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St Joseph’s Parish Travelling Nativity – Something new for the children this Christmas?

As Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem they relied on the kindness of friends, family and strangers. Could your family give them shelter for a night this Advent? You would receive figures of Mary, Joseph and the donkey into your home from another family in the parish one evening in Advent. The visiting family lead a (very) short child friendly liturgy and you as the host family provide light refreshments. The following evening you travel with the figures to another home in the Parish and repeat. In this way the figures of Mary and Joseph will travel through around 20 homes in our parish community on their way to the Church on Christmas Eve. Full instructions on what to do and where to go will be provided. We anticipate the liturgy and refreshments lasting no more than 1 hour on each evening. This is a wonderful and practical way to help your children really think about the journey of Advent. If you might be interested in taking part, please contact Catriona James by email to parentsinprayer@stjosephs.co for an information sheet.

Christmas Concert P4/5

P4 and P5 will be entertaining you this year with a medley of Christmas songs from ‘A Star, a Stable and Me!’

The children should wear a plain red, white or green T shirt / black trousers / leggings and black shoes.  A piece of silver tinsel can be added for some festive cheer.

All costumes should be brought to school by Tuesday 8th December, bagged and labelled with the child’s name.

We look forward to seeing you at our Christmas concerts.

Nativity Times 2015

14th Dec
1a Welcome at 11am – Performance at 11.30am
4a/5a performance at 1.30pm
2a/3a performance at 2.00pm

15th Dec
1b Welcome at 11am – Performance at 11.30am
4b/5b performance at 1.30pm
2b/3b performance at 2.00pm

16th Dec
1c Welcome at 11am – Performance at 11.30am
4c/5c performance at 1.30pm
2c/3c performance at 2.00pm

17th Dec
1d Welcome at 11a – Performance at 11.30am
4d/5d performance at 1.30pm
2d/3d performance at 2.00pm

18th Dec 
1e Welcome at 11am – Performance at 11.30am

Musicians will perform at 1.00pm each day- details to follow.

Choir will perform at 1.15pm each day- details to follow.