Scottish Family Homework

Wow! We had a great response to our annual Scottish Family homework this year. The models and posters never fail to amaze us with how creative our families are. All the posters and models have been displayed in the hall where the children have enjoyed looking at them. Mrs McCaig, a former teacher, chose her favourite poster and model per class.
The winners are:
P1 – Poster – Jack Greenhill                   P1 – Model – Leah Harvey
P1/2 – Poster – Islay Baxter                   P1/2 – Model – Nancy Sloan
P2/3 – Poster – Emma Hoad                  P2/3 – Model – Erica Gibb
P3/4 – Poster – Brody Rice                      P3/4 – Model – Ava Stevenson
P4/5 – Poster – Eleanor Morrison       P4/5 – Model – Louie Palmer
P5 – Poster – Niamh Castle                    P5 – Model – Jack Murdoch
P6 – Poster – Abigail Young                   P6 – Model – Olivia Murdoch
P7 – Poster – Katelyne McCrorie       P7 – Model – David Vega

Well done to everyone who took part in our family homework.

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