P5-7 Mega Maths Week Scotland!

We have had a MEGA Maths Week!

On Monday-

P7- we were learning about scale and we were building a Lego HOUSE and measured what scale it had we also made a bird with glue stick lids, calculators and rubber dinosaurs.

P6-they were doing measuring in millimetres so they measured small things like ;glue sticks, scissors and water bottles stuff like that.

P5-we were learning about width and height we went through with a metre stick in pairs of 2 and measured stuff like the door or computer cabinet then we had to get skipping ropes and made a snake in a certain way then we had to put blocks in it to decorate it.

On Tuesday-

Today we all went outside to do some negative numbers work. We used a skipping rope and our whiteboards to write our numbers then peg them in order. We worked as a group, estimated the positions of numbers on our number lines and set Mrs F a number sequence challenge to solve.

We also had some compass work to do which linked to our map work. We used the ipads and Google maps to find North.

On Wednesday –

It was Riddle Wednesday today – with a Maths twist!

Why not challenge your family to the tasks! There is a photo of them below in case you’re needing a reminder!

We also watched a STEM Ambassador video clip. Alex works for Scottish Water and explained what her job entailed and how it linked to the wonderful world of Maths!

Some number digit puzzles got us scratching our heads too! We needed to reset the numbers but could only move on place left, right, up or down at a time. It wasn’t easy!

And of course, we had the every popular, super competitive BIG MATHS to do too!

On Thursday-

Well this was a busy day as we were visiting a film-set at Dunskey (as you do!) but we did enjoy High 5 Thursday with a distinctly maths flavour and cracked on with some collaborative problem solving – two brains really are better then one!

On Friday –

It was a MUST to get outside and enjoy the Autumn sunshine again!This time we had a measure and STEM challenge. Firstly, we measured the height and arm span of each other and then had to draw a ‘mini-me’ to a measurement of 10% or to a set scale of our actual height. – we did this in the school hall. Then we then headed to the Wetlands and had a timed challenge to build a ‘mini den’ with three walls and a roof to cover our mini-me! Great fun!

Check out our photos of the great week we’ve had…


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