Tac-Pac, Numeracy, Jungle Animals, Clowns, Penguins and Bread!!!


We all enjoyed a lovely session of Tac-Pac  – Adam was so relaxed he fell asleep.

Shannon loves the fanning – this really made her giggle.

Shannon and Jacob in SQA Textiles practicing some different techniques of applying colour.

Another wonderful visit from the Clown Doctors. Melanie was a very confident girl copying their actions.

Adam enjoyed the interaction.

Oh they broke the blinds …..don’t tell Joan!!!

But Jessica though it was really funny!

Shannon had a lovely time, she laughed and interaction was lovely.

We were all successful learners and worked on our SQA Numeracy Unit – adding whole number with the help of the large bricks – Reece confidently helped everyone.

For our SQA Unit Communication – Recognising a Character we read the book ‘The Animal Boogie’ – we all selected our favourite characters, then learned their signs and their noises and a little bit about them.

Jessica made the bird dance.

This week in cookery  we made  a mess… no Bread!!!

We had some hot out the oven for  snack, then took some home – yum!

Adam and Melanie enjoyed sensory play and watching Inside Out.

We were a responsible class and took all of our recycling – carefully sorting it into the right compartment.

Hello Mrs Hunter!!!

We enjoyed making choices and then painted paper plates – we are going to make character faces.

Getting our sensory tile started.

Reece and Adam enjoyed watching the hail.

For  LGBT we are reading ‘And Tango makes 3’ we also listened to it on the internet.

Waiting for the egg to hatch!!!




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