Our Week in P5a

Maths – We have been looking at mental maths strategies to help us improve our speed and accuracy. This week we focused on near doubles, patterns in numbers and shared tips and strategies relating to a wide range of areas such as measure, money, time and volume. We are working hard to improve the recall of our tables and enjoyed games such as loop cards, matching pairs and buzz fizz.

Literacy- Our comprehension activities this week were based on The Laughing Snowman. We were focusing on V.C.O.P and grammar. We also looked at onomatopoeia using a moving image text called Laughing Moon. We had to identify examples of onomatopoeia and verbs and then design our own stills and storyboards to create new scenes for the text.

Art – In art we were learning about Andy Goldsworthy, inspired by his work, we went to the woodland area and created some art work using natural materials.  We have included some photos below to share some of our creations.

Bounce back- In bounce back we have been focusing on catastrophizing and how this can make things worse. We read a book about it called don’t step on the crack and spoke about the importance of having a positive mindset.

Outdoor learning: Our outdoor challenge this week was to find items to represent the initials in our name within a set time. Can you guess who each of these represent?

Ivy, stones, leaves and an apple

String, apple, mud

Acorn, yellow leaves, yellow stones, apple, nettles

Hula hoop, apple, rope, rope, yellow leaf.

It was lots of fun and we came up with some really interesting and creative ideas for some of the letters that were more tricky to find things for.

Well done to our blog editors this week MM and LM who helped to create our blog.


Primary 5b w/c 24th August

Abstract Emotions Art

We explored showing our feelings by using colours in oil pastels. For example, using blue for sadness and yellow for happiness.  We talked about what colour more complicated emotions (like confusion) might be. We also used shapes, lines and squiggles instead of making our picture look like a real thing.



Outdoor Learning

We used clay to create faces on trees in our woodland, based on Green Men, which appear in lots of cultures to help new starts and rebirth. We gathered branches, stones, leaves and sticks to create our faces.  Some have beards and some have nostrils…


Numeracy and Maths

We were exploring symmetry this week.  That means that both sides of something are the exact same.  Our patterns and pictures had two lines of symmetry. We practised these skills inside and outside the classroom, using things from nature and other materials to make pictures in the playground. We also did some pixel art.

Literacy and English

We completed a story starter this week about a cable car, trying to make our story funny or scary! We worked very hard on our vocabulary and our punctuation.  We used pyramids to help us with spelling exciting words and suggest punctuation.


In our Wandering Adventure we used a story to think about questions. Ask us what we think about living somewhere instead of visiting and if you can be sure that you know something.

Welcome to our first post in P5a

We are delighted to be back in school and are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.

We came up with a space theme for our class charter and decided as a class how we want to develop our learning environment to allow all of us to meet our full potential and develop, grow and learn together.

We enjoyed making getting to know you back packs where we brought in some things to describe ourselves. This helped us learn more about each other and the hobbies and activities we enjoy both in and out of school.

In P.E we have been building our strength, stamina and fitness doing a selection of different circuits that focused on different muscle groups and helped improve our fitness.

We had fun playing some French number games and learned some new vocabulary for numbers 31 – 50.

We gathered some natural materials from the woodland area and designed some fantastic creative art work which we have shared below………





Settling into Primary 5b

We have been settling in well to Primary 5b, concentrating on working together again and enjoying spending time getting to one another once more.

We made paper planes about ourselves and threw them in the MUGA.  When we picked up a plane, we had to think about who it described.  We know lots about each other! We created self-portraits with a fold down mask, and talked about our personalities… Who is the person behind the mask?

We watched a short film about vultures and meerkats called “Catch it”. As you can see, we learned a lot about teamwork and resilience by watching the meerkats working together.  We want to Be more Meerkat!

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been taking about keeping our worries in perspective and that talking to someone can really help. We talked about two stories together to explore these ideas.

In Numeracy and Maths, we have been practising our skills through games using our own resources.

Time Capsules!


As always, it has been a busy couple of weeks in Primary 4A. Last week, we were learning about time capsules and their significance in historical events. In Comprehension, we read a story about a girl who buried a time capsule in her back garden. She thought very carefully about each item she put in and how those items could tell a story to the person who find it in the future. Since we are at a very significant moment in history right now, we designed, made and buried some time capsules of our own. Some popular items included coins, homemade jewellery, “about me” pages, newspapers and masks! Here are some of our time capsules:

In Expressive Arts, we also learned about sound design. We learned how different objects are created to make the sounds we hear in movies. We even came up with our own sound designs. Here is Molly’s sound design:

Molly’s Sound Design Video

Here is what Primary 4A have enjoyed learning on Google Classroom and at home this week:

“I have been learning how to guess the number using clues.”

“I learn in maths.” 

 “I’ve learnt about synonyms in spelling and I also learnt how to play a new piece on the piano.”

“I have learned Area and I love doing Maths.”

“I have learned how to play the guitar and made two songs!”

“I have learned how to guess  the number with a lot of complicated clues. I also learned about time differences in different countries. My favourite part of the week was mindful colouring.”

