Week 1 of Google Classroom – P4b

P4b have done a brilliant job of navigating round Google Classroom this week.  We have enjoyed having our daily check-ins with our 10:30 chats and debates and sharing all of our creations on the stream with our peers.

This week we have been growing words with silent letters and practising our spelling through quizzes, crosswords and a teacher video dictation.  In writing, we have continued with non-fiction features and persuasive language by creating a leaflet to advertise regular hand washing.


In maths we have been practising multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting through Sumdog, Google quizzes, Beat Google Nest video tasks and problem solving activities.

In Science, we recapped that vibrations are what make sound and carried out experiments to show this.  Some of us then made our own musical instruments as evidence.

In Expressive Arts, we continued practising 3 of our show songs (which we are now getting very good at) and enjoyed learning to draw a sunset pier to develop our skills using the visual elements, tone, colour and pattern.


Our task within Social Studies this week was favoured by many.  We have been learning about WW2 so made an Anderson Shelter.  Some people said they liked this because it was crafty and they liked using different materials.  Some of us used Lego or Duplo, others used recycled packaging and many people opted to use household items like pillows, blankets and clothes horses to create a human-sized shelter.  All were very unique and imaginative!




These are just SOME of the many activities we have taken part in throughout the week.  We have also been drawing rainbows to put in our windows to spread hope and happiness in our streets, exercising by walking, running, cycling and participating in Joe Wicks workouts and enhancing our life skills by helping around the house hoovering, cooking and sock pairing.



Miss Murchie – “Well done P4b.  You have made a wonderful start to using Google Classroom this week and I look forward to seeing what you say, write, make and do next week.  Thank you to parents/carers and sub-school teachers for all their help and support too.”