Contingency Plan

We welcome the Scottish Government’s announcement to aim for all pupils to return to school after the summer break. We look forward to welcoming back all children on 12th August and will now prepare and plan for this. We will inform parents if there are any further changes. All the work carried out to prepare for blended learning and social distancing will be valuable as contingency plans and if we are required to move to this model at a later date. The purpose of this update is to inform you of our Contingency Plan or Plan B.

If we ever have to use the Contingency Plan we will implement blending learning.  Today you will receive a text message from the school to confirm your child’s group. We have split each class in to two groups-Group A and Group B.  Group A pupils would attend Monday and Tuesday and Group B pupils would attend Thursday and Friday. The process for splitting classes is based on surnames, we have then ensured children within the same family attend school and nursery on the same days. Provision for children of key workers would remain in place.

We have also uploaded our Contingency Plan below. This Plan B, gives you more detailed information and includes our School improvement Plan. Please take some time to have a look at this.

Kind Regards

Maria McBride