Houses and Homes

Primary 2B have started to learn about different houses and homes around the world.

Firstly, we started to learn about all the different houses we would see near us. We have even started to explore different types of houses in our construction corner! Have a look at the terraced houses and the block of flats we have made.

Terraced houses
Some Flats by Kaitlyn

We have also been learning about homes around the world.

“I didn’t know that some houses can be made of mud” – Ella

“I  have learned that some houses move like a caravan or a tent.” – Dawud

“Some houses are even made of snow. These are called igloos.” – Alfie


Soon we are going to be making junk models of different houses and using different materials. “It’s going to be exciting!” – Haniya

Super Senses

We have been learning about senses as our class topic. – Leaah

One of the senses is smelling. You can smell something which is sweet, sour or spicy. – James

We have also learned that you use your tongue to taste. – Unnabh

We can use our ears to hear and if the noise is too loud your ear drum can burst. – Evan

You use your eyes to see stuff to see where you are going like going across the road. – Lexi

If you are blind, you cannot see. A guide dog could help you. – Tia

You can touch some things to see if they are hard or soft and sometimes things can be both hard and squishy. – Bella

This week we have been writing stories using our imagination about a boy and his rocket. – Harry

In P.E. this week we had the mats out and we were balancing using different body parts. – Warren

You had to look at something that wasn’t moving to keep your body straight. – Luca Franchi

You had to stay still. – Evan

Sea life centre

Yesterday Primary 1 visited the Sea Life Centre in Loch Lomond to help learn a little more about our under the sea topic.

We had a great day together learning about the various sea creatures

We arrived on time to see the otters having their lunch. They were super fast and a little bit smelly. They were enjoying some chicks for their lunch.

We listened to lots of facts about the creatures given to us by our tour guide.

We went through a big tunnel and all of the sea creatures were swimming just above our heads. It was very exciting!!

We even had time to play in the park before we got the coach back to school.

Thank you very much to all of our parent helpers who came along with us. You helped keep us safe and answered lots of our questions!

Photography skills

Cameron from Primary 1b has been snapping some great pictures of the children playing this afternoon. He is very proud of his work.

“It was really fun. I’ve never taken photos on a camera before, only my tablet”.


Good job Cameron!!!

Outdoor PE

Primary 1 were very lucky to have a visit from Ms Madden a PE specialist in the authority. The boys and girls had so much fun developing their movement skills and working in groups to problem solve. We started by playing trucks and trailers and then moved onto team games with some new rules.

“I enjoyed playing traffic lights”. (James)

“I liked it when I got the ball”. (Cameron)

“We were trying to not let the person with the green apron get the ball”. They were The Hulk. (Rosie)

Planting seeds

P1a all enjoyed planting sunflower seeds.  We wrote our own instructions how to plant them. We used words like ‘first, next, then…’ to order our instructions. We discussed what we have to do to help seeds grow after planting them. We have them in pots at the window and will watch how quickly they  grow!

Making a game

P1a read instructions how to make a game called ‘Fan the fish.’ In groups we had to cut out and order the instuctions how to make the game.


Then we made the game by following our instructions.

We had lots of fun having a race with our fish we had made!


Monday is a very active day for Primary 1b. We have PE in the morning where we have been developing our skills in athletics followed by a short yoga session in the afternoon. It is a great chance for us to discover how our bodies move and experience mindfulness.

World Book Day

The boys and girls had great fun sharing their favourite stories with each other. We had time to talk about our favourite characters and why we liked the books so much. It was lovely to see so many different books in the classroom.

Exploring Number

Emily, Benjamin and James had great fun exploring numbers today.

They were able to recognise that when adding, we can switch our numbers around and still arrive at the same answer.