Digidabble week

Hello snowdrops , in school this week we would have been doing lots of fun activities using different types of technology. This isn’t so easy to do at home but we will as always try to ‘Be the best we can be’.

So I have tried to come up with a couple of activities you can do as home ,but you will need to ask a grown up to help as you will need a camera , camera phone or iPad .
Activity 1 

When  you are out for your daily exercise try looking to see if you can find Some or all of the scavenger hunt list I have made . ( take photos 📷)

A blue car 🚙

A tree 🌳

A postbox 📮

A flower 🌷

A bin 🗑 ♻

A animal ( 🐶  , 🐈  , 🐴  , 🦢 🦋  etc )

A sign 🚸

something round ⭕

something square ◼

something in your garden

something that makes you happy 😃

Activity 2 

look around your house and see if you can find items with the same initial letter of your name ..( take a photo 📷 ) if that’s too easy then try doing it for everyone in your house .

Mine would be the letter ‘M’ – money

Activity 3 

Have some fun on the CBeebies app and watch some Peter rabbit or play some Peter rabbit games .


Good luck everyone and can’t wait to see any pictures you manage to take 👍🏻




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