Don’t take that TONE with P4a

This week, we had two arty afternoons where we were learning how to use line and tone to add shade to our drawings. We used a painting of a city as inspiration to create these lovely buildings with onion-shaped domes and tall towers.

We’ve had a few interesting PE lessons this week. On Wednesday we had the parachute out playing some team games, including a game where we had to score points by getting a tennis ball off the opposite end of the parachute and another where we had to run underneath to swap places with someone on the other side. This resulted in lots of lovely action shots like this one.

In our outdoor PE session this week, we were playing games with Miss McNair where we had to pretend what kinds of animals we were being and the other team had to guess what we were.

This week was our final week for this round of Skills Academy. Warren has really enjoyed his time in Digital Technologies. This week they were continuing with their Scratch animations by making their characters talk and adding more detail to the back ground.

Lexi also enjoyed her last session of Learning for Sustainability. We managed to finish off all of our recycled pencil cases and they all looked great.

In our assembly today we were talking about advent and Mrs Slorach was asking us to come up with different ideas for a whole-school advent calendar based on the school values. Each day will focus on one of the different school values so that we can remind ourselves how important they are by being honest, fair, kind, friendly and by showing respect. We had a discussion about it after assembly and came up with lots of great ideas. I look forward to seeing the advent calendar when it’s made up.

Enjoy the weekend!

P4b’s Magnificent, Magical, Marvellous Masterpiece Mosques

In R.M.E. we were building Mosques with different materials.  We were using straws, card, Lego, match sticks, cubes, plastic shapes and cups and we worked in groups of 4.  Every Mosque was different but most groups included the Minaret (which is like a tower) and the dome.  We made the Minaret out of stacked cups and other groups made it from connecting shapes or cubes.  Some groups added detail to the inside of their Mosque with prayer mats and Lego characters praying as well as the Imam.  At the end we all got the opportunity to look at each group’s masterpieces.

Some photos of our Mosques will soon follow…