We are Superheroes

Today we have had a great day raising awareness of the MOVE programme.  We are all Superheroes this year and we enjoyed a fun filled Friday with Superhero games and lots of dancing!

Captain America Power Shield, ready steady throw! Many different techniques were put the test,the most successful one was walk over and place the shield in the tray, completed by this young man below!  

Kryptonite Dispenser, lots of team work was needed to succeed in this mission and we are happy to say everyone managed to complete their mission.

Superhero Speed Game- It was a race against the clock to match all the colours, it all got very competitive!

Superhero Powers were put into action to find who was hiding the Villain.  Everyone managed to find the person who was hiding the Joker.


Using our hands we had to feel around the basket and guess what was hiding inside whilst being blind folded.

A great day had by all!

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