Joan Eardley – Glasgow Weans, Chuckie Stanes – By the Sea, Wild and Free

   …..JOAN EARDLEY …..

We celebrate the centenary                                                                              of the birth of this Great Artist.

Born 18th of May 1921

Died 16th of August 1963


Joan Eardley was friendly with the Samson Family when she lived in Townhead, Glasgow

They were very curious and enjoyed watching the work of an artist.

She took photographs and made drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces.



Children and Chalked Wall


Joan Eardley joined a small, established Artists’ Community in Catterline.

She would mostly create SeaScapes, working outdoors in all weathers.





Joan Eardley


( Snow in Summer)

   Look out for …

Pastel Drawings and Paintings that celebrate…

Joan Eardley.


Park Life


is 100 years old!

How time flies…. 🙂

To celebrate this very special birthday Saint Andrew’s Primary have been invited to take part in an Art Competition.

We made pictures of the Piersland Park.

Entries had to be A4 in size.

Entrants could use any medium.

We used paint and pencil.

We mixed lighter shades for the background.

We used pencils for drawing the outlines.


A selection of Artwork –

Mainly from children who live in and around the Piersland Area of Kilmarnock.





All packaged up…

… and ready to go!


Good luck everyone!


Vibrant Communities Staff popped into Saint Andrew’s today to announce the winners and give out prizes….

They said that it was a really hard job to choose the winners as all the Artwork was so good.

They said that they particularly liked the use of colour and all the little details.

There were winners in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place at each stage P1-P4.

Primary 1 Winners

Primary 2 Winners

Primary 3 Winners

Primary 4 Winners

Well done to everyone who took part.

Happy 100th Birthday Piersland! 🙂 XO

Look out for other events/ happenings coming soon…

Tea in the Park for residents of the area and perhaps a Children’s Art Exhibition.

John Byrne at 80

   John Byrne at 80 Exhibition of Prints

Scottish Artist, Author and Playwright ( and much more…)              John Byrne celebrated his 80th Birthday last year.

He was born on the 6th of January 1940.

The Glasgow Print Studio is now having a Retrospective Exhibition- looking at work that he has made there for over 30 years.

Where?   Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103, Glasgow

When?   Now ( 27th April) – until 1st June 2021

How?   Visit in person or look online

Why?   See hand coloured screenprints created at this studio over the years.




We enjoyed Donald & Benoit

by John Patrick Byrne

( He goes by John Patrick Byrne when he writes)

He wrote this book for Honor & Xavier-

two of his children-who are twins.




We loved the part set in the Jazz Cafe- particularly the illustrations of the Dancing Devil Dogs.

We made Dancing Devil Dogs of our own.

We drew, coloured and cut them.

We gave them names!

I agree with John Byrne when he says…

“The KEY to your imagination is in your own hands-                                  it’s called a PENCIL!”

   Keep drawing!

   Look out for…

National Drawing Competition JOHN BYRNE

& The John Byrne Award