This week we have been focusing on Anti-bullying week. We create our own anti-bullying comic strips and were sharing them with each other. We really enjoyed doing this. In reading we read about bullying and different types of bullying, we were answering questions about it and then explaining our articles to other people. In writing we wrote a leaflet about anti-bullying we had to use subheadings and facts. In drama we were creating scenes about what we would do if we were in a bullying situation. The theme for anti-bullying week was all different, all equal. We had a big discussion about this and why it is important.

P6b had their assembly about the Victorians and we thought they did a great job, we are very proud of them.

This week as part of our John Muir Award we measured trees. We had to walk backwards until we could only see the top of the tree through our legs (it was funny). In groups we did this and then measured the distance between the person and the tree trunk. This gave us a rough tree height.

P6b Class Blog Friday 17th November 2017

Primary 6 worked very hard all week preparing for our assembly ‘Back to the Victorians’ which was a blast! Thank you to all the parents and family members who turned up to watch our show.

We have been learning about and discussing anti bullying this week as it is ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. We looked at different scenarios and discussed positive ways of dealing with situations.  We also created our own comic strip where we designed a story about bullying in which the victim deals with it in a positive way.  We also spoke about online bullying/ cyber-bullying and steps that we can take if we encounter bullying online.  Today, we also created our own Anti-Bullying fact files.

In maths the yellow group have started algebra, the orange group have been finding the area of triangles and compound shapes and the white group have been finding fractions, decimals and percentages of amounts.

In P.E we played boccia with Mr. McMillan and basketball with Mrs. McGregor.

In science we researched topical science where we chose our own topic to research.


This Friday Dawn from the SPCA came into Assembly to talk to everyone about what she does. She told us about being kind to animal even wild animals! She also told us not to dump litter. We watched a video about how to look after animals. She was very kind and gave us all a sharpener.

On Wednesday in writing we described what walking through a Glasgow street is like. We focused on VCOP, VCOP stands for Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation.

We have finally got our pictures back for our achievement wall. We wrote up our achievements on our stars and put them next to our pictures.

We are still very proud that we did our assembly, it was lots of fun.

Euler have been learning how to multiply decimals. It was tricky to begin with but we are getting the hang of it. We have also been dividing decimals and now use decimal points instead of remainders.

Pythagoras have been learning about 3D shapes and their nets. We created our own 3D shapes; we made octahedrons, dodecahedrons and tetrahedrons. We also started to use isometric paper to draw 3D shapes.

Turing have been doing some measuring. We learned that there are 10mm in 1 cm and there is 100cm in a metre. We were being tailors and measuring each other, it was fun! We also estimated and measured things in the classroom.

Gregor, Isa and Preston all achieved a certificate in their 123 maths, we are very proud of them.

P6B Class Blog Friday 10th November 2017

We have been practising our Back to the Victorians assembly. We are looking forward to performing it to the school and our parents.

In writing we have been developing our VCOP. This week we wrote about walking through Glasgow City Centre and described it using our 5 senses.

In maths the orange group have been calculating the area of triangles. The white group have ben converting between fractions, percentages and decimals and finding percentages of amounts.  The yellow group have been measuring the angles of triangles.

In P.E we played 5 bat cricket and boccia which we all enjoyed. With Mrs. McGreggor we have been playing basketball.

In reading we have been working on our skimming and scanning techniques. Skimming is when you find the meaning of the text.  We use clues such as; title/ heading, sub headings, captions, pictures, diagrams and charts.  Scanning is when you go through the text to find a specific word or phrase.

Primary 6b Class Blog Friday 3rd November


In maths the white group have been converting fractions, decimals and percentages.


The orange group have been working out the area and perimeter of compound shapes.

The yellow group have been learning about different types of triangles and the properties of triangles.



In language we have been reading new, non-fiction books.  The purple group have been reading ‘Vanishing Habitats and Species’, the green group have been reading ‘Australia’ and the red group have been reading ‘America’.  We learnt what skimming and scanning are and we have been using these techniques in our reading to answer questions.



Miss Cox was in with our class today for writing.  We wrote about walking down a Victorian street and focussed on our 5 senses as well as VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation).



In science we have been continuing our learning on magnetism. 



In P.E we have been doing games with Mr. McMillan.  We played three stage tunnel tig and 5 bat cricket.  With Mrs. McGreggor we have been continuing our basketball skills.



We had our assembly and it was really fun. It was smashing! We were all excited and a bit nervous to share our learning with everyone. We are very proud of ourselves. Everyone thought it was very good.

We have been learning about air resistance in Science. Things move faster if they are streamlined like cycling helmets and aeroplanes. We created our own paper aeroplanes to see which one could go the furthest. That means which one would have the less air resistance. Mercs to well in wind tunnels because of how the designers create the curved parts of the car.

