P3b’s Wonderful Poems

This week, we have been writing poems about characters that we have made up! We have been thinking hard about what the characters might say, and we have been learning about how we can use similes to describe our characters.

Some of the characters that we made up were…
Baboon, who says, “you’re a buffoon!” (Harris)
Wicky the Witch, who says, “Get my cauldron!” (Aisha)
Loud Octopus, who says, “I love snapping and cracking wood!” (Zara)
Andy Curry, who says, ” Get my curry!” (Ross)
Sunshine, who says, “Do you need help?” (Ella)

Some of our favourite similes are…
As rich as Lionel Messi (Cameron)
As loud as an elephant (Myra)
As kind as a nurse (Charlotte)
As gross as slime (Lucy)
As cheeky as a monkey (Edward)
As sweet as sugar (Rosie)


P3A really enjoyed Book Day on Thursday.

We went to the Book Nook where we read our favourite books. I brought in a book about World War 11.   ( Luca Fi)

I enjoyed the Book Nook. I read a book called Horrid Henry’s Stink Bomb.          ( Luca Fr)

I liked the Book Nook because it is really cosy and it was a relaxing place to read my book. I read Gangsta Granny. (Harry)

The book Nook had bean bags and a comfy couch. We really enjoyed reading there. (Kyle)

I enjoyed the Book Nook especially sitting on the sofa and reading Dark Diaries Puppy Love    (Emilia)

I like David Walliam books and Diaries of a Wimpy Kid because they are both like comics. Ayyan

I went to Brownies with Isla to meet the author Ross McKenzie and get a book signed by him.    (Beth)

Me and my friend met an author called Ross McKenzie. He wrote a book called The Nowhere Emporium. The book is about a shop that has never been there before!    (Isla)


P3b’s Wonderful World Book Day

Yesterday, we celebrated World Book Day. We listened to a lot of different short stories and we made finger puppets to create our own stories with. We had a surprise visitor (Mrs McKim!) who read a story to us and we visited the P7 classes to read some books together. Jenny read The BFG with her reading buddy, Habiba read Winnie Flies Again, Mac read Captain Underpants and Ella read Lilo and Stitch. We’re looking forward to visiting the book nook later today.

Edward said, “There were lots of tricky words but I gave it my best go.”

Zara said, “On World Book Day, I was very excited!”

Lucy said, “I wish World Book Day would happen again!”

We’re looking forward to next year’s celebrations.



We have had another very busy week!

  • Miss McKendrick has been helping us in class and has been teaching us Science, French, RME and Art.
  • We’ve been drawing a picture by Claude Monet called The Waterlily Pond. (Luca)
  • We are doing the register in different languages like French, Spanish and Italian. (Molly)
  • We have been learning colours in French and discussed these as part of our painting lesson (Dylan).
  • In outdoor PE we were doing different outdoor games, one of them was similar to netball but you are not allowed to run with the ball, you must pass it where you are (Sam). During indoor PE, we have been taking a note of our fitness scores. Our scores are improving as we are getting fitter (Nathan).
  • Lots of the children have been doing personal research at home into our class topic, and have brought in books from home about the body.
  • We have been learning about different parts of the eye in science (Warren).
  • We have been learning songs for our class show, ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper!’ We have all been given a part in the show. We will be acting, singing and dancing.
  • We have been learning about Jesus and his parables and continuing with our Buddhism topic in RME. (Eleanor)
  • In ICT we have been using To Do It Yourself to make a computer game (Molly).

P3b – Mini Mudder

Last Friday, before lunch we all took part in Mini Mudder! Before, some of us felt very nervous. Olivia said “I thought I would get wet and I don’t like getting wet.”

When we got to the course, we saw all of the different obstacles. There were tyres that you had to go in and out of, there were tunnels and you had to crawl under a big blue sheet. Ava said she felt a bit nauseous when she saw it! We all completed the course, and some of us did it a lot of times.

Afterwards we needed to get cleaned up because we were very muddy. Daryn said “the mud was on my forehead and my hair and clothes!” It took a long time to get everybody clean and ready for lunch! Jenny said she was looking forward to doing it again, but Charlotte said she wouldn’t want to try again!

Ross said “I felt so happy after it because I got to peel the mud off my legs!”
Rosie said “I was really wet after it because I got sprayed a thousand times!”
Ava said “Miss Evans squirted me!”
Edward said “When I went under the tunnel I thought I saw a spider crawl on me!”


P3a Class Blog 15/02/19




In science we learned that the heart pumps blood around our bodies. We also learned that the heart is a muscle which is about the size of a fist and it pumps 100,000 times per day. We enjoyed making a fact file about the heart.


This week we learned what it is like to be in high school as we were doing our comprehension challenges.


We also liked playing playground games in the MUGA for P.E.




