John Byrne at 80

   John Byrne at 80 Exhibition of Prints

Scottish Artist, Author and Playwright ( and much more…)              John Byrne celebrated his 80th Birthday last year.

He was born on the 6th of January 1940.

The Glasgow Print Studio is now having a Retrospective Exhibition- looking at work that he has made there for over 30 years.

Where?   Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103, Glasgow

When?   Now ( 27th April) – until 1st June 2021

How?   Visit in person or look online

Why?   See hand coloured screenprints created at this studio over the years.




We enjoyed Donald & Benoit

by John Patrick Byrne

( He goes by John Patrick Byrne when he writes)

He wrote this book for Honor & Xavier-

two of his children-who are twins.




We loved the part set in the Jazz Cafe- particularly the illustrations of the Dancing Devil Dogs.

We made Dancing Devil Dogs of our own.

We drew, coloured and cut them.

We gave them names!

I agree with John Byrne when he says…

“The KEY to your imagination is in your own hands-                                  it’s called a PENCIL!”

   Keep drawing!

   Look out for…

National Drawing Competition JOHN BYRNE

& The John Byrne Award






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