P4’s Perfect Props in Preparation for Super Show

P4 are putting on a show on 31st March and 1st April about WW2.  It is called Treachery at Traitor’s Quay. It’s about children during World War 2 evacuating from Glasgow to Largs.  There is a German spy and everyone is trying to find out WHO IT IS!  We have been practising many songs and we hope you enjoy the show.

As we have a show coming up very soon, we have been doing some artwork to make props.  Some of us wrote and designed postcards and to make them look a bit old, we dipped teabags in water and dabbed it on to turn it a peachy/ brown colour.  Some of us also scrunched up the postcards to make it look creased and old.  We also made ‘tin’ hats for the air-raid wardens and we did this by using paper mache.  When the newspaper has dried, we will pop the balloons and paint our hats a browny/goldy colour.  After that, we will use string or ribbon for the strap.  Another group made gas mask boxes by folding 2 pieces of paper and making cuboids.  We will add a strap to them for the evacuees to carry.