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Spring Chickens in the Pine Room 🐥

Monday was Holi, Hindu Festival of Colour which celebrates the arrival of spring.

CBeebies Holi

Instead of throwing paint Boyle thought tissue paper wouldn’t be as messy.

This confident individual, enjoyed making a Holi Spring Tree.

Working on our stretching skills.

We made some lovely Easter Sun-catchers in Art, sitting in our lift pants and practicing our sitting skills.

Bounce Patrol Easter Bunny Bop 🐰

Using sticky plastic and coloured tissue paper.


This successful learner worked on his gripping skills, using clothes pegs and pom-poms to paint.

Easter Art for this confident individual.

Great sitting – Well Done!!!

MOVE, Stretching, relaxing and laughing!!!

WOW!!! 1, 2 Easter Egg Sun Catchers!!

Outside in the sunshine, chalk shadows and looking for spring flowers.

I am the Music Man – this Fly Swatter has so many uses!!!

This confident individual was trying to unzip his jacket after being outside in the garden – well done!!!

Making Sun-catchers – holding the tissue paper ready to drop it! The sticky plastic is stuck to my jumper!!

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit!!!

Ready for some Art, practicing our standing skills too!

1,2,3,4 Easter Egg sun-catchers.

Happy Easter Pinettes – see you all soon

The Pine Ladies


I am Spring Chicken🐥