Preparation for Burns and Chinese New Year on 25th January

In Art we were making fans just like the fans in China of which we added drawings of flowers, bamboo and some animals which represent Chinese New Year such as a rabbit, rat, ox, tiger, pig, sheep, horse, monkey, dog, dragon and snake.  The day before Chinese New Year they give the house a good clean and decorate the house with red Chinese decorations such as lanterns and signs.  Red is the main colour which stands for good luck.

In maths we were doing word problems related to Robert Burns.  In one of our word problems we used our chance and uncertainty skills when discussing the chance of picking someone called Elizabeth to play with.  Of the 7 daughters Robert Burns had 5 of them were called Elizabeth and the other 2 were called Francis and Jean.  The chance of playing with an ‘Elizabeth’ is very likely. We also learned that he died when he was 37 .  One groups’s question said his age was 3 tens and 7 units and the other group’s clue included a number line with the year he was born and the year he died.  We added on in tens and units.