La Danse Macabre… ‘Pushing Up the Daisies…’


Hello from Miss McCluskey.

This time a wee mention for Dance Art

P4 have actually been dancing ON the daisies…

They have been taking part in ‘Dance Fest’ – This year it is a Virtual Festival.

The boys and girls rehearsed and performed oudoors.

Instead of the Grand hall- this year the filming took place in a variety of places and for Saint Andrew’s it was on our grassy area.

On a very windy and atmospheric Friday they danced to an excerpt from La Dansa Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.

They were full of energy and really up for it!.

Mrs Taylor ( Class Teacher and Dance Choreographer) said…

The Children have been amazing – being inspired by the music and coming up with some free form dance moves of their own.

P4 also designed some flyers for their performance…



Lucky me!

I got to see this great performance LIVE

It gave me goosebumps!!!

Look out for Dance Fest…

Coming soon!


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