The Dick Institute… ART & so much more…

The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock


A great place to visit again and again.

The Dick Institute opened to the people of Kilmarnock 120 years ago.

To celebrate this much loved place we made some drawings.

P3 painted a background using blue, green and purple to suggest the leafy setting.

They drew the building in graphite pencil and highlighted finer detail in coloured pencil.

I think he is impressed! 🙂


X X X :) Scotland can Boogie… XO

This week at Saint Andrew’s we have been celebrating Scotland.

We have made our own Saltire Flags with a variety of media…

We used a  range of types and shades of blue papers, crepe-paper & crayon, chalk. pastel, pencil, pen-blues, greens & purples- and white paint.


Primary 1




Primary 3

We enjoyed listening to…

GBX Feat Baccara- Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (2021 Remix) 🙂




Park Art


Hello from Miss McCluskey.

A wee bit of news & to direct you to the ‘Park Life’ Update…

Hooray! 🙂  🙂  🙂

The winners of the ‘Piersland Park Art Competition’ have been announced…

Please make your way to the ‘Park Life’ post ( May 2021) to read more and  view the winning entries.

See you there! 🙂

La Danse Macabre… ‘Pushing Up the Daisies…’


Hello from Miss McCluskey.

This time a wee mention for Dance Art

P4 have actually been dancing ON the daisies…

They have been taking part in ‘Dance Fest’ – This year it is a Virtual Festival.

The boys and girls rehearsed and performed oudoors.

Instead of the Grand hall- this year the filming took place in a variety of places and for Saint Andrew’s it was on our grassy area.

On a very windy and atmospheric Friday they danced to an excerpt from La Dansa Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.

They were full of energy and really up for it!.

Mrs Taylor ( Class Teacher and Dance Choreographer) said…

The Children have been amazing – being inspired by the music and coming up with some free form dance moves of their own.

P4 also designed some flyers for their performance…



Lucky me!

I got to see this great performance LIVE

It gave me goosebumps!!!

Look out for Dance Fest…

Coming soon!


Outdoor Drawing Challenge :) &More…

Hello from Miss McCluskey 🙂

A Wee Challenge…

Let’s go outside and be creative.


I am going to do the…

Creative Minds Outdoor Drawing Challenge

(See ~  Creative Minds ~  Post)

I will also try out some of the other activities on the Creativity/Kindness Cards.

1. Design/Make a Map of a favourite walk.

2.  Make a card for someone – include a drawing or a poem/song?

3. Put on a favourite song and DANCE!!!!!!!

A very busy bee…


I will let you know how I get on  … ???   🙂

   Adding one more…

4. Design&Create a Wee Arty Journal/Scrapbook.

   Let’s see…

What WE can come up with…???

Have fun!   🙂

~ Creative Minds ~


Hello from Miss Mccluskey,

Be creative !

Experiment & explore through Art&Design  …

The Creative Minds Team was set up                                                          to support Creatives- Artists & Makers

and encourage creativity-

in our schools and in our community.

That’s you and me and everyone we know!

The Creative Minds Blog has lots of ideas for activities in Art, Dance, Drama & Music.

*Parents/Carers will need to help younger children navigate the Creative Minds Blog and choose activities.


The power of creativity and being able to be creative –         promoting a mental state of calm, joy, learning and challenge

Helen Duncan

Cultural Coordinator Creative Minds Team


                                 ART ACTIVITIES

             ………… Creativity Cards …………


Creative MindsTeam have produced Creativity Cards

These can be used at home-

The thinking behind the Activity Cards is that it is an easy way to inspire creativity with limited resources and without too much direction.

Everyone can explore their own creativity and express themselves.

They can also provide some focus when it is difficult to concentrate on other things – a mindful activity.

Creative Minds Team 

Creativity Cards available for-

Early Years



Master Class



Link to Creative Minds Team- Art & Design

There are also links to other creative activities-

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES- Inky ART School …                                        with Johanna Basford Ten Starter Lessons (FREE FOREVER)


( Some of the Creative Activities that CM Team have listed  specify that you need an Instagram Account or go to a YouTube Video- so Parents/Carers would need to check them out for accessibility, suitability etc)


Take a look around some Art Galleries & Museums around the world.

London, New York, Paris…   & More

Tate Britain, London

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

La Musee du Louvre, Paris

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

*** Art Galleries & Museums in Scotland ***

I have provided links in previous posts to some of our wonderful cultural places-

Here are a few favourites …

Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond…

The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

Roselle House, Alloway

National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh – Scottish National Gallery, Modern One, Modern Two, Scottish Potrait Gallery


Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow



Creative MindsTeam also have a selection of  ‘Kindfulness’ Cards-      These are a variety of Mindfulness Activities – linked to Breathing, Meditation, Moving and Worry Busters.



* East Ayrshire Council, Creative Minds Team

Parents/Carers can follow on twitter @EacCreative

   I always look out for…

EacCreative retweeting

Creativity in the Community

Womens’ Art & One World Street Art


   Outdoor Drawing challenge

Coming Up!