Parent Council

We have a very active Parent Council who meet regularly to discuss various aspects of education and school life.  The Parent Council very much support the work of the school.  The office bearers this session are:

Chair Person:   Laura Reid

Vice Chair:        Leanne To

Secretary:         Pauline Donnelly

Treasurer:        Jacqueline Jones

There are also a number of other parents who are members of the Parent Council, who support the work of the Parent Council and School.

The Parent Council can also co -opt committee members onto our Parent Council, for example, members of the Community Council or Newmilns Regeneration Group.

The leaflet available via the link below gives more information about Parent Councils and of course if you wan to find out more about our Parent Council please contact the chair, Mrs Laura Reid, one of the other members or by contacting Mrs McCracken.


All Parents/carers are warmly welcomed to meetings, please feel free to raise issues or comments with the above office bearers. They will try hard to represent the best interests  of you and your child.  

The leaflet below tells you more about our Parent Council

Parent Council Flyer

Information on the AGM will be issued through the app.