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Return to School Information

Dear Parent/Carers

Following on from the information we provided you last week please find some further information below. We are delighted to be returning as a whole school, however, we are of course aware of the need to remain vigilant and continue to manage the risks of COVID-19. As a result, there are particular measures which we have put in place, in line with government guidance, to ensure the safety of children, young people and staff. Please note the guidance provided by the school will be reviewed and updated as and when required.

We recognise and understand that some of these arrangements may take a little while to get used to but please be assured that your children will be well cared for and we are committed to ensuring that they are happy and receive the best experiences possible. We value our strong partnership with our families and we will continue to work closely with you as part of our parental involvement and engagement agenda. We thank you for your continued support as our children return to school.

Maria McBride


Detailed Return to School Guidance:

St Cadoc’s Guide for Going Back to School Aug 20


Letter for Pupils from Mrs McBride

Letter to Parent Carers 5.8.20 Director of Education

School Gates

staggered start and finish updated 11th Aug

Scottish Government Guidance

Early Years Government Guidance



Summer Maths Challenge!

Our Summer Maths Challenge starts today! #abitofmathseveryday

To complete the challenge and receive one of our very special maths medals:

1)Download and print the Rigour Maths calendars for July and August along with the monthly record card. Remember to print the correct level for your child – this information will be on their Report Card. 

2) Put your calendar up on the wall, on the fridge, on the door- wherever suits really. Each day, complete the calendar question.

3) Record all answers directly on the calendars- you can also record answers on an extra piece of paper if necessary.

4) Remember to also complete the Challenge 2 task: applying a maths skill to real-life situations. To complete this part of the challenge you need to provide 6 examples where you used maths in a real-life context in both July and August. More information on this can be found on the record sheet below.

5) All entries should be placed in the class tray labelled ‘Maths Challenge’ on 1st September.

Good Luck everyone!

Calendar Downloads:

1st Level July Calendar

1st Level August Calendar

2nd Level July Calendar

2nd Level August Calendar

Calendar Record & Challenge 2 Record Downloads:

Summer Maths Challenge July Record

Summer Maths Challenge August Record

P4 First Communion and P7 Confirmation Update

P4 and P7 Letter to Parents

25 June 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Celebration of First Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation 2020

 Before the close of our schools for well merited summer holidays, I wanted to communicate to you our new plans for the celebration of your children’s First Sacraments which were postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions.

Both First Communions and Confirmations will now be celebrated in your local parish churches between September and November.  Each of these will be given by your parish priests.  I am happy to delegate the Sacrament of Confirmation to your parish priest to administer.

Our Head Teachers in both our Diocesan Primary and High Schools have committed to continuing the formation of our young ones to be ready for these Sacraments in support of our local parishes.

May I take this opportunity to thank our Parish Priests, Head Teachers and Diocesan Education Officers for their wonderful work in arranging a full consultation on this process in order to come up with the best solution for your families.  Amid all the business of lockdown arrangements they gave generously of their time and talents to ensure your children will not miss out of the joyful celebration of our Sacraments.

May I also commend you in your amazing commitment to the partnership of our schools and parishes to ensure the peaceful formation of our young people in faith and character in these unprecedented times.  May God reward your good work.

With every good wish and blessing,

Bishop John

Contingency Plan

We welcome the Scottish Government’s announcement to aim for all pupils to return to school after the summer break. We look forward to welcoming back all children on 12th August and will now prepare and plan for this. We will inform parents if there are any further changes. All the work carried out to prepare for blended learning and social distancing will be valuable as contingency plans and if we are required to move to this model at a later date. The purpose of this update is to inform you of our Contingency Plan or Plan B.

If we ever have to use the Contingency Plan we will implement blending learning.  Today you will receive a text message from the school to confirm your child’s group. We have split each class in to two groups-Group A and Group B.  Group A pupils would attend Monday and Tuesday and Group B pupils would attend Thursday and Friday. The process for splitting classes is based on surnames, we have then ensured children within the same family attend school and nursery on the same days. Provision for children of key workers would remain in place.

We have also uploaded our Contingency Plan below. This Plan B, gives you more detailed information and includes our School improvement Plan. Please take some time to have a look at this.

Kind Regards

Maria McBride

Summer Maths Challenge


Are you ready for St Cadoc’s Summer Numeracy Challenge?

