Eleanor has achieved something great this week as she passed her piano exam with high distinction. Eleanor says: “I felt quite nervous before my exam and was very happy when I got my high distinction.”

Also, Bruce and Jessica were delighted to receive their new Karate belt. Bruce achieved a red belt with yellow tag and Jessica achieved an orange belt.

James was invited along to primary 7 to hear about their WW2 topic as WW2 is his favourite topic: “they mostly showed me about the battle of Britain and showed me some posters like the God Save the King poster”. Primary 7 were surprised about how much information James knew about WW2.

Primary 3a were delighted that Sam returned to class after his little accident, we missed him.

Our piece of writing this week was called “A Thinking Christmas”. Bruce says: “We discussed the good side of Christmas and the bad things that may happen to other people around the world at this time of year.” Isla says: “We talked about different categories including presents, food, decorations and family.” Heather says: “Homeless people don’t have a chance to celebrate Christmas like us.” Evan says: “We thought about people that may not have food, money or that may be an orphan who do not have a family to spend Christmas time with.” Luca Fr says: “I felt very sad for these people”. He agreed with Elle that we are “so lucky.”

We have just returned from an exciting morning in the kitchen. Jessica says: “In the kitchen we were making pastises. We had a choice of cheese or onion, or both.” Cara says: “We had the choice to make our pastises into different shapes like triangular or squared.” We are all looking forward to tasting them later on today.


P3A 16.11.18


We have enjoyed writing stories and acting out plays about the  Three Billy Goats Gruff.

I like when we worked with our partners to act out different parts of the story. We love to show our ideas to the rest of the class ( Lexi)

We also developed our Technology skills this week. I made a playground using a variety of folding and cutting techniques. I had a slide and a roundabout. (Cara)

Some of the ideas worked well but we need to work on some of our skills. ( Eleanor)


Some of the class made power point presentations to share their learning with others.

Bella made a power point about how to be healthy.

My dad helped me. He did the writing but I came up with all the ideas. I told the class about what to eat to keep healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I will now help my class to make their own power points during ICT time.

Ayyan also made a power point presentation:

To be healthy we all have to do sports such as basketball, football and badminton. We also have to eat lots vegetables, fruit, some dairy and only a tiny bit of candy. I really enjoyed this activity and hope that I taught everyone lots of things about good health.

Sam’s power point was also about our healthy lifestyle topic:

I told everyone about the health triangle. At the top of the health triangle there is food. Another side has exercise and the final side has attitude. We must have a healthy balanced diet, lots of exercise and a good attitude to be healthy.

Jessica made a power point about our recent topic on the Ancient Egyptians. My power point was about what the ancient Egyptians ate and wore. I also said that they were great mathematicians. I really enjoyed making this. My next presentation will be on Health







P3A 9.11.18

We have been discussing how to live a healthy lifestyle. (Elle)

It is important to have a happy attitude and laugh a lot. (Warren)

We must all try to keep fit by going to football, gymnastics, dancing, swimming or other sports. (Evan)

To be healthy you need to eat a balanced diet. I like to eat bananas, apples, cucumber and carrots. (We have also been learning where to put commas when we’re writing a list) Lauren

I think it’s important to have a good sleep, so I go to bed early on a school night. (Molly)

We enjoyed writing this week. My story was about going into a pyramid and finding treasure but also a mummy! ( Heather)

I got lost in a pyramid. It was dark and I slipped on some sand on to a lever which opened the case of gold. (Tia)

In Maths, the Spheres have been improving their multiplication skills. I am busy learning the two and the four times tables. (Bruce)

The Cylinders and Spheres have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We have been looking at 3D shapes in our environment.

You can see cones at the ice-cream shop and cylinders at the shops. They sometimes hold soup. My fridge is a cuboid. (Dylan)


P3b – Our New Topic

This week we chose our new topic – we are going to be learning all about Scottish food! We have started by exploring lots of different Scottish dishes and finding out what their ingredients are. We found out that cullen skink is made out of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, and that shortbread is made with sugar, butter and flour. Next, we are going to learn about where all of these ingredients come from.

We had lots of questions about how Scottish food is made.
Daryn asked, “Where did all of the ingredients for shortbread and porridge come from?”
Harris asked, “How is the pastry for steak pie put together?”
Ryan asked, “How do they put the porridge oats in a box?”
Charlotte asked, “How do you make haggis, neeps and tatties?”
Lucy asked, “How is cullen skink put together?”
Olivia asked “What are some other Scottish foods?”
Isla said “Lots of the foods come from an island called Islay! That’s like my name!”
Alfie wondered, “Where was the first place haggis was made?”
Becki asked “Who was the first person to try all of these Scottish foods?”
Zakir asked “Was shortbread made in 1984?”
Ross asked “Do tatties grow in farms in other countries?”
Aisha asked, “How do get tatties into different shapes?”

We are going to try and answer lots of these questions during our topic time this term!

Primary 3A are enjoying their learning.

