P4b’s Fantastic Feelings About Art

This week we have been doing art.  In art we have been looking at the pictures and deciding how we feel about it.  We looked at a picture which had elderly people floating in the air holding umbrellas and dancing.  We think it was raining or snowing and there was a reflection from the umbrellas.  We discussed how this piece of art made us feel such as joyful,  happy, excited and maybe even sad because the characters could be lost.  It made us feel happy because the characters looked like they were having fun, the characters looked like they were together as friends, the artist used bright colours such as orange, light blue, red, yellow etc.  and many of the colours were the primary colours.  The other piece of art included lots of people walking in the rain and were also holding umbrellas.  This picture mainly made us feel unhappy, sad, scared or bored because the colours were dark and there wasn’t many bright colours, the characters looked sad themselves and looked as though they were walking alone.  Next week we will be choosing a random feeling written by one of our peers and we are going to draw a picture which would make us feel that feeling.