Mr Chambers (Sam’s dad) visited our classroom this week to tell us about our skeletons, his job and how to keep our bodies healthy.   Kyle

He told us to always sit down with a curve on the back of our spine and our tummy sticking out the front. Euan

Mr Chambers taught us some exercises to help us keep a good posture. This is very important because if we don’t have a good posture we will have sore necks, shoulders and backs when we are older. Lexi

Some people crouch down when they are playing on the computer or video games. This is really bad for your neck. My dad is always telling me to sit up properly!      Sam

We have been doing exercises for our postures. Mr Chambers also talked about our core muscles. We are learning about these during our gymnastics lessons.     Molly

Mr Chambers showed us different bones on Sid the skeleton. He also told us about our muscles. Leaah

Mrs Chambers said that to be healthy we should: do lots of exercises, have a good posture, eat healthy food and be kind and respectful. We all think this is great advice.     Tia, Beth and Dylan



Luca Filippini: I got a Karate trophy for being student of the year. I was told I had some good poses. I am pleased because I’m only on the second belt. Well done Luca!

Cara received a medal for doing really well at her swimming lessons. Congratulations!

Elle was pleased to get two badges for great improvement in her gymnastics. Well done!


We have all been busy in primary 3A since returning to school after our winter break.

In RME we have been learning about Buddhism. We watched a film clip about Aladdin. Jasmine wasn’t allowed to come out of the palace walls and when she came out she saw lots of people who didn’t have money to buy food. Jasmine was used to getting everything for free in the palace so she gave a little boy an apple thinking it was free. This was similar to the real story in Buddhism where the prince didn’t go out of the palace. He thought that people didn’t get ill or get old.  Heather and Bella


In PE we have had our first gymnastics lesson. We practised making shapes with our bodies. The shapes included; the bridge, the L, Y, T shapes, tuck and straight shape. We practised jumping from benches and landing in a controlled way using the body shapes. Cara and Jessica

In Science our new topic is Body Systems. We have been introduced to the skeleton. We know some interesting facts. Here are some of them:

When you are born you have 300 bones.

Molly: When you get older you have 206 bones.

We know that some of the baby bones fuse together

Lexi: The skull protects your brain

Eleanor: The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body.

Ayyan: The ribs protect your heart and your lungs.

Bruce: The pelvis is the biggest bone in the body.

Sam : The stirrup is the smallest bone in the body. You find it in your ear.

We made and labelled our own skeletons. Luca FI


In ICT we have made pictures with different shapes.

We are learning how to make different colours for shapes and outlines. James

Me and Molly made a sunset. Leaah

I made a football match with Luca Fi. Warren

Heather and I made a house. Elle



Well done to Eleanor and Jessica who passed their jazz dancing exams. They both got excellent marks.

Lauren is delighted to have completed all her swimming lessons. She is now a very competent swimmer. Congratulations.

Sam and Luca are our martial Arts experts. They have just been graded. They both got certificates badges for excellent progress. They are now trying hard to get their third badge! Well done.


Eleanor has achieved something great this week as she passed her piano exam with high distinction. Eleanor says: “I felt quite nervous before my exam and was very happy when I got my high distinction.”

Also, Bruce and Jessica were delighted to receive their new Karate belt. Bruce achieved a red belt with yellow tag and Jessica achieved an orange belt.

James was invited along to primary 7 to hear about their WW2 topic as WW2 is his favourite topic: “they mostly showed me about the battle of Britain and showed me some posters like the God Save the King poster”. Primary 7 were surprised about how much information James knew about WW2.

Primary 3a were delighted that Sam returned to class after his little accident, we missed him.

Our piece of writing this week was called “A Thinking Christmas”. Bruce says: “We discussed the good side of Christmas and the bad things that may happen to other people around the world at this time of year.” Isla says: “We talked about different categories including presents, food, decorations and family.” Heather says: “Homeless people don’t have a chance to celebrate Christmas like us.” Evan says: “We thought about people that may not have food, money or that may be an orphan who do not have a family to spend Christmas time with.” Luca Fr says: “I felt very sad for these people”. He agreed with Elle that we are “so lucky.”

We have just returned from an exciting morning in the kitchen. Jessica says: “In the kitchen we were making pastises. We had a choice of cheese or onion, or both.” Cara says: “We had the choice to make our pastises into different shapes like triangular or squared.” We are all looking forward to tasting them later on today.


P3A 16.11.18


We have enjoyed writing stories and acting out plays about the  Three Billy Goats Gruff.

I like when we worked with our partners to act out different parts of the story. We love to show our ideas to the rest of the class ( Lexi)

We also developed our Technology skills this week. I made a playground using a variety of folding and cutting techniques. I had a slide and a roundabout. (Cara)

Some of the ideas worked well but we need to work on some of our skills. ( Eleanor)


Some of the class made power point presentations to share their learning with others.

Bella made a power point about how to be healthy.

My dad helped me. He did the writing but I came up with all the ideas. I told the class about what to eat to keep healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I will now help my class to make their own power points during ICT time.

Ayyan also made a power point presentation:

To be healthy we all have to do sports such as basketball, football and badminton. We also have to eat lots vegetables, fruit, some dairy and only a tiny bit of candy. I really enjoyed this activity and hope that I taught everyone lots of things about good health.

Sam’s power point was also about our healthy lifestyle topic:

I told everyone about the health triangle. At the top of the health triangle there is food. Another side has exercise and the final side has attitude. We must have a healthy balanced diet, lots of exercise and a good attitude to be healthy.

Jessica made a power point about our recent topic on the Ancient Egyptians. My power point was about what the ancient Egyptians ate and wore. I also said that they were great mathematicians. I really enjoyed making this. My next presentation will be on Health