Class Blog P6b Friday 29th September

We had a fantastic September weekend, but were all extremely excited to get back to school.

We had the responsibility of prefect duty today as the Primary 7s were away on a trip.

In science we made a parachute and attached a ball to it to see if it worked. We timed how long each parachute took to reach the ground.

In maths the yellow have been finding fraction of numbers, the orange group have started area and perimeter (and have used the formula a=lxb) and the white group have been multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.

We wrote our own horrifyingly scary stories that will hopefully keep Mr. McMillan awake at night, trembling in fear…

In P.E with Mrs. McGreggor we were doing fitness and we timed ourselves running.


We started fitness in PE; we had to do timed runs to see if we can improve our fitness over the next few weeks.

In Art we started drawing our Victorian houses. We were looking at adding a lot of detail into our drawings to make them look realistic.  It’s been fun and they should look good once we have finished.

We found out that our Eco Committee member is going to be Abi and the Sports Council are Mahek, Adam and Amara. They are all delighted!

Euler has started to learn about decimals. We have been learning about tenths and hundredths, it was a bit tricky to start with but we have been playing lots of games to get the hang of it.

Pythagoras have been learning more about place value.

Mrs Slorach worked with Turing and Newton on problem solving skills.

On Wednesday we were prefecting as the P7s were away on a trip. We enjoyed it the responsibility and working with others in the school.

In language we were reading a First News article all about the recent hurricanes, it was very interesting. We are learning to add detail to our answers from the text.

Today in assembly we got to sit on the benches as the P7s were on a trip. It was great fun and we can’t wait until next year when we can sit on the benches all of the time!

We filmed the Eco Advert this week and are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get through to the final stages of the competition. We know all about recycling and reusing.

P6b Class Blog Thursday 21st September

We went on a trip to Dams to Darnley on Monday. We went pond dipping.  Some of the things we found were; water scorpions, a fresh water eel, baby newts, boat/ back swimmers, beetles, water spider and a leech.  We also went on a mini-beast hunt in the woods and some of the things we found were; a harvestman, newts, earwig, a baby toad and lots of slugs!

On Tuesday we went to Summerlee. We went down a coal mine (not a real one though!) to see what it was like to work in one.  It was scary, dark, cold, cramped, narrow and deep.  We went inside a Victorian cottage to find out what living conditions were like during the Victorian times.  We went to a Victorian workshop which was led by the staff at Summerlee.  We wrote with ink and a quill, we dressed up as Victorians, we played with old Victorian toys, we learnt about school life and the belt!

A judo instructor came to the school and held a workshop for Primary 6. We had to wrestle each other to the ground!

In Science we have been learning about forces. We tested parachutes and made our own.


On Monday we went to Dams to Darnley, we went pond dipping and played minibeast bingo. We found lots of water scorpions and boatmen in the pond, it was really fun trying to identify them and show everyone what we found.

On Tuesday we went to Summerlee for our Victorian topic. We got to go down into the coal mine, it was a bit scary because there was music playing in the background, it was dark and there were manikins! We also saw the village and houses through the different decades. The workshop was great fun! We played with Victorian toys and we were writing with ink. Some of us dressed up and we got to look at different items from the Victorian era.

Our class just won the Eco Advert so we are going to create our video and put it forward for the competition. We are hoping it will be chosen and shown during the X-Factor one Saturday night!

This week in PE we had our last time of doing football before we move onto a different sport. We played a warm up game called dodge tig which was great fun! We got to play football matches and some people got to referee.

We have taken part in the road safety poster competition and come up with great slogans to keep everyone safe. We also had our vote for our Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) and Ella and Mark will represent our class.

Euler is about to learn lots about decimals and link this into their learning about fractions.

Pythagoras is continuing to investigate place value up to a million. We are writing numbers in words and digits.

Turing have been learning about function machines and it is fun!

In writing this week we wrote terrifying scary stories! We used a wide range of vocabulary and imagery to create suspense in our stories. We read some of our stories out to the class because we enjoyed writing them so much.



It’s been maths week! We have had a mysterious teacher going round causing chaos all week! The culprit was Mrs Watson!!!

We have also been trying to estimate the height of all of the staff in the school, it was tricky!

We have been doing a mission to Mars. We have had different missions we have had to survive so that we could get mars bars for Mrs Lamont.

We also went to a magic maths show this week and it was great fun! He managed to guess our birthday without us telling him.

We also had a house challenge about a youth hostel. The winning house won 100 house points. We had to work out where everyone could sleep. Fleming won!

