Fond Farewell to Primary 7

Yesterday, we said a socially distanced fond farewell to our Primary 7 pupils – Auryn, Erin, Finlay and Phoebe. It wasn’t quite the normal end of year ceremony we were expecting, but we couldn’t let them disappear from Leswalt Primary without one last hurrah!

The fab 4 popped into school each with a small family bubble to reminisce and celebrate their achievements over the past 7 years. Mrs Ferguson read out a beautiful tribute for each of the pupils and they were presented with a yearbook and personalised hoodie as a momentum of their primary school years.

We finished the afternoon off with the traditional photo story, showing a montage of cute and funny pictures from their time at Leswalt Primary. If you’d like to have a look for yourself, this is the link to view it here

Have a keek below at the photos of our special gathering. Best of luck to our P7s for the Academy – I know you’ll all go onto wonderful things in the future!

Team Drummond Raise Money for School!

Mark and Rachael have been very busy whilst school has been closed! Mrs McKnight had set her task a weekly maths topic based around money.  Team Drummond decided the very best way to learn lots about money was by using it in a real-life situation, so they decided to set up a little shop next to the road at their farm.  They started selling crisps and rolls to passers-by. I am sure their winning smiles drew would-be customers in! They then decided to make cakes and biscuits to add to their stock. Their very kind Grandpa offered to match the money they made – and they contacted Mrs McKnight last week to say they had a fantastic £300 to donate to the school!

What a lovely thing to do and such super teamwork! A huge thank you from Leswalt Primary staff and pupils.


End of March lockdown begun,

That meant schools were closed, so no more fun.

Nobody knows how long it will last,

But I hope and pray it goes fast.


First few mornings were spent with Joe Wicks,

Working out and learning new tricks.

Four days in, and I am super sore.

I think I would rather stay in bed and snore.


In the mornings I walk the dog, ready to start my morning slog.

Doing school work is not the same, without all the fun and games.

I miss my friends and I miss my class

How much longer is this going to last?


Outside painting and moving gravel,

Suns out, pools up, time for a paddle!

Easter comes with painted eggs,

Family quizzes to see who is best.


Making soups and baking scones, learning tiktoks to

different songs.

Family time and movie nights,

What to watch causes fights!


Thursday nights we stand out and clap,

Say hello to our neighbours and then that’s that.

Doing jigsaws and hopscotch with mum,

Waiting on our online shopping to come.



Across the road a lady from afar,

Looks after her sheep and lives in her car.

We fill her flasks every day,

To keep the baby lambs hunger at bay.


I really miss my teachers at school,

Hoping this time at home doesn’t make me a fool.

My parents at home are trying to teach,

Making goals that I can reach.


On my phone 24/7,

Chatting to my friends feels like heaven.

Let’s put an end to this awful covid-19,

Allowing me to meet up with family and friends I have not seen.

Hopefully, this virus will eventually clear –

making 2021 a better year!



By Chloe Kennedy, p6 Leswalt Primary


Lockdown life video

Our wee team have very been creative during lockdown and all came together to create our special video.  Everyone was given a special word to create a piece of word art at home.  No-one knew what it would say when it all came together.  Once put together we have a fabulous poem and message to all.

Have a watch and you will see our creative, happy children in the glorious setting of their homes .

We are so proud of each and every person for the part they play in our family of schools.

Click here to see us in action 🙂


Rainbows – with love from Leswalt Primary!

‘Get arty and create a rainbow of hope’  was the challenge set down to the pupils of Leswalt Primary by Mrs Copeland our Art Specialist. Well, neither she, or any of us, were quite prepared for the multitude of colourful rainbow designs which came flooding in. They certainly raise a smile to all who spot them in windows; at road-ends, pony jumps or even on a pony’s rear! Pens, paint techniques, chalk, fruit, vegetables, Hot Wheels cars, science experiments, salt dough, pony rosettes –  there really is no limit to the creativity of our pupils. Our tech-savvy pupils then emailed and uploaded their photos and pictures in to be added to our Rainbow blog to be enjoyed by all.

We absolutely love them! Most of all, we love the wee community spirit of Leswalt Primary.

Thank you! You have all made us very proud.

Fun with Friends on Fresh Air Friday!

Sun shining? Tick! Smiling, happy pupils? Tick! All the ingredients for fabulous fun outside for Fresh Air Friday!

We looked out the playground games and enjoyed one another’s company. From skipping games to dominoes, hula hoops to draughts, balance boards to Connect 4 – there were plenty of laughs to be had.

I hope these photos make you smile. Hopefully we’ll all be back together soon to plan some more fun times.

A Handy ‘How to…’ Guide to access GLOW

Here is a handy ‘how to’ guide on how to access your child’s Glow account at home.  This gives access to email and shared resources could be uploaded to Microsoft Teams here too. Your child’s Glow login will be in their homework diaries.  They have all been checked as working today.

Some pupils tried sending emails to one another today, after being reminded about responsible internet use. They seemed to really enjoy doing this!



S6 STEM Ambassadors share Science Fun!

This morning we welcomed S6 STEM Ambassadors Lily and Emma into our P4-7 classroom.

The young ladies delivered four fun Science activities.

