Getting Creative on Google Classroom


Primary 4A have been hard at work on Google Classroom. This week, we finished our African research projects, which we have done an excellent job of.  We found out a wealth of interesting information about different African countries, including sports, climate, music and culture.  Here is a fantastic video from Lexi on Sierra Leone:

As well as this, we also learned about the Gule Wamkulu dancers of Malawi and made some great African inspired masks.  Here are some of our masks:

Displaying 13 May 2020 at 10:16 Displaying African Mask 2.png Displaying African Mask 3.png Displaying African Mask 5.png

Here is what else our learners have enjoyed this week:

“I am learning how to do a backflip on the trampoline.”

“I have learnt to do art more and I have gotten much better at it!”

“I have learnt how to show depth in a picture using 3d shapes and shading.”

“I enjoyed the beat the teacher on Kahoot and I like how I am getting much better at my drawing. I really enjoyed learning about the Pacific Garbage patch and all of the other exciting things that we did.”

“I have enjoyed doing the landscape picture of Berk.  I have learnt about the plastic problem in the Pacific ocean. I liked learning about Egypt.” 

“I have learned to multiply big numbers together by long multiplication and I learned how to shade in art. I also learned a lot about the Pacific Garbage Patch and the differences between Africa and Scotland.” 

“I am going on 10 kilometre bike rides.” 

“I learned how to draw in 3D and I went a really long walk with my mum.”

“I learned to do a depth picture and my brother taught me what to do.” 

“I had so much fun learning about Africa – especially Sierra Leone and what I learned about my friend Abu and his country and I hope you did too. I have got my video up above if any of you want to see it again. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

“I have enjoyed doing beat the teacher on Kahoot and I really want to do it again.”

“I have gone all the the way around the block without touching my handle bars.”

I have enjoyed taking walks around Newton Mearns with my dad, my brother and sister.  It is good talking with them and sometimes I go past my friends’ houses.  We go on walks everyday.  In school, I like Kahoot because it is a really fun way to work in a little competition!”

Well done for another great week Primary 4A!