Scots Poetry Winners

After weeks of practising, we have our Scots Poetry Winners per class. Former Sheuchan teacher, Mrs McCaig judged the finalists in each class and had the hard decision of picking this year’s winners. The standard was so high however the winners are as follows:
P1 – Reid McNally (Mince and Tatties by J.K. Annand)
P1/2 – Nancy Sloan (Twa Leggit Mice by J.K. Annand)
P2/3 – Sophie McCreadie (Circus by J.K. Annand)
P3/4 – Emma Lindsay (The Sair Finger by Walter Wingate)
P4/5 – Francis Lawton (The Heron by J.K. Annand)
P5 – Melissa Fraser (The Auld Broon Troot by Sandy Thomas Ross)
P6 – Millie Whorlow (A Dug, A Dug by Bill Keys)
P7 – Katie Monair (Address of the Haggis by Robert Burns)
Missing from the photo is Emma Lindsay.

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