In writing we were writing a story entitled ‘The Day Time Stood Still’. It was good fun and our stories were very good. It was tricky to find ideas to get us started but we managed to use great vocabulary and punctuation.

We started making our Eco advert to describe the difference between recycling and reusing. It was hard to think of a good idea for an advert but our first run through went well. We gave each team feedback so that we can choose one team to move into the final next week.


Class Blog P6b Friday 15th September 2017

3, 2, 1, Blast off…

Primary 6 were blasting off to the planet of maths! We have been working on getting to Mars to bring back some mars bars for hungry teachers.  We have had to solve different puzzles (missions).

We worked in our house groups to solve a puzzle. Each year group had a different puzzle to solve. Overall the winning house was Flemming.

In science we were learning about forces. We had a rocket and we had to launch it to see if it went faster going up the way or down the way.  It went faster up the way because of the force of the air pushing it up.

In Big Writing we wrote an imaginative story called ‘The Day Time Stood Still’. We also did more Moving Images this week where we made predictions based on a story called ‘The Present’.

We have been learning about the life of Victorian children and the types of jobs that they would have to do. Thank goodness we all get to go to school!

P6b Class Blog Friday 8th September 2017

We have been learning more about Queen Victoria. Some of the facts we have learnt are; She was born on the 24th May 1819, she died in 1901, she had 9 children (4 boys and 5 girls), her father(Edward Duke of Kent) died in 1820, she had 37 grandchildren, she married her cousin Albert, she wore black every day after her husband died.

In maths the white group have been continuing their work on decimals. They are going to start multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

The orange group have been learning about 3D shapes.  Finding out about faces, vertices and edges.

The yellow group have been simplifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions. They are going to move on to finding fractions of amounts.

In R.M.E we have been learning about the five pillars of Islam.

There was also an Eid party today at lunchtime.

In P.E the class have been developing their basketball skills with Mr. McMillan and football with Mrs. McGreggor.


This week we started Science and we were learning about Gravity. We found out that Isaac Newton discovered gravity because an apple fell on his head. Gravity is a force that pulls everything down onto Earth and it is measured in Newtons. We carried out an experiment to see if there was a link between mass and weight. Mass is the amount of stuff inside an object.

We got into our Eco groups because we a making an advert about the difference between recycling and reusing. We are taking part in a competition and if we win we’ll get £300 for the school and our advert will be shown one Saturday night during X-Factor.

In Euler we were doing a check up on shape. We were finding out the missing angle in triangles and quadrilateral shapes. It was good.

Pythagoras has started to learn about numbers to a million. We have been writing and saying longer numbers and looking at place value.

In writing, we were writing an imaginative letter to Harriet about why we got expelled from school. We enjoyed thinking of interesting stories.

We had an Eid party on Friday at lunchtime. There was a piñata and different art activities. It was really fun and we enjoyed it.

James and Scott have unfortunately broken some bones and Kai has hurt his wrist! We have been looking after this week and helping them with our learning activities.


We started a new Op Art activity this week; it looks like a tunnel that doesn’t end.

We had our first week of homework and we had maths, spelling, reading and we got to choose some Victorian activities.

Euler has been learning about quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes) for example a rhombus and square. They all have four corners and always add up to 360 degrees.

Pythagoras was doing an area and perimeter check-up it was fun but tricky!

The Up house for our charter is coming together and we can almost add it to our wall display.

We had a minute silence for Barry (our class pet) who sadly passed away last Friday. Some of us wrote poems and said a few nice words about his very short life.

We have been reading more of Holes and it’s really good. Stanley has been digging holes at Camp Green Lake because he stole shoes that were being sold for charity. We have also started to create a leaflet to persuade people to go to Camp Green Lake.

In topic we were creating a Victorian timeline and were looking at lots of interesting books to find facts for our timelines.

P6b Class Blog Friday 1st September 2017

We have been creating a pop art picture in the style of Andy Warhole. To do this we had to trace an image onto tracing paper.  Then flip the tracing paper over and copy the image onto another sheet of paper 4 times before colouring it in.

In maths the white group have finished off their work on time durations and have started learning about decimal fractions.

The orange group have been learning about co-ordinates and were making up their own puzzles this week.

The yellow group have been learning about fractions. What fractions are, identifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions.

In P.E the class have been doing football with Mrs McGreggor. We will be developing our passing skills, ball control and shooting skills next week.

In language we have been developing our understanding and use of VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation). We have been developing these through different games and activities and using these skills in our imaginative writing.  This week we were continuing a story called ‘Howl’.

In ICT we have been researching the Victorians.