P4b’s Cool and Colourful Reebops

In Science, we were making Reebops.  Reebops are aliens and we used different characteristics to make a mum and a dad. We used different letters to show the genes for example: BB or Bb for the dominant body shape which was square and bb for the recessive gene for the body which was circular.

We used pipe cleaners, large fluffy fake snowballs, lollipop sticks, clay, match sticks with the ends broken off, Plasticine, rubber bands, art straws, straws and coloured card/ paper.  Next week, we are going to cross the genes from the mum and the dad to make the baby reebop.  It was a very fun experience for all of us and everyone had a good time but it was a wee bit tricky sometimes too.  We rate the experience 10/10.