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Over the past few years we have introduced Active Literacy across the school.  This has allowed us to have a progressive programme across the school.  It was supported by the authority Attainmenment Challenge team.

The links below will give you more information about the programme and how to support it at home.

Please remember although the stages of Active Literacy broadly align with stages of the school, all children learn at different rates and so may move through the programme quicker or slower than peers at the same stage in the school.

Active Literacy P1-3

Active Literacy P4-7

We are currently investigating how we can safely encourage home link activities in the infant department between school and home under the current COVI-19  restraints.  We must ensure that we keep everyone safe!  This may mean that you have not yet received certain “home” activities.

Any home link activities in P4-7 will move to being MS TEAMS.  In addition to helping further develop literacy skills key technology skills will also be developed.  These skills being important not only for any need for a blended learning model in the future but also as key skills for learning, life and work in the future.