P1-4 and Mega Maths Week Fun!

Shape fun

We had lots of fun exploring the properties of 2D shapes with Mrs Copeland and using these to create group pictures.


In pairs we used chalk to create a symmetrical pattern/picture by working across a line in the school hall.  We then searched outside for examples of symmetry in nature.  We collected symmetrical leaves, cut them in half and stuck the halves onto paper.  We then had to draw the other half of the leaf as accurately as possible along the line of symmetry.  This was tricky!



We were asked to draw a line on the ground as close to 1m as we could without measuring .  We used a metre stick to check how close we were           (Ruby, Mark, Brandon and Holly were closest! – see photo 5040).  We then drew a squiggly line as close to 1m as we could.  This proved tricky to measure using a metre stick.  We had to use our problem solving skills and decided to use string to track our squiggly line and then used the metre stick to measure the string.

Check out our happy wee faces loving Maths!

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