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Gosh Pine Class it feels like so long since we have seen you all – we miss you all terribly!!! We are hoping that you and your families are well and getting into a routine at home.

I am going to let you know what we have all been up to.  And then put on some ideas –  things that you and your families could do at home – now this is not compulsory!!! Our main wish is that you are all safe and happy – but we realise that some families may want a weekly focus, or some different ideas, but also that some families may have an established a routine and that they are happy with that – do the bits you want or don’t do any at all!! Add some comments to the blog or photos (hoping that is something we can do – but if it doesn’t work Mr Campbell is the Superman of IT he will sort it out for us!!) , and that way we can all stay connected.

Well….Boyle has been busy studying her cookery book, so Mr Boyle is very happy indeed!! So we may need to get her to post some of her recipes – Boyle your are up for the Cookery slot when we return to school!!

Aitken has been keeping fit by dancing – so you know what we are going to be doing when we get back – Pine Class do Strictly!!!

Jardine and Alan have been on the Tic Tok!! – so we want to see the videos!!!!

Wilson has been getting crafty –  knitting, crocheting and sewing- and with the help of wee Sadie making some useful bits and pieces.

Now yesterday I went for a walk with Carter, he is my Labrador and  nearly 15 so we don’t walk very far – did you spot him in the Willowbank Video?? Anyway he had a bath on Saturday and he is a very hairy Labrador – and as we were walking some of his hair was coming out and a wee bird appeared  – which did not observe the social distancing rules as it was very close and it took a beak full of his hair then came back for more – what a cosy nest that will be!!  I wished I had had my phone to take a photo! What I think its nest might look like.

Image result for birds using dog hair to make a nest

Carter on Saturday morning – Hairstyle by Andrew!!

So I decided that this weeks focus should be BIRDS!!!

Listening to the birds, especially in the morning, while the sun is shinning and if you can get outside and enjoy the calm and listen to them chirp.  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has loads of information on there website. https://www.rspb.org.uk/about-the-rspb/get-in-touch/contact-us/

Feed the birds, make a bird feeder – now this does not have to be complicated, look on Pinterest or Google – there are loads of simple ideas out there using bits and pieces from our recycling – cans, jars, plastic bottles – lets be creative responsible citizens.

There is a section on the RSPB website telling you what you can and cannot feed birds.

See the source image       Image result for make a bird feeder can#   Orange Bird Feeder

CBeebies had some great ideas too!


Make a Bird, again you don’t need lots of crafty materials –  get creative and use some recycling materials – and perhaps make your bird like a rainbow and put it in the window for others to enjoy – Reece the Ladies wants to see your Arty creation – your sister will help I am sure!!

12 COLORFUL BIRD CRAFTS  Newspaper Art! Introduce kids to mixed media & recycling by creating fun bird art from newspapers, party streamers, buttons & paint.  Upcycled Owls / Make these fun owls using recycled materials / Fun crafts for kids / Cardboard crafts

Film choices …..Well it has to be “Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag”

See the source image

The Old or New, you may have it on DVD or can watch it from another provider, or You Tube has lots of clips.

  • Lots of Songs to make you smile – I love ‘Step in Time’ – have a feeling Jessica will too!! Wondering which one Shannon will like the best???
  • Make your family say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” over and over again – think this will make Adam laugh!
  • Count the Penguins and the Chimney Sweeps – Jacob will like this!!
  • Learn the Makaton Sign for Penguin – come on Melanie!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTDNNh5QNMc

Dancing – the Birdie Song – lets have a boogie!!!  – special request from Reece!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-60Pl4xdng

And now for some cookery. 

This is a popular Australian recipe we have made it in class, we like the crunch of the cornflakes when mixing  – I have sent a video with all the ingredients and steps – and the birds can have some cornflakes too! Before they are coated in honey and sugar.

Image result for Honey Joys


Update on Heather, she started her new Nursing  job last Tuesday in Aberdeen and moves to a new flat tomorrow and she will send a photo when her and Willow the Bear are all settled.

Well have a great week little Pinettes!!!

Send us some Comments …and some photos!!!

Love the Pine Ladies xxxxx

See the source image

P.S. If any of this disappears it will be because Wilson hasn’t observed copyright and is now in Jail!!! Don’t worry the rest of the Pine Ladies will bake her a cake with a file in it!!!

6 thoughts on “Feed the Birds…”

  1. Hi Reece was delighted to hear from the pine ladies today 💕 we went our walk to see the highland cows and are patiently waiting for the calf to arrive 🐂 Reece is missing all her class friends very much and talks lots about them 🥰

    1. We are all missing Reece and the rest of our wee Pinettes so much!!
      Glad you are enjoying your walks Reece – you need to remind me of the Highland Cows names, when the calf arrives we need to see photos – that will be so exciting!!!!
      I am doing my school work just now – but finding it harder without you keeping me on task Reece!!!
      Take Care – hope you have been dancing along to the Birdie Song!!!

  2. Hi Everyone! It’s Mrs Boyle! I have really enjoyed reading our Blog today. I am missing you all especially the fun, laughter and smiles that we always have in the Pine Class. I miss the hard work too of course (just in case Mrs Smallwood thinks we forget about that ha ha). Looking forward to hearing what you have all been doing. Stay safe and keep smiling. X

  3. Missing All the Pine Class 🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖 Jessica has been keeping busy by learning her piano 🎹She is Amazing!!!!!!! And will do a big performance for everyone when we’re altogether again 💜We have been painting the garden , baking Banana Bread , And lots & lots of big wet raspberries 😝😝😝xxx

    1. Oh how we miss Miss Jessica’s smiles and her wet raspberries!!!🥰We are looking forward to hearing her on her piano – we might have to start a Band when we get back.
      Take care – enjoy your Banana Bread – bet it is yummy!!!!

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