Time Capsules!


As always, it has been a busy couple of weeks in Primary 4A. Last week, we were learning about time capsules and their significance in historical events. In Comprehension, we read a story about a girl who buried a time capsule in her back garden. She thought very carefully about each item she put in and how those items could tell a story to the person who find it in the future. Since we are at a very significant moment in history right now, we designed, made and buried some time capsules of our own. Some popular items included coins, homemade jewellery, “about me” pages, newspapers and masks! Here are some of our time capsules:

In Expressive Arts, we also learned about sound design. We learned how different objects are created to make the sounds we hear in movies. We even came up with our own sound designs. Here is Molly’s sound design:

Molly’s Sound Design Video

Here is what Primary 4A have enjoyed learning on Google Classroom and at home this week:

“I have been learning how to guess the number using clues.”

“I learn in maths.” 

 “I’ve learnt about synonyms in spelling and I also learnt how to play a new piece on the piano.”

“I have learned Area and I love doing Maths.”

“I have learned how to play the guitar and made two songs!”

“I have learned how to guess  the number with a lot of complicated clues. I also learned about time differences in different countries. My favourite part of the week was mindful colouring.”

“I enjoyed playing vets at home when I pretend some of my toys are hurt.”

“I have got better at my angle work.”

“I’ve got better at  my times tables.”   

“I have made cards for my nana and grandad and my granny and grandad.”

“I am much better at Area and I do a karate class on Zoom.”

“I am practising my times tables and getting better at them.”

“I have enjoyed doing Maths and Sumdog and getting to play with my dogs more.”

“I have been getting better at Area in Maths and practising the ukulele.”

“I have been revising my Maths and getting better at it.  I revised hundreds, tens and units.”

Well done for another great week Primary 4!