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If you are interested in attending PEEP sessions, please speak to a member of staff by Monday, 21st June. Information on PEEP can be found below. Thank you


What is PeeP ?
PEEP (Parents Early Education and Learning) is a national early programme which aims to support all parents and carers with children from birth to 5yrs. The programme supports parents in encouraging their child’s development and learning through everyday fun activities in a group or at home. As practitioners we really value parent/carers participation as they are the most influential person in their person in their child’s life.

What a PEEP session might look like:

  • A PEEP practitioner would facilitate the session with a group of parents/carers and their young children.
  • The session has a structure, we always start with the hello song and finish with the goodbye song.
  • We share songs, rhymes, books and stories.
  • Ideas for simple activities to do at home that promote learning will be shared; mostly everyday experiences to promote early learning. 
  • We share play ideas

Time for talking together on a topic ( for example daily routines or early writing)


             Why PEEP?

As parents and carers you are the most important educator. Through singing, stories, rhyme time and books. You can learn more about play activities which support your child’s learning. Sessions are run by group leaders trained in the principles of PEEP.


Our children have been involved in our Virtual Nature School programme and have been encouraged to  find different ways where they can “look through.” This led to going on a river walk journey whereby the children were able to look through trees, bushes and the fencing on the bridge. The children were able to give descriptive accounts of what they could see. The children could see the water and they noticed it was “still.”  We carried on our walk until we came to the bridge. We stood on the bridge and we looked through the fencing at the water. A child explained, “it’s running very fast.”  We closed our eyes and listened. We could hear the water and the birds. The children were able to further their learning of looking through by using binoculars and looking glasses. The children commented how they could see houses and windows, as they walked back to the nursery.


“I can see the water. It’s still.”


“It’s running very fast.”
“I can hear the water.”
“I can see a man. He has a fishing catcher.”
“I can hear the birds.”

World Book Week/The Hungry Caterpillar story

 Anne would like to share the story of the Hungry Caterpillar with you, as part of World Book week.  

Did you know your child can learn the following through the story?

Early numeracy – colours, counting foods and sorting and categorising foods.

Science – Life cycle of a butterfly.

Early literacy – Days of the week, book concepts.

Health and Well-being – Healthy  eating

The list is not exhaustive and there is so much more your child can learn from just one story.

We hope you enjoy listening and learning together.


Safety at home

Please see below for update from the Child Accident Prevention Trust

“He swallowed the ‘flat’ battery when it was being replaced with a new one. We removed it within 3-4 hours but he had a nasty burn of his oesophagus.”

– Consultant gastroenterologist

We could be forgiven for thinking that, when a product no longer works, the lithium coin cell battery that was powering it is flat and no longer poses a risk to children.  But, as we have discovered, that’s not the case at all.

The dead or ‘flat’ battery you’ve just thrown into the recycling pot in the kitchen drawer can still do significant damage if a child swallows it and it gets stuck in their food pipe.  Many accidents happen without an adult knowing and with a child too young to tell them.

In some cases, batteries haven’t been detected for weeks.  A scary prospect. Happily, the solution is very simple as long as families know there is a danger.

Will you take a moment to share this simple message with the families you work with?

We know the latest lockdown advice will impact how much you can do with and for families. That’s why we’ve put together a range of digital resources that are simple to use and share, however you may be working.

More information

Share this email with colleagues so they can benefit from the insight and resources.

Here at the Child Accident Prevention Trust, we are committed to bringing you resources and support to make preventing serious injuries one less thing to worry about.  Do keep telling us what’s most useful for your families and we’ll do our best to help.

The CAPT team

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