Hello Art Lovers!

Welcome to Art&More…

Art&More… is a place to share Visual Art- and more!!!

So a wee poem to start us off.


Yes to all living, learning,
Loving creating.



Hello from Miss McCluskey.

This is where I will try to post things about Art and Artists and other Arty Stuff.

I will also post more things that I hope you will find interesting and enjoy too.

There will be things to see and do!

It might be an image, a photo, an article, a poem or something else…?

I will post websites that you might like to just browse and some that have activities in which you can get involved.

A website that I like to visit often is at the National Galleries in Edinburgh- So much to see!

Explore the amazing Landscape Painter JMW Turner inĀ  ‘Turner in January’


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