P4A On Google Classroom


It is been another busy week in the P4A Google Classroom. We began our research project on Africa, which we will be working on for a couple of weeks. In Science, we undertook a STEM Challenge to design a paper rollercoaster. We have been learning about our class novel The Boy Who Grew Dragons in reading this week. We even used the book to try a little drama. We put Miss Gourlay to work with a Kahoot Quiz, where we tried to beat the teacher in mental maths! It has been a great week. Here is what P4A think:

“I learned some more division and literacy. In literacy I did a wordsearch and I also learned how to grow some more words. Like resign, redesign, campaigned, gnaw and gnome. In division I have also been learning how to carry over different numbers. I enjoyed the Kahoot quiz.”

“I did some Kahoot quizzes and it was really fun! I wish that the schools did not close down like they did but we can still do school on a device. In maths the rectangles were learning about factors and did some tests on factors, it’s fine that school did close down because we are always going to be supportive no matter what. I liked the word search. It was very fun but all of them were educational.   :)”

“I enjoyed all the work and what I liked from it was when I had to make the milkshake and I had to choose out of Starbucks and something else but I can’t remember what it was and I chose Starbucks. I put Nesquik and milk and stirred it and I love PE with Joe Wicks on Friday. I like to dress up like him. My dad also likes to help me if I’m stuck. We played a game when we were doing the word search who could find the last word the quickest. I won who could find the last one quickest and in Maths we did the questions together and I was singing the songs for the show.” 

“I have enjoyed doing the maths and literacy, although some of the maths questions were hard. I like doing P.E with Joe Wicks #helookedcrazyasScoobyDoo!!!”

“I enjoyed maths this week. We were learning about factors. Also, I enjoyed literacy when we were learning about silent u words.”

“I enjoyed doing Art and Literacy. I’ve  also been learning about factors in Maths. I like doing Kahoot quizzes and working at Maths!”

I enjoyed my Maths about factors. I love problem solving. Also I enjoyed Kahoot because I beat the teacher. Silent U words were good. I also loved my joe wicks this week.”

“I enjoyed Kahoot because I beat the teacher and I really liked the maths problem solving and learning how to use factors and factor rainbows. I also did Joe wicks this week.”    

“I enjoyed The Boy Who Grew Dragons because the boy found a dragon fruit. It was good.”

“I have been enjoying doing IDL and Art especially that World War II  poster that I still need to finish and post on google classroom.”    

“I have enjoyed learning factors and I enjoyed being a character from The Boy Who Grew Dragons”     

Displaying roller.jpg.        Displaying 20200421_121149.jpg   Some of our fabulous rollercoasters!