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Summer Maths Challenge


Are you ready for St Cadoc’s Summer Numeracy Challenge?

Challenge 1

The challenge is to complete a calculation from the Rigour Maths calendar for each day of July and August. Remember to select the level your child is currently working at, this information is included in the report card. #abitofmathseveryday

Bonus Challenge

Can you apply a Numeracy or Maths skill that you have learned? Draw an illustration and write a sentence about what you did. eg. Today I used my knowledge of weight when I weighed out my dog’s food then I used my knowledge of the 2 times table to divide the total amount into 2 meals.

Remember to keep a record of your progress and return any entries at the end of August.

1st Level July Calendar

1st Level August Calendar

2nd Level July Calendar

2nd Level August Calendar


Summer Maths Challenge July Record

Summer Maths Challenge August Record