Primary 4

Ayrshire College Visit- Virtual Reality

P4 were extremely lucky to be paid a visit from Ayrshire College who brought along their virtual reality equipment. They got the chance to experience a variety of virtual reality technologies to explore their topic of the Human Body. At the end there was even time for a ride on a virtual roller coaster which resulted in lots of screams and laughter. Thank you very much to Ayrshire College for providing this opportunity for us.




Outdoor Art

After being inspired by Keith Haring P4 went outside to create some giant chalk movement pictures. They created these my posing on the ground while their partner drew round them. They then moved and repeated the position, layering the chalk in different colours. I’m sure you will agree they are very effective. Well done P4!



Dumfries House Trip

P4 had a great visit to Dumfries house where they took part in two activities, Simple Circuits and a Farm visit. We were lucky and the sun shone all day, we even managed to have our lunch outside and a play at the water park.

Open Afternoon

P4 are looking forward to having their parents visit on Thursday 20th June so they can share what they have been learning about the Human Body. Letters have been issued for this event previously.

Blood, Bones & Body Bits

To find out about the Human Digestion System P4 carried out an investigation today to see what they could learn. It was very messy but lots of fun. We used everyday household items to see the journey our food makes when we eat. There was some very interesting facial expressions throughout!

The Human Body

After learning about Non-Fiction texts P4 worked really well in pairs and trios to to create their own non-fiction texts on their topic Blood, Bones and Body Bits. We have also been using the human anatomy dolls to investigate where in our body the different organs are. It was really difficult to get them all back in the correct place!


The Big Clean Up

Well done to all involved in the Big Clean Up. It was a very successful day and we couldn’t believe the great support we received from our partners and the local community. A great amount of rubbish was cleared up and the children were able to put up our poo bag dispensers and posters. Well done the to the ECC and P4 for a great job done!


Wildlife and Habitats Homework Task

P4 have now been issued with their last piece of homework for this term. As we have been learning all about Wildlife & Habitats as well as looking after the environment our challenge is to create a habitat for an animal of our choice. As an extra challenge we have to try and include some recycled material eg cereal box or plastic bottle.

Below I have uploaded a copy of the task and a copy of the planning sheet. The planning sheet should be returned with the finished model by Thursday 28th March.

If anyone needs any ideas, search for shoebox habitats online and lots of examples are available to see.

Wildlife and Habitats Homework Planning Sheet

wildlife and habitats homework 2


Wildlife and Habitats – Week 5

This was our final session of outdoor learning this week. Today it was based indoors as we had the fantastic opportunity to build some bat boxes. Primary 4 worked brilliantly well together and enjoyed showing off their joinery skills!  With the help of the Dean Parks Rangers these will be placed in the woods behind the school that we use for outdoor learning. A big thank you to the Dean Park Rangers especially Kate who has provided this great opportunity for us. We have all really enjoyed it and it has encouraged us to take forward an initiative to help keep our woods clean!

If any of the children are interested in learning more about this topic look out for information at the Dean Park and East Ayrshire Guide about the workshops they run over the school holidays.

Wildlife and Habitats- Week 4

This week we had the fantastic opportunity to do a bit of “pond dipping” in the fresh water that runs through the woods. We found lots of little creatures like mayfly nymphs, caddisflies and fresh water shrimps. Kate explained that because we found a huge amount of animals from the bottom of the food web that meant we would probably find lots of bigger animals near the top of the chain who like to eat these smaller animals.

Numeracy and Maths

As well as multiplication we have been working on rounding within class. We had great fun with the masking tape creating a giant number line to help us round.

Wildlife and Habitats- week 3

This week we were learning about food chains/webs and the features of animals that allow them to survive in their particular habitat. The boys and girls had to sort clues about each of the animals and match them to the correct animal and habitat. Mrs Young learned that camels have long eyelashes to help keep the sand out of their eyes.

We also planted broad beans to carry out our own plant experiment. Hopefully we will have updates soon!




We have been working hard to try and our learn our times tables in class. The boys and girls have been given a multiplication sheet home to help them try to learn them at home too. We’ve had lots of fun working through different activities in class, including, songs, table flowers, making fortune tellers, pairs and games on the iPads.

The boys and girls have certainly enjoyed playing the multiplication games on the iPads.

Here is the link the game:


Wildlife and Habitats- week 2

Today was our second session out the woods and luckily today it stayed dry and was a lot warmer than last time. Today we took the iPads out with us to capture lots of pictures of our adventures.

Before we even got out the school grounds we discovered some interesting wildlife. Kate, the Deans park Ranger was also telling us about the mole hills and how we can work out if its a male or female mole making them.


As we found some insects before we even left the school grounds Kate taught us a song to remember the different parts of an insect.


Life Cycles

Our main focus today was on life cycles. We had fun hunting round the woods looking for the clues that explained the life cycle of a bat. We then worked in teams to solve the life cycles of butterflies, ladybugs and frogs.

To finish off as we had been learning about the life cycle of a bat we got to play a game about bats. The person playing the ‘bat’ had to use their ‘sonar’ skills to find the ‘moth’.



Wildlife and Habitats

We had our first Dean Park Ranger visit yesterday and despite a little bit of rain it was very successful! We found lots of interesting things in the woodlands including ear fungus and lichen. We learned how different types of animals rely on these to survive and how they can use them for food or for building shelter. At the end we even got to play some games!


Dean Park Ranger

As part of our topic Wildlife and Habitats the Dean Park Ranger will be joining us over the next 5 weeks for some outdoor learning in the woods behind the school. Letters have been issued about this. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather as we will only cancel in the cases of extreme weather. Mrs Young has her wellies at the ready!