This week I have enjoyed using the Comprehension Box. I like to try to get the questions right and mark the answers myself. My favourite text so far is ‘Why does a Zebra have Stripes’   (Jessica)

I love the multiple choice questions. I enjoyed reading ‘How the Elephant got its Trunk’ (Cara)

The comprehension box is fun. I liked reading ‘Green Spit’ (Sam)

I like to be independent and mark my own work. We put the scores on a table at the back of our Literacy jotter. (Bruce)

I like using all the different cards and marking my answers. I enjoyed reading ‘Floating Egg Tricks’ (Leaah)

I really like doing comprehension activities. I really liked ‘Big Elephants and Small Mice’ (Bella)

I enjoyed hearing different versions of   Little Red Riding Hood and then   writing my own version. I like having a bad ending for the wolf! (Isla)

In my story the woodcutter bashed the wolf on the head! (Hollie)

I loved writing about Little Red Riding Hood. At the end the woodcutter chops down the wolf! (Harry)

In maths we were learning odd and even numbers and how to make patterns with them. It is good fun. (Luca Fi)

In PE, Mr Judge has been teaching us stamina skills. We played lots of different games including Octopus Tig (Eleanor) We were doing all sorts of games in the gym hall like tig and jumping (Evan) Outdoors I enjoyed Fortnight tig (Luca Fr)

I’m really enjoying the Ancient Egyptian topic. I like to work with my partner to answer questions. Yesterday I found lots of information about Egyptian gods. (Elle)

P3b – Maths blog

This week we have been trying out some new maths games and have been doing lots of number work in our groups. We have been improving our mental maths skills by playing around the world, catch the calculation and splat – we all enjoyed this a lot! We have also been working on our understanding of place value, which has helped a lot with chimney addition. After the October holidays, we are going to use this knowledge in our group work.

Lucy said, “I enjoyed doing place value.”

Daryn said, “I liked using the play-doh.”

Habiba said “I enjoyed making a magic triangle.”

Rosie said, “I liked playing around the world.”

Ross said, “I liked playing catch the calculation.”

P3 A

  • This week in Maths we have been learning about subtraction and how we can exchange tens into units to help us. We carried out lots of practical activities to help us with our learning. (Leaah)
  • We having been trying hard to improve the presentation of all our written work. We are now much better at laying out all our calculations neatly in our numeracy jotter.
  • In our Resilience lesson we heard a story about Beatrice who never made mistakes. However one day she did make a mistake when she was at a talent show. (Elle)

She picked up pepper instead of salt for her juggling act. (Emilia)

The hamster sneezed and the water balloon fell on top of her head! (Cara)

She looked up at the hamster on top of her head and started to laugh.

Everybody in the audience laughed with her. (Jessica)

She realised then that it was ok to make mistakes.

She went ice skating with her friends and wasn’t afraid to fall over. (Bella)

We talked about times we made mistakes and how often we learned from these mistakes.

  • We were very happy today when Mrs McGuigan gave us 10 minutes extra playtime for being one of the quietest classes in Assembly. (Warren) We have all been working hard on our good manners and have been remembering to show respect to everyone in the school community. (Evan)

Mrs Wilson is delighted with all our hard work and very good behaviour. ( Eleanor)


Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our assembly on Friday morning. We enjoyed sharing our learning with you all.

I have learned lots of facts about owls. E MacK

I liked preforming in front of the whole school. ES

We all worked really hard to learn our words. LM

I liked singing the Owl song. HM


We really enjoyed maths week. We now know so much about fractions.

I made a fraction wall. It shows halves, quarters and one whole.  LF

I made a pizza showing halves. I put peperoni on one half and cheese on the other half. WS

I divided my pizza into quarters. I put cheese on one quarter, mushrooms on one quarter and peperoni on one quarter. I’m going to put peppers on the last quarter. EC

Most of us thought that the Mysterious Maths Menace was Miss David!

We enjoyed the visit from our families on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Wilson is looking forward to seeing everyone again at Parents Night.

P3A 07.09.18


We have been busy practising our lines for our Class Assembly next Friday. We are going to learn an owl song to sing to everyone. We know lots of interesting facts about owls and some really funny owl jokes!

We all love maths in Primary 3A!

The Sphere Maths group have been learning to tell the time using quarter past and quarter to. The Prisms and Cylinders are getting faster at saying their number facts. They have also carried out lots of addition and subtraction calculations.

We are making posters to show how we help ourselves to feel better when we are scared or nervous about something.

I was nervous when I started my new drama class. I felt better when I made some new friends (LS)

I am scared to go to the Dentist. I think about my friends to make me feel better. (H McD)

I am scared of heights. I feel better if I don’t look down but once I’ve done it I feel great! (L MacK)

I was nervous of being in the Pupil Council. Once I knew there was another P2 there, it was fine. (HJ)

I am scared of ambulances. I stay still and this makes me feel better. (H S)

We are enjoying PE both indoors and out in the muga. We are learning lots of new skills e.g. throwing, catching, balancing, controlling our movements and working together.

P3b – The River Nile

This week we started our Ancient Egypt topic. The first thing that we have been learning about is The River Nile. We found out that the river would flood once a year which helps crops to grow. We also found out that bricks were made using mud from the Nile. The river was also useful for catching fish to eat.

Isla said, “I learnt that boats went down the Nile to trade pottery for food.”

Ryan said, “the pyramids were made out of limestone.”

Habiba said, “they grow crops near The River Nile.”

Harris said, “they used the river for transport.”

Next week we are looking forward to learning more about Ancient Egyptians.