Challenge 1

The challenge is to complete a calculation from the Rigour Maths calendar for each day of July and August. Remember to select the level your child is currently working at, this information is included in the report card. #abitofmathseveryday

Bonus Challenge

Can you apply a Numeracy or Maths skill that you have learned? Draw an illustration and write a sentence about what you did. eg. Today I used my knowledge of weight when I weighed out my dog’s food then I used my knowledge of the 2 times table to divide the total amount into 2 meals.

Remember to keep a record of your progress and return any entries at the end of August.

1st Level July Calendar

1st Level August Calendar

2nd Level July Calendar

2nd Level August Calendar


Summer Maths Challenge July Record

Summer Maths Challenge August Record

Health and Wellbeing Update ERC

Health and Wellbeing Family Update

Looking after our health and wellbeing as best we can is really important for us all in these uncertain times. In each update you will  find health and wellbeing activities that your child can do on their own or you may want to do them together as a family.

Latest Update:

Health and Wellbeing Update 7

Previous Updates:

Health and Wellbeing Update 6 (1)

Health and Wellbeing Update 5 (1)

Health and Wellbeing Update 4 (1)

Health and Wellbeing Update 3 (1)

Health and Wellbeing Update 2 (1)

Health and Wellbeing Update 1 (1)

Frequently asked Questions 8th June

From  Education Department:

Dear Parent Council Chairs
Thank you again for your participation in our meeting on Monday 8 June. As was shared at the meeting we received 608 questions from you on behalf of your parent forums. This tremendous response in such a short timescale reassures all that we are in this together to support our children and young people safely back to school as soon as possible.
A copy of the presentation from Monday night has already been shared with you. I believe the content of which has answered many of the questions posed. In addition we have grouped together questions under similar themes and answered as part of the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document.
Many of the remaining questions submitted were specific to individual schools and as such we have shared your questions with Head Teachers who can provide you with the detail you require moving forward.
Your continued support as we move towards phase 2 and phase 3 of our recovery plan is very much appreciated. We all want what is best for your children and for them to return to full time education as quickly as it is safe to do so.


Frequently asked Questions: PC FAQ

ERC Health and Wellbeing Family update

We hope you have been enjoying the start of the summer term – unlike any start of term before, but the weather has been good and we can enjoy our one hour outside every day. Getting outside for fresh air and exercise helps our physical health, and our mental and emotional wellbeing. This update gives more advice to families about these areas.

Health and Wellbeing Update 3(1)

ERC Health and Wellbeing Family Update – 2nd April

ERC Health and Wellbeing Family Update – 2nd April

Many of you have been stuck at home for over a week now. We hope you are enjoying all the work being set by your school staff. Please take care of your health too – you will get a lot more out of your school work if you feel good! Here are some more ideas help keep you happy and healthy…

To view, click the link below.

Health and Wellbeing Update ERC

Learning Provision Update

Dear Parent/Carer

In line with the Deputy First Minister’s statement and the subsequent clarification of ‘Key Worker’ status, we would be grateful if you could complete the attached form, to allow us to best plan the opening of the Community Hub School at St Cadoc’s Primary on Monday 23rd March 2020. We are in a position to confirm the Mearns North Hub for St Cadoc’s Primary, Mearns Primary and Crookfur Primary including Nursery classes, will be based in St Cadoc’s Primary.

In his statement yesterday, the Deputy First Minister stated that if one parent is a key worker and the other is not, the non key worker should normally be expected to provide child care.


If you meet this criteria please complete the form as a matter of urgency to allow us to allocate places by the end of today.


Continuing learning in light of Coronavirus

Dear Parent/Carer

Continuing learning in light of Coronavirus

You will be well aware of the rapidly changing situation across the country due to the coronavirus. As you know schools, in line with everyone else, are following national guidance which in itself is necessarily changing on a daily basis. More information is available from the NHS at

At the moment all schools and Early Learning and Childcare Centres remain open. However, over the next few days and weeks, it is possible that an increased number of pupils and staff will catch the virus and have to stay at home.  This will mean whole families having to stay at home for long periods of time, unable to come to school or go to work.

To help with our planning to continue to offer opportunities for learning we would be grateful if you could answer the following questions via the following link:

I know this is a worrying time for everyone and I want to assure you that we are working hard to plan for different situations and continue to provide learning and teaching for our children and young people. We will continue to communicate with you through our usual channels on the arrangements for your child. Please continue to follow the updates provided through the school and Council social media sites.


Kind regards,

Maria McBride

Head Teacher