P7a 15.2.19

In maths, Euler and Pythagoras have been focusing on finding percentages of numbers and have been doing activities. It can be quite tricky so we have been getting lots of practice.  Turing and Newton have completed their work on time, and have now moved on to data handling.  We have looked at different types of graphs and the scales that they go up in.

In PE we have just started gymnastics. We focused on our balancing skills and we got into partners or groups of three and made up a sequence.  Our sequences had to have six different steps in them, and they all had to start and end with a balance.

In social studies we have been looking at Greek mythology. We completed our comic strips about our chosen Greek myth.

In art we created Valentine’s Day paintings using 3 different paints and using them to create more shades.

Today we received fobs for beat the street. We got given a fob and map of where all of the lampposts are. At the end the school with the most points with be rewarded with a £300 gift card of their choice.

In writing we wrote our names on a bit of paper and cut round it to make a character. We used similes, metaphors and adjectives to create a piece of descriptive writing.

In science we have been looking at buoyancy and density. We did an experiment using two chocolates (Mars bar and Milky Way) and we put them into water to see which one would float and which one would sink. The Milky Way floated and the Mars bar sunk.

In literacy, we continued with skimming and scanning.  We used our skimming and scanning skills to quickly read a text and find words within it to complete a timed reading challenge.

In ICT, we have been working on internet safety, and we have completed different stages of the Google Interland.  This week we were focusing on Tower of Treasure.  We looked at ways to make a secure password, and why this is important.


In Spanish we were learning numbers to twenty. We played bingo, it was great fun!

We had our assembly today it was all about WWII. It was really fun and we were excited to share our learning with our parents and the rest of the school. We worked very hard to memorise our lines.

We began researching information for our Lord Provost debate. It is about whether children should have social media or not. 7.6 million children under 13 have a Facebook account and 5 million of them are under 10! We were very surprised with some of the statistics we have found out so far.

We created posters in RME about what our core beliefs would be if we had our own religion. It was very interesting. We tried to make the posters as engaging as possible by thinking about the colour and size. We also had to make sure our posters make sense.

In PE we were learning about tennis. We started to play matches with each other. It was fun!


Pythagoras have been learning about negative numbers. We have learned how to add and subtract negative numbers.

Euler have been about squared numbers and triangular numbers and are also using algebra to describe sequences.

We finished Think Me Back and we really enjoyed it. We created posters in our reciprocal reading groups about the characters, plot and what happened in the book.

We have been learning about Air Raid Precautions (ARP) during the WWII. It had been very interesting. We were looking at different types of shelters and have created an information leaflet all about them.

In art we used our tone, line and sketching skills to create amazing snow globes!

We started our advent calendar, we love watching it each day!

In RME we were learning about Hanukah, why it’s important and how it is celebrated.

In Science we planted cress seeds and we are comparing the rate of growth to see if fertilisers make a difference.

We watched P1s dress rehearsal for their nativity this week and it was lovely to see their singing and dancing.

At assembly we got to listen to the Community Unity Choir singing their songs, it was very impressive.


In Science we have been learning about fertilisers. We learned that you can have organic and inorganic fertilisers, some are chemical and some are manure. We designed an experienced to test the effect of fertilisers on the rate of growth of plants. We are ready to start our experiment on Monday.

Pythagoras have been designing their own theme park using ratios and scale drawings. It’s been really fun being able to apply our knowledge and skills.

In Literacy we have almost finished reading Think Me Back. It was a really enjoyable book. We liked the mix of history and supernatural elements to the book.

In Technology, we were looking at a Dyson fan and the design process. It was very interesting hearing from James Dyson and watching the processes that design engineers go through to create a final product. We were surprised to learn that James Dyson had 5,126 failed attempts at making a hoover without a bag.

P4b did a wonderful assembly today all about the Knights of Templar. It was very interesting to learn the history of our local area.

We have made ceramic Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas Fayre, they look beautiful!

In RME we have been learning about marriages across religions.


Yesterday we went on a trip to Loch Lomond. We did an OPAL earthworm survey and we were trying to find how many worms were in the soil. We also looks at the acidity of the soil and the different types of worms. It was good, muddy fun! We did some conservation work and did a big litter pick around Loch Lomond, it was really good and we couldn’t believe how much rubbish we found. We used bin bags made from cornstarch so they were biodegradable! We also identified different leaves using a leave identification dial. It was very interesting seeing all of the different leaves in the area. This trip was great and will go towards our John Muir Explorer Award.

Pythagoras have started to look at scale drawings. We have been looking at ratios and how to work out scales. We even started to draw our own scale drawings.

In Art we created a Blitz skyline. They are very effective, we had to use shading and smudged different chalk colours to create a fierce looking sky. It was very messy and fun!

We took part in a Christmas card competition for Whitecraigs care home and we got a lovely certificate from them. We are looking forward to hearing who won!

It was a dress as you please day today and we all enjoyed being comfy in our own clothes.


This week we have been enjoying technology, we disassembled and reassembled a DC39 hoover. We did this in groups of 8. It was much fun but the first group took a very long time! This was because it was a completely new model and so the screws were very tight.

In maths Pythagoras were learning new strategies in mental maths they were also rounding and writing very big numbers in words.

We also have done the bleep test in P.E.  This tested our endurance and fitness it was very challenging, We have to run from side to side on the beep once you miss the beep or are too tired to continue you stop running and walk off to the side. There are 21 levels and there are  fourteen times you have to run from side to side in each level.

During writing we wrote a report on Guy Fawkes to celebrate the failed Gunpowder Plot. We had to research information and put it in the report using our own words.

