P4a’s week

This week in PE we have been continuing with our block of gymnastics lessons and this week, I have actually remembered to take the camera out, so we have had some fantastic photos taken by Euan and Molly to show you what we got up to.

We began practicing some donkey kicks, trying to keep our legs as straight as possible…

And then used these same skills to have a go at cartwheels using a bench to support us…

But sometimes, our first attempts didn’t go as well as planned!

In maths, the Rectangles and Circles have been having lots of practice of vertical multiplication and they’ve all been doing really well. We were also learning about a different way of setting out our calculations called the grid method; some of us found that it helped our understanding, though others prefer the vertical method.

The Triangles have been using lots of concrete materials to help them in their work on adding hundreds, tens and units and they’ve done a great job as we’re moving really quickly through this topic.

Today we introduced our new topic for the rest of the term; budgeting. Our task for today was to work out how much money they would have left to spend on food on a cinema trip with a budget of £25. It was lovely to see how engaged they all were with this talking about the cost of all the items on offer.

In our writing this week, we were focusing on our sentence openers and onomatopoeia in a piece about a dangerous journey on a sled in the Arctic. There were lots of great ideas discussed before we started writing, sharing ideas and helping each other with inspiration for our stories, and the writing that was produced was brilliant. I’m looking forward to see what they produce next week!

Enjoy the weekend!