Attention Birdwatchers!

The Big Garden Birdwatch is here…

Time to count the birds and enjoy time with nature.

(I think this is a great thing to do ALL YEAR ROUND!!!)


What will you see?


For lots more information and Birdwatch Activities-

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RSPB also have a lot of At Home Activities.

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Now for some Bird Art to inspire…

This Art Work was made by pupils at Saint Andrew’s Primary during Book Week Scotland November 2020.

P1&P2 made Pen and Pencil Drawings of Puffins after enjoying the story of Harris the Hero by Lynne Rickards and Gabby Grant.

Well done little Artists on those colourful beaks and delicate cliff top flowers.

P5 painted the details of the tiny Wren after looking at the work of illustrator and designer Zoe Ingram.

Notice the upright tail and the speckled feathers as she perches on the thorn.


P6 painted the Goldfinch-usually a very colourful bird in monochrome.

The Goldfinch was very popular in Victorian Times as a caged songbird.

These Goldfinches have perched on Teasels as they love to peck at the tiny seeds.


P6&P6/7 captured birds beginning to flock together at Roosting Time-

“Birds o’ a feather flock the gither”

They worked with both large and small brushes using a dry technique.

P7 inspired by a well known illustrator Quentin Black made line drawings in black ink and mixed their own colours for a colour wash.


Last but not least – The Gardeners’ Friend- Robin Redbreast.

P4  mixed their own colours to paint this wee feathery songbird sitting on the Hawthorn.

He is sitting among the berries and singing his heart out.

Robin Rid Breist

by JK Annand

(You can find this poem & many more on the site below)

I think the Robin might just be my favourite… or is it the little wren or maybe the Starling???

I will be taking part in The Big Birdwatch at the weekend- maybe I’ll decide then…


…and if you feel inspired have some drawing materials with you and see if you can capture the movement of the birds that you spot in your garden or park.


It’s Been Snowing!

Hello from the Art Room…

I am looking out the window at a lovely snowy scene in the playground. The window is all iced up making the silhouettes of the bare trees all the more magical.

I wonder if the snow will still be there at the weekend and I could build a snowman?

Oh that reminds me…

…These rather splendid Snowmen were made by P3 just before Christmas.

How did they make them? I hear you ask.

Have a go…

…or make a picture/model of a snowman in another way.

  1. Use a big Brush to paint white balls of snow for the snowman. (two or three)
  2. Use the end of the brush to print some falling snow.
  3. While waiting for the paint to dry use felt pens and pencils to draw and colour a block of ‘tartan’.
  4. Cut out a round shape for a tartan bunnet & strips for a scarf.
  5. Cut out black bits of paper for eyes, mouth & buttons. ( or colour a white bit black)
  6. Cut out a wee thin bit of orange paper for a carrot nose. (or colour a white bit orange)
  7. Stick on the eyes, mouth, nose and buttons.
  8. Stick on the scarf to make him look cosy.
  9. Stick on the bunnet at a jaunty angle. (Add a wee bit of fluffy wool if you have got any)
  10. EXTRA if you have any small bits of bark or wood stick them on for arms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You can find the Poems ‘Snaw’ and ‘The Snawman’ by JK Annand (and dicover lots of others) at the Scottish Poetry Library

Hello Art Lovers!

Welcome to Art&More…

Art&More… is a place to share Visual Art- and more!!!

So a wee poem to start us off.


Yes to all living, learning,
Loving creating.



Hello from Miss McCluskey.

This is where I will try to post things about Art and Artists and other Arty Stuff.

I will also post more things that I hope you will find interesting and enjoy too.

There will be things to see and do!

It might be an image, a photo, an article, a poem or something else…?

I will post websites that you might like to just browse and some that have activities in which you can get involved.

A website that I like to visit often is at the National Galleries in Edinburgh- So much to see!

Explore the amazing Landscape Painter JMW Turner in  ‘Turner in January’