In Art we have been focusing on Charles Rennie Macintosh. We are creating our own designs which are inspired by him. We are hoping to visit the Willow Tea rooms in Glasgow to see some of his designs.

In ICT we were playing Sumdog; it was really fun. We were competing against each other to earn coins.

We met Miss Cox and were getting to know her. We have starting doing some Drama with her and started our new RME topic Churches and Worship.

In writing we had to try and sell a haunted house using lots of descriptive words. It was great, we were very creative.

We started our Book of Knowledge, it was fun. We have a booklet about different topics this week it was about Dinosaurs and other extinct animals and Hummingbirds and Owls. We have to read some information and write down three facts that we have learned.

This week it has been Halloween and we have been doing some Halloween comprehensions and maths activities. It was really fun!

It was also Amara’s birthday!

Here’s a link to our assembly powerpoint!

P6a Assembly 




Comics have been reading Holes and are almost at the end of it and they are enjoying it. Their next book is Spain and the Spanish.

Magazines are going to go onto a new book but we don’t know what it’ll be yet…mystery! Plus we can still read Jenkins Ear, we are going to move on to non-fiction!

Newspapers have just finished The Dancing Bear, it sounds really funny, but Bruno the bear dies at the end so the ending was sad.

Novels have finished Greyfrairs Bobby, if you go to Edinburgh you will see the statue of Bobby and you can go and see his grave.

Pythagoras have been learning about volume and how to calculate the volume of composite shapes.

Euler have been learning how to round decimals.

Turing have been doing DMAS. DMAS stands for division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

Newton was making a fortune teller and playing with the fortune teller to learn their times tables.


P6b Class Blog Friday 27th October 2017

In maths the orange group have been working on finding the area and perimeter of compound shapes. The white group have been learning to simplify fractions and convert them into percentages and decimals.  The yellow group have been finding fractions of shapes, simplifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions and finding fractions of a quantity.

In French we revised our greetings and learnt how to say who was in our family.

In science we were learning about magnetism. We carried out some experiments with magnets and paper clips.  We had to guide a paper clip through a maze using a magnet.

In P.E we had stations set up in the hall and we rotated around each station. We also played 5 bat cricket and different games of tig.  We played basketball with Mrs. McGreggor on Thursday in the MUGA.

Today with Mrs. Stewart we wrote Halloween poems. We used the format ABCB and had to use a range of Halloween vocabulary.  We would also like to say a very special goodbye to Mrs. Stewart who will be starting at Carolside Primary on Monday.  Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Primary 6b are also very excited and lucky to have a new pupil, Lily who joined us this week!

P6b Class Blog Friday 6th October 2017

Hello. Primary 6b have had a great week

On Monday we went on an amazing trip to Dams to Darnley. We created our own ‘Green Men’ from natural resources e.g. berries, leaves sticks and ferns. After we got all the resources we put them on the clay to make a face. Also at dams to Darnley we went orienteering and collected all the point and took the number at the back of the posts we wrote them down to our record sheet…We had lots of fun.

This week in literacy we did moving images. We looked at a story called Reverso. Then we wrote a summery about it. In writing we wrote a story about the great barrier of reef and focused on describing what we would see, touch and feel.


We had a house spirit afternoon yesterday where we all got into our houses and played getting to know you games and created a bookmark about the person our house was named after. Alexander Fleming’s dad was a farmer. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island, a very famous book. Mary Slessor adopted lots of children in Africa. David Livingstone found a waterfall which he names after Queen Victoria, he called it Victoria Falls.

P4a did a fantastic assembly about Scotland. It was really good, they learned a lot about Scotland. We were so impressed that we started to think about our own assembly and had to write down our ideas as we had so many!!

We did a maths check-up this week it was fun but quite tricky. It was like a revision check-up as it was questions we had learned about from last year.

Pythagoras started to learn about volume in maths. There are 1000ml in a litre.

Turing have been creating their own function machines this week, it was fun.

Euler are learning about decimals, we have started to look at hundredths and thousandths.

The Comics were doing a comprehension this week all about Jane Eyre. She was an orphan who lived with her Aunt but she was very unhappy.

We went back to Dams to Darnley this week and we did orienteering and learned about Greenmen. Greenmen were meant to keep away unhappy spirits from people’s house, you can still see them in old houses today. We got to make our own from clay and natural materials we found. We had a map and we had to find the marker posts. There was a letter on each post which we had to write down, the first team to get them all won. It was great fun!

We had an afternoon of Christmas! (We even listened to Christmas music!) We designed our Christmas cards for this year, it was fun.

This week were learned about William Morris who was an artist in the Victorian Era. He designed floral wallpaper. Most of his designs were based on nature, the patterns repeated and some were symmetrical. It reminded people of the countryside as lots of people moved into the city because of the Industrial Revolution.