This week we have been enjoying technology, we disassembled and reassembled a DC39 hoover. We did this in groups of 8. It was much fun but the first group took a very long time! This was because it was a completely new model and so the screws were very tight.

In maths Pythagoras were learning new strategies in mental maths they were also rounding and writing very big numbers in words.

We also have done the bleep test in P.E.  This tested our endurance and fitness it was very challenging, We have to run from side to side on the beep once you miss the beep or are too tired to continue you stop running and walk off to the side. There are 21 levels and there are  fourteen times you have to run from side to side in each level.

During writing we wrote a report on Guy Fawkes to celebrate the failed Gunpowder Plot. We had to research information and put it in the report using our own words.

We have also done an infographic on the Poppy appeal and different jobs during the war we had to look through information highlight key words and write it in our infographics.

We have also done a bit more of our art work it is very hard as it is in colour and it has to be realistic. We had to make it symmetrical so that it looks like all the one drawing.  


We started to work on our engineering box. We disassembled the tangle free turbine head by following instructions. We had to pry apart sections and use different screwdrivers to take the whole turbine head apart. At the end we had to reassemble to all by ourselves. It was great and gave us a great experience of what engineers do. We were very interested to learn how the turbine head actually worked.

Euler have been looking at converting measurements and using their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to help them. It’s tricky but we are starting to get the hang of it. We have been doing lots of Halloween activities in maths, we were plotting co-ordinates and trying to solve a spooky mystery! It was great fun!

In Social Studies we were discussing who was involved in WWII. We researched the countries and leaders that were involved and looked at who the axis and allies were. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany and they were the axis.

On Wednesday we did our last Joe Wicks School Workout and it was fun! We have been gaining more stamina throughout the weeks as we are getting better at the HITS.

In writing we finished writing our horror stories. We were upleveling them and worked with our peers to peer assess pieces of writing.

Today Mrs Lamont showed us something new on our Google Classroom. It was really interesting and fun! We used this for our literacy work with Think Me Back and we got to work in pairs.

We had a class picture taken this week 🙂

Class Blog P7b 26th October 2018 By Julia and Abhay

Primary 7 are all tired from the October holidays but, are still working really hard! We hope you enjoyed the October holidays. Also a Happy Birthday Darren!!!

In Social Studies we have started a new topic which is World War 2 and we are all excited to start it.  We all wanted to learn about it, Mrs Watson asked what we wanted to learn about and loads of people said the World War.  We also said things like Egypt and Romans so we have that on our wall to plan for.  We have watched videos, seen power points and we have made a timeline on how World War 2 begin and what Hitler did during that time which we will be showing the class. We worked in groups which is really fun and try hard to only chat about our learning.

In P.E we are trying hard to get fitter and improve our fitness and beep test score.  We are following Joe Wicks who is really cool.  We turn out the lights in the hall and put on the disco lights. Mrs Watson picks cool songs and we all work out. It is exhausting but we do stretches and play a game called Rock, Paper, Scissors which we all enjoy playing! We also played capture the flag which we enjoyed so much!

In Health we have started Mindfulness which is peaceful and makes us feel calm. It helps us focus and only think about the things we can control of in the moment and makes us tired too.

This week in writing we made our own horror story which could even an adult sleeping with their teddy bear. We really enjoyed it because we could chose the storyline nevertheless we used the laptops.

Happily in literacy, David Williams have been reading a awesome book called Hitler’s Canary. Tom Gates and Jeff Kinney have also started a new book called Friend or Foe. Of course we did comprehension.

In maths the classy calculators have been learning the parts of the circles, which is circly good. The division destroyers have been continuing angles and learning more about time. Finally, the rocking rulercoasters have been practising decimals, multiplication and division.

Well done to Stevenson who won the house reward – they stuck to the school values and clearly have been trying really hard. Good job Stevenson kids.

We also had so much fun at the Strictly Dance Day with the STV appeal and danced the day away.

Primary 7 hope you have an extraordinary weekend and Happy Friday!!!! J

By Abhay and Julia


This week we have been doing our presentations on plastic pollution in the ocean. It was fun but at the same time nerve racking. Most of the plastic in the ocean is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is three times the size of France. We spoke about the sources of the problems and the solutions to try and clean up the ocean.