“I enjoyed playing vets at home when I pretend some of my toys are hurt.”

“I have got better at my angle work.”

“I’ve got better at  my times tables.”   

“I have made cards for my nana and grandad and my granny and grandad.”

“I am much better at Area and I do a karate class on Zoom.”

“I am practising my times tables and getting better at them.”

“I have enjoyed doing Maths and Sumdog and getting to play with my dogs more.”

“I have been getting better at Area in Maths and practising the ukulele.”

“I have been revising my Maths and getting better at it.  I revised hundreds, tens and units.”

Well done for another great week Primary 4!


Getting Creative on Google Classroom


Primary 4A have been hard at work on Google Classroom. This week, we finished our African research projects, which we have done an excellent job of.  We found out a wealth of interesting information about different African countries, including sports, climate, music and culture.  Here is a fantastic video from Lexi on Sierra Leone:

As well as this, we also learned about the Gule Wamkulu dancers of Malawi and made some great African inspired masks.  Here are some of our masks:

Displaying 13 May 2020 at 10:16 Displaying African Mask 2.png Displaying African Mask 3.png Displaying African Mask 5.png

Here is what else our learners have enjoyed this week:

“I am learning how to do a backflip on the trampoline.”

“I have learnt to do art more and I have gotten much better at it!”

“I have learnt how to show depth in a picture using 3d shapes and shading.”

“I enjoyed the beat the teacher on Kahoot and I like how I am getting much better at my drawing. I really enjoyed learning about the Pacific Garbage patch and all of the other exciting things that we did.”

“I have enjoyed doing the landscape picture of Berk.  I have learnt about the plastic problem in the Pacific ocean. I liked learning about Egypt.” 

“I have learned to multiply big numbers together by long multiplication and I learned how to shade in art. I also learned a lot about the Pacific Garbage Patch and the differences between Africa and Scotland.” 

“I am going on 10 kilometre bike rides.” 

“I learned how to draw in 3D and I went a really long walk with my mum.”

“I learned to do a depth picture and my brother taught me what to do.” 

“I had so much fun learning about Africa – especially Sierra Leone and what I learned about my friend Abu and his country and I hope you did too. I have got my video up above if any of you want to see it again. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

“I have enjoyed doing beat the teacher on Kahoot and I really want to do it again.”

“I have gone all the the way around the block without touching my handle bars.”

I have enjoyed taking walks around Newton Mearns with my dad, my brother and sister.  It is good talking with them and sometimes I go past my friends’ houses.  We go on walks everyday.  In school, I like Kahoot because it is a really fun way to work in a little competition!”

Well done for another great week Primary 4A!

P4A On Google Classroom


It is been another busy week in the P4A Google Classroom. We began our research project on Africa, which we will be working on for a couple of weeks. In Science, we undertook a STEM Challenge to design a paper rollercoaster. We have been learning about our class novel The Boy Who Grew Dragons in reading this week. We even used the book to try a little drama. We put Miss Gourlay to work with a Kahoot Quiz, where we tried to beat the teacher in mental maths! It has been a great week. Here is what P4A think:

“I learned some more division and literacy. In literacy I did a wordsearch and I also learned how to grow some more words. Like resign, redesign, campaigned, gnaw and gnome. In division I have also been learning how to carry over different numbers. I enjoyed the Kahoot quiz.”

“I did some Kahoot quizzes and it was really fun! I wish that the schools did not close down like they did but we can still do school on a device. In maths the rectangles were learning about factors and did some tests on factors, it’s fine that school did close down because we are always going to be supportive no matter what. I liked the word search. It was very fun but all of them were educational.   :)”

“I enjoyed all the work and what I liked from it was when I had to make the milkshake and I had to choose out of Starbucks and something else but I can’t remember what it was and I chose Starbucks. I put Nesquik and milk and stirred it and I love PE with Joe Wicks on Friday. I like to dress up like him. My dad also likes to help me if I’m stuck. We played a game when we were doing the word search who could find the last word the quickest. I won who could find the last one quickest and in Maths we did the questions together and I was singing the songs for the show.” 

“I have enjoyed doing the maths and literacy, although some of the maths questions were hard. I like doing P.E with Joe Wicks #helookedcrazyasScoobyDoo!!!”

“I enjoyed maths this week. We were learning about factors. Also, I enjoyed literacy when we were learning about silent u words.”

“I enjoyed doing Art and Literacy. I’ve  also been learning about factors in Maths. I like doing Kahoot quizzes and working at Maths!”

I enjoyed my Maths about factors. I love problem solving. Also I enjoyed Kahoot because I beat the teacher. Silent U words were good. I also loved my joe wicks this week.”

“I enjoyed Kahoot because I beat the teacher and I really liked the maths problem solving and learning how to use factors and factor rainbows. I also did Joe wicks this week.”    

“I enjoyed The Boy Who Grew Dragons because the boy found a dragon fruit. It was good.”

“I have been enjoying doing IDL and Art especially that World War II  poster that I still need to finish and post on google classroom.”    