Miss Robertson has been taking forward some French during her visits on a Tuesday. The boys and girls have really been getting involved and have even been singing in French! Their accents sounds wonderful! Well done P4!


Greater than/Less than/Equals

Today we used the shape of crocodiles mouths to help us show which  numbers were greater than and which numbers when smaller than. We worked round lots of activities to help us with this with one group working with Mrs Young to complete a written task.



Numeracy & Maths

Primary 4 have been doing lots of practical work within Numeracy and Maths. We have been learning how to place numbers on a number line, we linked this to multiplying by ten.

We have also been learning how to sort different information using pictographs, bar graphs and carroll diagrams. We learned that carroll diagrams are named after the famous author Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland. He was also a very good mathematician.


Primary 4 Poetry Homework

As part of whole school poetry celebrations Primary 4 will be learning the poem ‘ The Sair Finger’ by Walter Wingate. If would be greatly appreciated if you could help you child learn this poem at home. We will continue to practise in class too.


Key to some of the tricky words

Skelf- splinter

sair- sore

Row’d- wrapped

haud- hold

greet nae mair- cry no more

burns 2019 homework

The Sair Finger


Elf Antics

Our cheeky little elf has been up to no good! He had the run of the school while we all enjoyed the Panto.


P4 made fantastic WANTED posters as part of their homework. I have uploaded a selection for you to see. Well done Primary 4- I think you have really enjoyed having an elf in your class!

elf homework

elf homework



Elf Homework Task

Pupils have been issued with an Elf homework task this week. The ones that have been returned already are looking super! Please remember they are due Friday 14th December. Paper was provided but pupils are welcome to use their own if they wish or complete using ICT.

elf homework


Peer Massage in Schools

Thanks to all who attended the Peer Massage in Schools parents session today. It was very well attended and I hope you all agree that it was very relaxing. Although our block of work with Jackie on this is now finished we will continue with Peer Massage as part of our daily class routine.

Please find below the pictures of each stroke along with the instructions if you wish to continue this at home with your child.

pics of strokes update with notes


Football- Kilmarnock Football Club

We have been enjoying learning some new football skills from our coach Jordon from Kilmarnock Football club. He has been joining us for our Friday PE session and its been superb so far!

Here is a selection of action shots!


P4 have been rehearsing for the Christmas Nativity. If your child has words home to learn we would really appreciate if you could help them with this and also if they could bring their copy of the words to school every day to help with school rehearsals.

P4 Christmas Enterprise

P4 will be selling Reindeer Noses and Poop as part of their  Enterprise project for the Christmas Fayre. Letters have been sent home about this and we will be collecting orders leading up to the Christmas Fayre on the 30th November.

Numeracy & Maths

Lots of super work has been going on in class about Number and Shape. P4 are really enjoying Mrs Millar coming in on a Friday and look forward to the fun maths activities she brings along.

Roman Vases

It took us a long time to get them as strong as we wanted but I think you will agree the finished piece looks fab!


P4 Wildlife Homework

wildlife homework


iPad Fun

P4 had good fun working in pairs using the iPads today. They were given the challenge of researching about one of the Roman Gods. They were then challenged to make an electronic Poster using Pages- Mrs Young modelled how to add text boxes today and everyone had a go at adding their information. Next time we will learn how to add pictures to our poster.


Find the information

Making notes on their planning piece of paper

Roman Chariots Homework

A big well done to all the girls and boys in Primary 4. Mrs Young was so impressed by all their wonderful Roman Chariots! Clearly a lot of work has gone into these so it was only fair that they were shared with all of you too! In class everyone got the chance to talk about their model and the design. All children will also receive written feedback  soon on their models.

Harvest Performance

P4 have a small part in this year’s Harvest Service on Thursday 11th October.  Everyone has been given their piece of the script home to learn and we have started rehearsing in class. It would be very much appreciated if people at home could help, where possible, to learn these words to help with the performance.

Some children have been given the part of a mouse to play- if possible could these children bring in a black/grey t-shirt and black/grey trousers or leggings (school trousers are fine) by Tuesday 9th October.   A letter will also come home with these children . They will be provided with ears and a tail.

Roman Homework Reminder

P4 pupils are now over a week into their homework task to create a Roman Chariot. These are to be handed in by Monday 1st October. I have attached a copy of the homework task below.

Roman homework task

A Roman in the classroom!

P4 were surprised to  find a Roman Soldier in their classroom this morning. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Kathryn, History Alive in Schools, to share lots of information with us about our topic. Kathryn arrived dressed in a full soldiers uniform, with lots of artefacts and props for the children to explore. She also brought along some fabulous costumes for the children to try. See if you spot any familiar Romans or Celts in these photographs.

Rotten Romans!  


Mrs McCracken and Primary 4 have been busy this week!  Today we made bread and had a Roman feast!

Making the bread! 

                      First we added yeast to warm water     and stirred!

Next we added wholemeal, rye and white flour to a bowl.

Then we added the yeast to the flour and mixed it together

We then added salty water and mixed some more!

Then Mrs McCracken kneaded the dough, before we covered it with a damp dish towel to let it rise.  Lastly we gave it to Mrs Law in the kitchen to cook for 25 minutes!

Our bread!

Next came the Roman feast of homemade bread, cheese and grapes!  We all enjoyed it – some people even said it was the best thing they had ever eaten! 

Today we also worked together to make K’Nex models – team work is important – it is important that we can work well together!

This group are obviously thinking about Christmas already!  They made Santa’s house and a jump for his sleigh!  They even included CCTV to deter anyone looking to break into Santa’s House.

This is a space rocket!  

And another spaceship …  with a little help from two P7s!

And back to Roman Creations …  We have been making paper mache pots – here we are putting on some of the many layers required!  Let’s hope they dry and you can see your finished pots soon!