Last night the P7s in our cluster got to go on a tour of Eastwood High School. We got a tour round the sports centre and the different classrooms. It was really fun because we got to see lots of different departments and it got us all very excited about going to high school.

In maths this week Pythagoras have just finished Speed, Distance and Time it was good but a bit tricky when working out word problems. We are remembering the triangle!

In maths this week Euler have been working on percentages with Mrs Fry this ties in with our Decimals and fractions work, we are finding it very fun.

We started reading our new class reader called Think Me Back, it’s a historical fiction book all about WWII and ghosts. It’s a very good book so far. It is about a boy called Pete, he moved to Clydebank and lives next door to a house which was bombed. We are looking forward to finding out what happens.

We got the James Dyson engineering boxes and have been finding out about different engineers, their jobs and how they became an engineer. We are going to be disassembling a DC39 hoover and then trying to reassemble it. We can’t wait!!


In Science, we have been looking at bacteria, viruses and fungi. Viruses can come from microorganisms. A clean mouth has 10,000 to 100,000 particles of bacteria on each tooth. Viruses are tiny compared to bacteria, there is an equivalent of 1000 viruses to 1 bacteria. There are 16 times more bacteria on a phone screen than on a toilet.


In P.E. we have been continuing to develop our fitness skills by completing a Joe Wicks workout. This week we were working on our legs with sumo squats, lunges, high knees and mountain climbers. We also gave our upper body a workout with push ups.

We have been using our ICT skills to create PowerPoints on the Great Pacific garbage patch. This is an artificial island made of plastic and is three times the size of France. The Ocean clear up team are trying to clear this garbage patch and ensure it is plastic free by 2050. It is estimated that this area carries 80000 tonnes of plastic!


In Literacy the Comics and Magazines have finally finished Underground to Canada. This text was a range of emotions it was sad throughout the book but thankfully a happy ending. We would recommend this book for P7/ S1 children who enjoy learning about historical events.

P7b Blog, 28th September 2018 by Julia and Abhay

This is the 5th week of Primary 7 and it has been a miraculous start and has been challenging for everyone.  The work is getting tough and we also have a lot more responsibility in the school.  We have a rota for perfecting and our jobs are all different, some of us have to look after the younger children who have hurt themselves we are wellbeing prefects.  Others have to monitor the lunch hall and help children if they are unsure about what they have to do.  This is mostly the new P1 children as this can sometimes be a hard part for them but they are all doing great!

We are all so proud of Zain for climbing Conic Hill and raising £145 for the Betty Cunningham trust. We are all so happy for Zain and for his effort.  He chose to do this himself and he has really inspired us all to do more for charity.

Recently it was Usman’s birthday so happy birthday and we hope you had a wonderful one!

This week the whole school had an art competition which the school values had to be in. It was a wet play and P7 leaders helped the younger pupils compete this task.

We are continuing to learn all about the United Nations Global Goals and are sharing this message across the school.  We will lead the house spirit afternoon in a few weeks and teach our peers all about it.


14.9.18 P7a

This week has been Maths Week. We have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We were using a calculator to convert fractions, decimals and percentages and eventually we created a superhero! We also worked in groups to solve problems and created posters to show our working (a lot of us used pizzas to help!). We had 3 teacher superheroes this week who were on the lookout for the Maths Menace. Misba worked out that Mrs McKim was the Maths Menace.

We wrote a nature poem using metaphors and similes. It was nice to think about nature and it related to our learning about John Muir.

In Science we were learning about the solutions to plastic pollution and we have started to create information posters/booklets/slides on our Google classroom all about it. Did you know there are more micro-plastics in the Ocean than stars in the Milky Way?!?! Also, did you know that the weight of plastics in the Ocean is greater than nine Empire State Buildings!!!

In Art, we have been focusing on shading, tone, line and texture. This week we were given half a face and we had to draw the other half. We really enjoyed creating our half and half portraits.

This week we learned a bit about 9/11. It was a very sad day and it has had a big impact on the world.

Friday 7th September P7b Class Blog






Friday 7th September P7b  Class Blog

We have had a brilliant start to Primary 7 with our fabulous teacher Mrs Watson. Firstly we want to say happy birthday to Saffi and Azaan. Dylan and Lily welcome there new dogs into their family. Dylan got a beagle and lily got a poodle.

