Staff at Mearns Castle

Senior Leadership

Mr S Clark – Head Teacher
Mr B Harrison – Depute Head Teacher
Mr M McGarry – Depute Head Teacher
Ms N Mortimer – Depute Head Teacher
Mrs J Mitchell  – Depute Head Teacher
Mr P Donnelly – Depute Head Teacher
Mr S Hale – Depute Head Teacher
Mr S Sorley – Depute Head Teacher

Pupil Support

Ms S Oram – Principal Teacher
Mr S Gooch – Principal Teacher
Ms A Hamilton – Principal Teacher
Ms K Brophy – Principal Teacher
Ms E Crilley – Principal Teacher
Ms R  Cartledge –  Principal Teacher
Mr A Gilroy – Principal Teacher

Personal Development

Mr D Whiteford – Principal Teacher
Mr G Scott

Support for Learning

Ms F Houstoun – Principal Teacher
Ms L Hamilton
Ms G Godolphin
Mr G Capaldi
Mr R Fulton
Ms R Harvey
Ms K Purdom

School Support Assistants

Ms M Carlin
Ms M Fellows

Personal Development
Ms S Reynolds
Ms M Adam

Support for Learning
Ms R Ahmed
Ms C Anderson
Ms L Cowan
Ms D Curran 
Ms A Hume
Ms Y Taylor
Ms C Wallace

Wellbeing Assistant
Caragh McNamee
Heather Miller


Ms K McEachern – Librarian

School Technicians

Ms K Wallace – Senior Technician

Mr S Hope
Ms A Clark

Mr R O’Hara  

Mr G Wilson


Ms H Paton – Senior Business Support Assistant

Office Staff

Ms A Beattie – Office Manager
Mrs P Gardner – Senior Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant
Ms A Bigley
Mrs J Coyle
Ms C Hamilton
Mrs C McBride

School Janitors

Mr S McLean – Senior Janitor
Mr K Addison
Mr J Gavigan
Mr J McLeod
Mr S Thomson

Campus Officer

PC Kash Akram

IT Technicians

Mr J Carline
Mr B Docherty

Active Schools Co-ordinator

Brandon Wamberg

Day Cleaners – ERC

Ms T Connor
Ms A Whyte


Mrs Debi Ward – Catering Manager



Ms C McCulloch – Faculty Head 
Ms E Bannerman
Ms J Telfer
Ms K Giroux
Ms I Rasul
Mr D Johnson (NQT)

Business Education & Computing

Ms G Sloan – Faculty Head

Business Education
Ms C Flaherty 
Ms A Hamilton
Ms J MacInnes
Ms L Smith
Ms A Nicol (NQT)
Ms S McKinnon (NQT)

Computing Science
Mr A Cardoo
Mr D Fordyce


Ms J Wilson – Faculty Head

Mr K Foley
Mr M Kyle
Ms K Mitchell
Ms H McGill
Ms H Russell

Mr J Guidi
Dr A Van Veggel
Mr C Wasson
Mr K Orr (NQT)

Design Faculty

Ms G Elliot – Faculty Head

Ms T Campbell
Ms S Plazalska
Ms R Templeton
Ms M Mahon

Ms K Brophy – PT Pupil Support
Mr G Guthrie
Mr J Turnbull
Ms L Gray


Ms J Murphy – Principal Teacher
Mr R Andrews
Ms T Batchelor
Ms L Cairney
Ms R Cartledge – PT Pupil Support
Ms S Dickson
Ms J Kaliski
Ms A Laitano
Ms C Macdonald
Mr G McGlynn
Ms L McMahon
Ms C Robertson
Mr M Mercer (NQT)
Mr R Mallon (NQT)

Food, Health & Technology

Mr C Thomson – Principal Teacher
Ms L Jones
Ms S Robinson
Ms A Bankier (NQT)


Mr G Stewart – Principal Teacher
Ms L Anderson
Ms J Dickson
Ms A Khan – PT Development
Ms V Mair
Ms L Murray
Mr A Moghul
Mr P Moon
Ms S Oram
Ms S Sheikh
Ms J Thomson
Ms A McCall (NQT)
Ms R Benn (NQT)

Modern Languages

Ms Z Nicklin – Acting Principal Teacher
Ms J Christie
Ms E Crilley – PT Pupil Support
Ms F McDiarmid
Ms E Naddell
Ms M Pegeot
Ms L Stewart
Ms Y Zhang
Ms R McCullough (NQT)

Performing Arts

Ms A Borland – Faculty Head

Ms L Brown
Ms C Mitchell (NQT)

Ms M Frew
Ms G Giles
Mr S Gooch – PT Pupil Support
Mr B Weston

Physical Education

Mr K Gibson – Principal Teacher
Mr A Gilroy
Ms W Little
Ms A McNab
Ms S Roberts
Mr J Robertson
Mr A Martin (NQT)

Religious Moral & Philosophical Education

Ms J Thomson – Principal Teacher
Ms R Henderson
Ms K Wallace (NQT)
Mr R Laird (NQT)

Social Subjects

Ms E Ferguson – Faculty Head

Ms T Brown
Ms L Smith
Ms K Ward

Mr R Fulton
Mr J McGowne
Ms A Thomson
Ms C O’Neill (NQT)

Modern Studies
Ms C Gillian – Principle Teacher Development
Ms N Mackie (NQT)
Ms S Hall (NQT)

East Renfrewshire Council

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