“I have enjoyed learning factors and I enjoyed being a character from The Boy Who Grew Dragons”     

Displaying roller.jpg.        Displaying 20200421_121149.jpg   Some of our fabulous rollercoasters!

Hard at work!


Our Primary 4s have been hard at work again this week, showing lots of excellent learning on Google Classroom. We started reading our new class novel, The Boy Who Grew Dragons. For Guided Reading, we summarised what we had read so far and made our own book covers. With our book covers, we used our imaginations to think of what we would love to be able to grow in our gardens!

  Displaying Luca's front cover.jpg  Displaying IMG_20200331_121548427.jpg

In Music, we have been learning about the C scale and working on our ability to recognise the notes. For this, P4A used Google Chrome Music Lab to learn to play familiar songs. They then used their knowledge of the C scale to create their own songs. You can hear some of our examples here:

  • https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/song/5265157123997696
  • https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/song/5695007983927296

In Art, we had a LOT of fun recreating the work of famous artists. We tried to find props around our home, to recreate famous works of Art. We had some fantastic ideas!

As well as our classwork, we have also been sharing lots of our own home projects, which has included a lot of baking, cooking and smoothie making!

Displaying IMG_0059.JPG   Displaying 91288403_217379299537694_5610694045677387776_n.jpg  Displaying 836B0C7E-6B13-4A8A-BAD7-D7D7F036F73A.jpeg

Well done P4A for another excellent week!

Week 1 of Google Classroom – P4b

P4b have done a brilliant job of navigating round Google Classroom this week.  We have enjoyed having our daily check-ins with our 10:30 chats and debates and sharing all of our creations on the stream with our peers.

This week we have been growing words with silent letters and practising our spelling through quizzes, crosswords and a teacher video dictation.  In writing, we have continued with non-fiction features and persuasive language by creating a leaflet to advertise regular hand washing.


In maths we have been practising multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting through Sumdog, Google quizzes, Beat Google Nest video tasks and problem solving activities.

In Science, we recapped that vibrations are what make sound and carried out experiments to show this.  Some of us then made our own musical instruments as evidence.

In Expressive Arts, we continued practising 3 of our show songs (which we are now getting very good at) and enjoyed learning to draw a sunset pier to develop our skills using the visual elements, tone, colour and pattern.


Our task within Social Studies this week was favoured by many.  We have been learning about WW2 so made an Anderson Shelter.  Some people said they liked this because it was crafty and they liked using different materials.  Some of us used Lego or Duplo, others used recycled packaging and many people opted to use household items like pillows, blankets and clothes horses to create a human-sized shelter.  All were very unique and imaginative!




These are just SOME of the many activities we have taken part in throughout the week.  We have also been drawing rainbows to put in our windows to spread hope and happiness in our streets, exercising by walking, running, cycling and participating in Joe Wicks workouts and enhancing our life skills by helping around the house hoovering, cooking and sock pairing.



Miss Murchie – “Well done P4b.  You have made a wonderful start to using Google Classroom this week and I look forward to seeing what you say, write, make and do next week.  Thank you to parents/carers and sub-school teachers for all their help and support too.”

Google Classroom Superstars!

What an interesting week we have had! Primary 4 have been busy getting to work on their Google Classroom assignments. We have been busy posting assignments, replying to comments, helping each other and also, posting some independent projects we have been working on at home. For example, making cupcakes, lava lamps and spaceships! Well done P4A!

Displaying spaceship.jpg  Displaying lava lamp.jpg  Displaying F5EB686A-4998-4241-8451-8AB6CEBA9FA7.jpeg.

We have been carrying on our topic of the History of Newton Mearns by learning a little about how Scotland was affected by the Blitz during WW2. We found out that “Blitz” means lightning in German, which is how the Blitz got it’s name, due to the sudden nature of the attack. We learned about places near to Newton Mearns that were badly affected due to the many factories that were targeted during the bombings. We even learned about and built air raid shelters! Some people used lego, whilst others made some robust shelters out of chairs and cushions!


We continued our theme of World War 2 in Art, where we designed our own WW2 posters based on slogans from the war:

Displaying 90643064_675210433229926_2190791572772093952_n.jpgDisplaying WIN_20200327_08_24_52_Pro.jpg     Displaying FB45002C-F18A-4EB3-9F18-38E8B618C540.jpeg.   Displaying 26 Mar 2020 at 16:31

In Science, we continued our knowledge of Sound and Vibrations by conducting experiments. We used a spoon, some string and a solid objects to see how different sounds can travel through solid objects. When we tapped the spoon off of a solid surface, we found that it made a “pinging” sound, which vibrated through the string and into ours ears. Some people even said it sounded like a musical note!

We also started reading our new class read aloud: “The Boy Who Grew Dragons” by Andy Shepherd. We have read two chapters so far and can’t wait to read more. We think the dragon is going to cause a lot of trouble!

As well as all of this hard work, our class has been taking time to spread some joy in our community by designing rainbows and putting them in our windows.

Displaying 709EDFB5-DD78-48C6-9F44-0F61D79819E0.jpeg

Check back next week for more great work! Well done Primary 4!