Frequently asked Questions 8th June

From  Education Department:

Dear Parent Council Chairs
Thank you again for your participation in our meeting on Monday 8 June. As was shared at the meeting we received 608 questions from you on behalf of your parent forums. This tremendous response in such a short timescale reassures all that we are in this together to support our children and young people safely back to school as soon as possible.
A copy of the presentation from Monday night has already been shared with you. I believe the content of which has answered many of the questions posed. In addition we have grouped together questions under similar themes and answered as part of the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document.
Many of the remaining questions submitted were specific to individual schools and as such we have shared your questions with Head Teachers who can provide you with the detail you require moving forward.
Your continued support as we move towards phase 2 and phase 3 of our recovery plan is very much appreciated. We all want what is best for your children and for them to return to full time education as quickly as it is safe to do so.


Frequently asked Questions: PC FAQ