cones to make a piece of Eco Art next week.  In Digital Technologies we were learning how to control Spheros.  First, we watched a video on how to programme the Spheros.  We had to download an app and have learned how to change colour, direction and speed of the Spheros.

In R.M.E. we were learning about Shabbat.  Shabbat is celebrated by Jews every Friday and finishes at sunset on Saturday. Just before sunset, the woman of the house lights 2 candles and the father blesses the children.  The father then pours wine or grape juice into a special cup and passes it around.  After that, they cut the Challah bread and sprinkle it with salt.  Then families have a meal around the table and  talk to each other about their week and sing songs together  Shabbat is celebrated because Jews believe God built the world in 6 days and took a rest on the 7th day. Therefore, they rest on Friday evening through to Saturday so in preparation for this they have to tidy their house, do their shopping and chores beforehand.  Today is Friday so Happy Shabbat!

Today, in Science we have been learning about sound and vibrations.  We participated in an experiment where we got a bowl which had clingfilm over it and we put sprinkles on it.  We had to talk or sing over the sprinkles to see if there was a vibration.  We knew there was a vibration if the sprinkles bounced a little or if there was a slight noise.  We learned that when 2 things touch they push air around it and it vibrates creating sound waves and when the waves touch your eardrum you hear the sound.  When you are in a cave or an empty room and you speak, there is an echo.  This is when the sound bounces off the walls back to your ear.  We also did a sound field trip to learn of the sounds in our environment.

In Maths, some groups have been making 24 hour clock pie charts to show what activities we do throughout the whole day.  We have also been using calendars and exploring months to find out how many days there are in each month and a leap year.  We learned that 30 days has September, April, June and November.  All the rest have 31 except for February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 in a leap year. One of the maths groups has been exploring strategies such as CUBE to figure out a word problem. C = Circle, U = Underline, B = Box and E = Evolve.  We will be continuing with this next week.

Looking after P4a’s Elf and Wellbeing

In our second last week of the year the rectangles have been finishing up with our division topic that we’ve been working on for some time now. I think they’re looking forward to working on something different for a while.

The circles, however, have just started learning about the same bus stop method that the rectangles are just finishing with. They’ve done really well so far and I’m sure they’ll enjoy working with more complex numbers next week and after the Christmas holidays.

With our writing this week, with Mrs Abercrombie, was continuing with the Incredible Snowman story that we were planning last week. We will be redrafting these next week, so that they can be displayed around the school to let other classes see our wonderful work.

We have all been working on our Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre on Monday. Using acrylic paints and Sharpie pens, we have been painting some lovely snowflake and star-shaped tealight holders. The whole class has put a lot of effort into their designs and they look absolutely fantastic! They’re looking forward to showing them off at the fayre next week.

Just like last week, we had our PE slot inside the classroom. We had good fun keeping active with some Go Noodle videos, as well as some yoga and Just Dance videos. This afternoon, we also ran a mile and timed ourselves doing it. The aim is that we will repeat this next week and see if we can improve on our times by increasing our fitness levels and stamina.

Mrs Melville has been teaching us about the names of colours and numbers as a bit of revision in French. We have covered this before, but it was useful to go back over things again.

One of the more exciting things to happen this week was the delivery of two 3D printers, which have been paid for by the fundraising committee. We talked about the different things that can be printed using the printers and watched some videos to see how long it can take them to be printed. Hopefully next week, we will get the opportunity to see them in action!

Enjoy the weekend!

Christmas Fayre Crafts

In Art, we were working on our crafts for the Christmas Fayre which are tea light holders. Some people have stars and some people have snowflake designs on theirs. We used glitter paint, sharpie pens and regular paint for our designs, however, some people wanted theirs to be plain. Groups were mixed to use different resources so that we had a range of designs. We are keeping them safe in the classroom just now but can’t wait to sell them at the Christmas fayre on Monday. We hope to see you there!