We would like to congratulate our new House Captains, Vice-Captain and Senior Prefects.

Stevenson: Ella and Oscar

Livingston: Molly and Fatimah

Fleming: Millie and Adam

Slessor: Zamin and Abi

Senior Prefects are Carys, Matthew, Ross and Sophie and the whole of Primary 7 are prefecting if they volunteered for it!

In Social Studies we are doing Global Goals and we started trying to raise money for the Betty   Cunningham trust and have great idea’s. We have been thinking about how fortunate we are with our clothes and homes. We sent a letter to through the website on how we want to help.  The trust is about a charity supporting kids in Malawi who need help in a village called Kaponda. Our full class wants share this charity so you can help to. For John Muir we are trying to get our explorer award and we are going to Loch Lomond for a trip which relates to John Muir. Later on this year we are going to learn about Ancient Egypt and Greek Gods, we decided to study this as a class.  Mrs Watson asked what historical times and events we were interested in.  We will also cover some parts of WW2 which we are looking forward to. We are also learning about Climate Change and Global Warming. We tried to find ways we can stop global warming. This is very important and a lot of the jobs needing done are up to us.  We will work hard to solve problems, think and create.

In writing this week we wrote a letter to persuade the government for a plastic bottle deposit. We want this to happen to reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away and harming our planet. Hopefully they will listen to us and do something to help reduce plastic waste.  Our class reader is now “7 Professors Of The Far North”. We recommend you read it. It is an enjoyable novel and is full of adventures. We have been focussing on our punctuation and also trying to think more deeply about hidden meanings in texts.

In maths we have all been revising place value as we found this tricky especially when working with decimals. We also need to work on angle work especially using protractors.  This is something we all agree on. We are also looking at the 8 compass points!

In RME we are exploring the world 6 religions which are: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. We were learning why people follow a religion.

by Abhay and Julia

7.9.18 P7a

Euler has been revising different types of angles, how to measure them and are starting to more accurate when using a protractor to draw specific angles.

Newton were learning about money, we were counting different amounts and trying to work out the change we would get if we bought different items.

At lunch Caitlin found a very rare ladybug. It was black with two red spots. We decided to call it Crescent and put it back where we found it. We were very excited and included it in our John Muir logbooks.

We were very excited to learn who our House and Vice Captains were.

In PE we continued to learn different skills for possession games. We were having to use our bodies to block people so that we could keep the ball. We enjoyed playing short games of football.

We are really enjoying Underground to Canada and it’s making us think about slavery and how bad it was. We hope the characters managed to get to Canada.

This week we wrote persuasive letters to the government about the UK having plastic bottle deposits. It was really good fun, we are enjoying learning about how we can help protect our planet.

In Science we did an experiment ‘The Yeast Race’. We were investigating the rate of growth of micro-organisms. We used three bottles, water, balloons, yeast and sugar. We put a different amount of sugar in each bottle and it was amazing to watch the balloons inflate. The bottle that had three teaspoons of sugar had the biggest balloon as it produced the most carbon dioxide.

We started to use out Google Classroom at home as part of our homework. We are starting to get the hang of it and will hopefully be able to use it lots throughout the year.

P7a 31.8.18

In Turing we have been doing some revision of division. We are starting to remember it and are working on our carrying figures.

Euler have been learning about decimals and percentages with Mrs Fry.

Pythagoras have been looking at the properties of circles. We learned that the middle point is called the centre point, there diameter is double the radius and the perimeter of a circle is called the circumference. We have been using compass to accurately draw circles.

In Science we are conducting an experiment to see how hygiene can affect the rate of decay. We are doing the mouldy bread experiment!

P6 had their assembly this morning all about Growth Mindset. It was great!

We had our house captain presentations and we will complete this on Monday. It was a bit scary but we all did a fantastic job!

We finished our class charter ‘Loot Llama’, it’s looking great on our wall.

We wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Pina to persuade her to let her class to do the John Muir Award too. We had to include persuasive language/techniques, a formal tone and reasons why it is a great award.

In Social Studies we have been focussing on the Global Goal about pollution and we have been researching solutions to plastic pollution.

In French we have been writing a paragraph about ourselves and we drew a portrait of half of our face.

We found out that our senior prefects are Sophie and Ross.

We also started our class bank! We are learning how to save!

We started using our Google classroom, it’s awesome!