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A Special Post for Maths Week Scotland   …

All around us we see, hear and feel structures & rhythms.

We use our senses to find shapes & patterns to help us to understand our world – A world full of Art & Mathematics…

For thousands of years Artists have used Mathematics in their work-

Elements of shape, pattern, form and more…


                                         …   PAUL KLEE   …

The Artist, Paul Klee, used geometric shapes of different sizes & colours to create many of his abstract and expressive paintings.

Paul Klee was interested in the shapes & patterns that he saw around him and he loved colour too!

He looked closely at buildings and he tried to paint his ideas about how what he saw made him feel.

We created our own work inspired by Paul Klee.


See if you can find all of the shapes in our ‘CityScapes’

Happy Maths Week!  🙂 🙂 🙂

27th September- 3rd October 2021

Remember Maths & Art are great ALL YEAR ROUND! 🙂

   Look out for…

more about the Artist Paul Klee.




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