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12 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. – you will notice that neither Mrs Baillie or Mrs Bathgate were touching any of the animals!

  2. The visit from Zoolab looks like it was great fun and having the pictures on the Blog is a great way to communicate with parents so they can share the experience as well.

    Blog looks great!

  3. Thanks for that! We only started working on this site this morning so it was a nice surprise to have some feedback so quickly!

  4. I HATE HAVING TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING EARLY TO GO TO SCHOOL BUT WHEN I GET TO SCHOOL ITS OK AND I ARENT SLEEPY and they teach good work ! hope the school stays the same from now on 🙂

  5. i like the school the teachers are nice and a nice bright school and make the kids smart- hope my last year of school is the best out of them all and hope the school stays the same.

  6. Brilliant,colourful photos. Great day had by all – especialy the cream pie throwers!

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