P.3 & Planting Fruit Trees

Wow! What a very busy time we had this morning. In glorious sunshine we planted cooking apple trees, dessert apple trees, pear and plum trees. We had to be careful with the delicate roots and branches when planting them. In addition we had to make sure there was enough soil round the roots to help make the trees strong and healthy. Hopefully they will start bearing fruit in a few summers time.

Our old Eco committee, who helped with the proposal for the fruit trees,  helped with their own trees as well.

Thank you to Mrs Dampney and friends from Incredible Edible who helped us apply for the fruit trees and plant them this morning. The children had a great time learning about how to look after plants, digging in the soil, looking at mini beasts and planting a piece of history. Hopefully the children will remember the day they planted their fruit trees for years to come.