14.9.18 P7a

This week has been Maths Week. We have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We were using a calculator to convert fractions, decimals and percentages and eventually we created a superhero! We also worked in groups to solve problems and created posters to show our working (a lot of us used pizzas to help!). We had 3 teacher superheroes this week who were on the lookout for the Maths Menace. Misba worked out that Mrs McKim was the Maths Menace.

We wrote a nature poem using metaphors and similes. It was nice to think about nature and it related to our learning about John Muir.

In Science we were learning about the solutions to plastic pollution and we have started to create information posters/booklets/slides on our Google classroom all about it. Did you know there are more micro-plastics in the Ocean than stars in the Milky Way?!?! Also, did you know that the weight of plastics in the Ocean is greater than nine Empire State Buildings!!!

In Art, we have been focusing on shading, tone, line and texture. This week we were given half a face and we had to draw the other half. We really enjoyed creating our half and half portraits.

This week we learned a bit about 9/11. It was a very sad day and it has had a big impact on the world.

Friday 7th September P7b Class Blog






Friday 7th September P7b  Class Blog

We have had a brilliant start to Primary 7 with our fabulous teacher Mrs Watson. Firstly we want to say happy birthday to Saffi and Azaan. Dylan and Lily welcome there new dogs into their family. Dylan got a beagle and lily got a poodle.

We would like to congratulate our new House Captains, Vice-Captain and Senior Prefects.

Stevenson: Ella and Oscar

Livingston: Molly and Fatimah

Fleming: Millie and Adam

Slessor: Zamin and Abi

Senior Prefects are Carys, Matthew, Ross and Sophie and the whole of Primary 7 are prefecting if they volunteered for it!

In Social Studies we are doing Global Goals and we started trying to raise money for the Betty   Cunningham trust and have great idea’s. We have been thinking about how fortunate we are with our clothes and homes. We sent a letter to through the website on how we want to help.  The trust is about a charity supporting kids in Malawi who need help in a village called Kaponda. Our full class wants share this charity so you can help to. For John Muir we are trying to get our explorer award and we are going to Loch Lomond for a trip which relates to John Muir. Later on this year we are going to learn about Ancient Egypt and Greek Gods, we decided to study this as a class.  Mrs Watson asked what historical times and events we were interested in.  We will also cover some parts of WW2 which we are looking forward to. We are also learning about Climate Change and Global Warming. We tried to find ways we can stop global warming. This is very important and a lot of the jobs needing done are up to us.  We will work hard to solve problems, think and create.

In writing this week we wrote a letter to persuade the government for a plastic bottle deposit. We want this to happen to reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away and harming our planet. Hopefully they will listen to us and do something to help reduce plastic waste.  Our class reader is now “7 Professors Of The Far North”. We recommend you read it. It is an enjoyable novel and is full of adventures. We have been focussing on our punctuation and also trying to think more deeply about hidden meanings in texts.

In maths we have all been revising place value as we found this tricky especially when working with decimals. We also need to work on angle work especially using protractors.  This is something we all agree on. We are also looking at the 8 compass points!

In RME we are exploring the world 6 religions which are: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. We were learning why people follow a religion.

by Abhay and Julia

7.9.18 P7a

Euler has been revising different types of angles, how to measure them and are starting to more accurate when using a protractor to draw specific angles.

Newton were learning about money, we were counting different amounts and trying to work out the change we would get if we bought different items.

At lunch Caitlin found a very rare ladybug. It was black with two red spots. We decided to call it Crescent and put it back where we found it. We were very excited and included it in our John Muir logbooks.

We were very excited to learn who our House and Vice Captains were.

In PE we continued to learn different skills for possession games. We were having to use our bodies to block people so that we could keep the ball. We enjoyed playing short games of football.

We are really enjoying Underground to Canada and it’s making us think about slavery and how bad it was. We hope the characters managed to get to Canada.

This week we wrote persuasive letters to the government about the UK having plastic bottle deposits. It was really good fun, we are enjoying learning about how we can help protect our planet.

In Science we did an experiment ‘The Yeast Race’. We were investigating the rate of growth of micro-organisms. We used three bottles, water, balloons, yeast and sugar. We put a different amount of sugar in each bottle and it was amazing to watch the balloons inflate. The bottle that had three teaspoons of sugar had the biggest balloon as it produced the most carbon dioxide.

We started to use out Google Classroom at home as part of our homework. We are starting to get the hang of it and will hopefully be able to use it lots throughout the year.

P7a 31.8.18

In Turing we have been doing some revision of division. We are starting to remember it and are working on our carrying figures.

Euler have been learning about decimals and percentages with Mrs Fry.

Pythagoras have been looking at the properties of circles. We learned that the middle point is called the centre point, there diameter is double the radius and the perimeter of a circle is called the circumference. We have been using compass to accurately draw circles.

In Science we are conducting an experiment to see how hygiene can affect the rate of decay. We are doing the mouldy bread experiment!

P6 had their assembly this morning all about Growth Mindset. It was great!

We had our house captain presentations and we will complete this on Monday. It was a bit scary but we all did a fantastic job!

We finished our class charter ‘Loot Llama’, it’s looking great on our wall.

We wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Pina to persuade her to let her class to do the John Muir Award too. We had to include persuasive language/techniques, a formal tone and reasons why it is a great award.

In Social Studies we have been focussing on the Global Goal about pollution and we have been researching solutions to plastic pollution.

In French we have been writing a paragraph about ourselves and we drew a portrait of half of our face.

We found out that our senior prefects are Sophie and Ross.

We also started our class bank! We are learning how to save!

We started using our Google classroom, it’s awesome!

P7a 24.8.18

We have started with Art this term and we were learning about different types of shading and tone. We learned about outlining shapes and hatching which involves using single lines. We also looked at contouring which was tricky.

In maths Pythagoras have been looking at BODMAS, this is the order of operations in calculations. It stands for Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

In Science we have started to learn about micro-organisms. We researched famous scientists who made scientific observations which proved germs existed, the causes of them and vaccinations. These scientists were Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Joseph Lister and Robert Koch.

Our sports council members for this year are Saffi, Caitlin and Dylan.

We held interviews for senior prefects and we hopefully find out who they will be at the beginning of next week.

In writing we wrote a new beginning for Harry Potter and we were trying to engage the reader and create an atmosphere.

In literacy we have reciprocal reading groups where each person has a role. We started to read our class novels this week in these groups.

Today we looked at bounce back and discussed how nobody is perfect. We created our perfect teacher and Mrs Lamont created her perfect pupil and we discussed the differences.

Class Blog 22/06/2018 P6b

Today we painted our volcanoes and they look amazing. We are looking forward to trying our experiment.

Today we looked at a map of the World Rivers. We used the Chrome books to research where in the world the rivers are and glued our answers to a world map.

The orange group in maths have been learning the meaning of equivalents.

The yellow group have been learning how to tell the time using 12 and 24 hour time.


This week we found out that Mrs Lamont was going to be our P7 teacher. Yay!

This is our last full week of P6 and it has been fun, we have had lots of things to finish off too.

Livingston won the House Cup and went to the Five Sisters Zoo today. We are sure that they’ve had lots of fun in the sun.

We had the celebration of achievement on Thursday, it was nice to say goodbye to the P7s. We walked up with the P1s and it was fun to talk to them. Miles won the Scott Trophy, we were proud of him.

We did our last health lesson and we learned all about growing up and what would happen to our bodies.

We have started to pack up our classroom so that we can start moving our things into our new classroom. We are going to move on Wednesday so that we can start trying to organise things for August.


We have really enjoyed perfecting this week as we have been playing some great games and teaching other children in the school how to play them.
Livingstone won the House Trophy this year and they are all looking forward to their trip to the zoo next Friday!!
On Wednesday we were presented our bikeability certificates and badges, we are all very proud.
This week we wrote instructions about how to put up a tent. Mrs Lamont put up the tent and we had to take notes on what she was doing and then create our own instructions.
We have been doing some pointillism in Art and have really enjoyed creating different pictures.
In Health we were learning about personal hygiene and we started to talk about puberty.
In PE we were working on our ball skills and we enjoyed playing games in groups to help us with our hand eye co-ordination.
The choir went to the Baptist Church and they sang with Isoble Mair and St.Cadoc’s. We sang this is me with makaton, it was fun. We were very impressed at assembly today when we heard the choir sing!

P6a 8.6.18

We have started sexual health and we have spoken about what babies need when they are born and how their needs change when they become a toddler. We spoke about friends, family and starting school.

In Maths we did a relay race, we had lots of questions to answer. One person would run up to the box, take a question and then as a group try to work it out. We had to show Mrs Lamont and she would tell us if we got it correct and then we could get other question or if we got it wrong we had to go back and check it. It was fun!

Yesterday was Sports Day. We went into our house teams and did lots of different activities and then we had the house and class races. It was really fun and the sun made it even better! Adam’s mum won the ‘Mums’ race and Fleming won the relay! Mrs Lamont and Mr Walker won the teacher race (even though their 3 legged band fell off and they ran!!!!)

We were introduced to the summer book/reading challenge at assembly today. You have to read six library books during the summer holidays to achieve this challenge.

The Eco committee took part in the Greenbank Gardens Wheelbarrow competition and we helped them to finish off the design. We were very happy with how it turned out.

We finished making our volcanoes this week and are looking forward to making them explode next week!

Primary 6B Class Blog Friday 8th June 2018

This week we have been learning about what happens when a baby grows up to a toddler and the developmental milestones they go through.

We had sports day on Thursday. It was very fun.  We did lots of different activities like javelin throwing and racing space-hoppers!

In maths the white group have been learning about money and bank cards (credit cards). The orange group have been converting units of measurement using a decimal point.  The yellow group have begun a new topic on 12 and 24 hour time.

In science we have been learning about different animals and how they communicate. They can use seismic, electric, auditory, touch, olfactory, visual.

On Wednesday the nursery had their sports day and a number of the pupils did an excellent job of helping the nursery pupils.

In writing we have been learning how to write instructions. Today we wrote instructions on a topic of our own choice.  We were to include; an introduction, put it in chronological order, use sub headings and headings, imperative verbs, list of equipment and a conclusion.

This week we have been researching a volcanic eruption so that we can use the information to create a drama script which we will perform.