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Summer Maths Challenge!

Our Summer Maths Challenge starts today! #abitofmathseveryday

To complete the challenge and receive one of our very special maths medals:

1)Download and print the Rigour Maths calendars for July and August along with the monthly record card. Remember to print the correct level for your child – this information will be on their Report Card. 

2) Put your calendar up on the wall, on the fridge, on the door- wherever suits really. Each day, complete the calendar question.

3) Record all answers directly on the calendars- you can also record answers on an extra piece of paper if necessary.

4) Remember to also complete the Challenge 2 task: applying a maths skill to real-life situations. To complete this part of the challenge you need to provide 6 examples where you used maths in a real-life context in both July and August. More information on this can be found on the record sheet below.

5) All entries should be placed in the class tray labelled ‘Maths Challenge’ on 1st September.

Good Luck everyone!

Calendar Downloads:

1st Level July Calendar

1st Level August Calendar

2nd Level July Calendar

2nd Level August Calendar

Calendar Record & Challenge 2 Record Downloads:

Summer Maths Challenge July Record

Summer Maths Challenge August Record