We have also done an infographic on the Poppy appeal and different jobs during the war we had to look through information highlight key words and write it in our infographics.

We have also done a bit more of our art work it is very hard as it is in colour and it has to be realistic. We had to make it symmetrical so that it looks like all the one drawing.  


We started to work on our engineering box. We disassembled the tangle free turbine head by following instructions. We had to pry apart sections and use different screwdrivers to take the whole turbine head apart. At the end we had to reassemble to all by ourselves. It was great and gave us a great experience of what engineers do. We were very interested to learn how the turbine head actually worked.

Euler have been looking at converting measurements and using their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to help them. It’s tricky but we are starting to get the hang of it. We have been doing lots of Halloween activities in maths, we were plotting co-ordinates and trying to solve a spooky mystery! It was great fun!

In Social Studies we were discussing who was involved in WWII. We researched the countries and leaders that were involved and looked at who the axis and allies were. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany and they were the axis.

On Wednesday we did our last Joe Wicks School Workout and it was fun! We have been gaining more stamina throughout the weeks as we are getting better at the HITS.

In writing we finished writing our horror stories. We were upleveling them and worked with our peers to peer assess pieces of writing.

Today Mrs Lamont showed us something new on our Google Classroom. It was really interesting and fun! We used this for our literacy work with Think Me Back and we got to work in pairs.

We had a class picture taken this week 🙂

Class Blog P7b 26th October 2018 By Julia and Abhay

Primary 7 are all tired from the October holidays but, are still working really hard! We hope you enjoyed the October holidays. Also a Happy Birthday Darren!!!

In Social Studies we have started a new topic which is World War 2 and we are all excited to start it.  We all wanted to learn about it, Mrs Watson asked what we wanted to learn about and loads of people said the World War.  We also said things like Egypt and Romans so we have that on our wall to plan for.  We have watched videos, seen power points and we have made a timeline on how World War 2 begin and what Hitler did during that time which we will be showing the class. We worked in groups which is really fun and try hard to only chat about our learning.

In P.E we are trying hard to get fitter and improve our fitness and beep test score.  We are following Joe Wicks who is really cool.  We turn out the lights in the hall and put on the disco lights. Mrs Watson picks cool songs and we all work out. It is exhausting but we do stretches and play a game called Rock, Paper, Scissors which we all enjoy playing! We also played capture the flag which we enjoyed so much!

In Health we have started Mindfulness which is peaceful and makes us feel calm. It helps us focus and only think about the things we can control of in the moment and makes us tired too.

This week in writing we made our own horror story which could even an adult sleeping with their teddy bear. We really enjoyed it because we could chose the storyline nevertheless we used the laptops.

Happily in literacy, David Williams have been reading a awesome book called Hitler’s Canary. Tom Gates and Jeff Kinney have also started a new book called Friend or Foe. Of course we did comprehension.

In maths the classy calculators have been learning the parts of the circles, which is circly good. The division destroyers have been continuing angles and learning more about time. Finally, the rocking rulercoasters have been practising decimals, multiplication and division.

Well done to Stevenson who won the house reward – they stuck to the school values and clearly have been trying really hard. Good job Stevenson kids.

We also had so much fun at the Strictly Dance Day with the STV appeal and danced the day away.

Primary 7 hope you have an extraordinary weekend and Happy Friday!!!! J

By Abhay and Julia


This week we have been doing our presentations on plastic pollution in the ocean. It was fun but at the same time nerve racking. Most of the plastic in the ocean is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is three times the size of France. We spoke about the sources of the problems and the solutions to try and clean up the ocean.

Last night the P7s in our cluster got to go on a tour of Eastwood High School. We got a tour round the sports centre and the different classrooms. It was really fun because we got to see lots of different departments and it got us all very excited about going to high school.

In maths this week Pythagoras have just finished Speed, Distance and Time it was good but a bit tricky when working out word problems. We are remembering the triangle!

In maths this week Euler have been working on percentages with Mrs Fry this ties in with our Decimals and fractions work, we are finding it very fun.

We started reading our new class reader called Think Me Back, it’s a historical fiction book all about WWII and ghosts. It’s a very good book so far. It is about a boy called Pete, he moved to Clydebank and lives next door to a house which was bombed. We are looking forward to finding out what happens.

We got the James Dyson engineering boxes and have been finding out about different engineers, their jobs and how they became an engineer. We are going to be disassembling a DC39 hoover and then trying to reassemble it. We can’t wait!!


In Science, we have been looking at bacteria, viruses and fungi. Viruses can come from microorganisms. A clean mouth has 10,000 to 100,000 particles of bacteria on each tooth. Viruses are tiny compared to bacteria, there is an equivalent of 1000 viruses to 1 bacteria. There are 16 times more bacteria on a phone screen than on a toilet.


In P.E. we have been continuing to develop our fitness skills by completing a Joe Wicks workout. This week we were working on our legs with sumo squats, lunges, high knees and mountain climbers. We also gave our upper body a workout with push ups.

We have been using our ICT skills to create PowerPoints on the Great Pacific garbage patch. This is an artificial island made of plastic and is three times the size of France. The Ocean clear up team are trying to clear this garbage patch and ensure it is plastic free by 2050. It is estimated that this area carries 80000 tonnes of plastic!


In Literacy the Comics and Magazines have finally finished Underground to Canada. This text was a range of emotions it was sad throughout the book but thankfully a happy ending. We would recommend this book for P7/ S1 children who enjoy learning about historical events.