The first activity was testing our peripheral vision.  The boys and girls attached string to a protractor to create an arc with which to rotate an object into our field of view.  We were using our rod cells to sense objects.  There are fewer rod cells at the periphery of our retina.  This is why we could not determine what the object was until it was more directly in front of us.

Then, the children used their sense of smell to determine whether they could smell as well as a shark.  The pupils had to sniff vials of varying strengths of water/perfume from zero, 20ppm, 200ppm and 100ppm.  They then ranked them in order of weakest to strongest.

Next up, the pupil had the very enjoyable activity of making slime like a slug by creating a mixture of cornflour and water .  The children explored the properties of this substance – what force needed to be applied and how this linked to the movement of slugs.

Finally, the pupils engaged in a brain challenge.  They read colour words written in a non-matching colour e.g. the word pink written in green pen.  The children had to try and say the colour word and not the colour it was written in.  This isn’t easy!  Most people find it easier to say the word rather than the colour as the word has a strong influence on the brain.  The class worked in two teams to see who could conquer this tricky task!

The STEM Ambassadors held a Q+A session at the end and took feedback from the pupils.

It was a great learning experience – thank you Lily and Emma!

Super Scientific School Day

As part of our British Science Week celebrations, the whole school headed out this morning into the glorious spring sunshine to the Aldouran Wetlands. The pupils worked in pairs to find, name and record various woodland mini beasts, aided by an identification key. We also had a peek at the bulbs we planted a few weeks ago to see if they had grown – and we were delighted to see some beautiful purple flowers blossoming!

In class, P4-7 pupils used our new iPads to explore different scientific stories currently in the news, and completed some experiments that they have been doing all week (including making eggs bounce!). P1-3 pupils started a very topical science experiment using bread to see how germs spread and whether hand-washing really is effective. They will continue to compare the bread over the next week to see how quickly the germs multiply.

In the afternoon, several parents joined us for some STEM activities. Pupils worked in mixed ability groups and rotated around a range of challenges and experiments on offer, including: creating soap bubble prints, invisible writing, rainbow paper towels, a challenge to build the tallest tower, designing a marble run, and coding.

Everyone had a super school day doing all things science!

World Book Day Winners

Our Library monitors, Noah and Ellie, ran a competition for World Book Day, where pupils had to design a new front cover for their favourite book. Today, they had the difficult task of judging the entries and selecting 2 winners – one from P1-3 and one from P4-7. Ela was chosen as the winner in P1-3 with her eye-catching design for ‘The Enchanted Forest,’ and Auryn was the winner in P4-7 with her colourful ‘Billionaire Boy’ entry. Both girls had a selection of books to choose from and took 1 home each as their prize. Well done to all the boys and girls who entered the competition – it was great to see so many pupils having a go and sharing their favourite books.

World Book Day Fun!

Leswalt Primary pupils enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today! The Great Big Book Swap Shop took place with everyone heading home with something new to read! Noah and Ellie, the library monitors, had created a Front Cover competition (this will be judged on Monday) and also took charge of the Swap Shop with a little help from the P7 pupils.

P1-3 enjoyed a book hunt in the library and watching author Chae Strathie as part of the Scottish Book trust author events. P4-7 were busy using the Book Creator app to design their own books linked to their RME topic of Sikhism and completing their own podcast stories using Soundtrap. They also enjoyed listening the prologue of an audio book through the World Book Day website and sketching freeze-frames of story scenes as they listened.

Pupils have all headed home armed with their pre-loved book (or perhaps quite a few pre-loved books!), a World Book Day sticker and a book token which can be exchanged for any £1 book in WHSmith or used to reduce the price of another book they like the look of!

A Fisherman’s Tail!

This afternoon we all travelled to Kirkcolm to enjoy a theatre production by a very talented foursome known as 4front Theatre!  The show had been written and produced by one of the members and retold the story of Jesus through the eyes of four disciples James, John, Andrew and Simon Peter. The production was full of music, dancing, acting and fun… and the audience loved it! From the fishermen on the shores of Lake Galilee to a non-stop run through the many parables; this was a fabulous RME lesson on Christianity for our pupils. This production was supported in our schools by The Scripture Union and Stranraer Baptist Church – who very kindly gave every child a pencil. Brochures outlining Scripture Union Camps for any interested P5-7 pupils are available too.

Do take a look at 4front Theatre’s website. You can check them out at


Happy Birthday Author’s Live!

As part of this week’s World Book Day celebrations, our whole school joined an Author’s Live Event this morning. This was the 10th birthday for the Author’s Live Events – bringing authors to our pupils. This Glasgow-hosted event featured Michael Rosen who shared lots of rhythms and rhymes with us and encouraged audience participation from everyone! His rhymes ranged from baby buggies to chocolate cake, Stone Age school to speaking Yiddish! We tried a tongue-twister too about a sticker and a ticket. It wasn’t an easy one to say! Michael had been part of the very first Author Live event back in 2010. He answered lots of questions and shared some very funny stories with us – he was hilarious! He had lots of suggestions and ideas for us to try; freeze-frame and hot-seating as well as illustrating particular scenes; creating a tableau of a scene. We will definitely be trying this out!

Tanya Roberts, who is a Scottish comic illustrator, was on-hand to sketch characters as Michael entertained us all.

The Author’s Live event introduced us to Cressida Cowell who is this year’s Waterstone’s Children’s Laureate as well as being the fabulous author of the How to Train Your Dragon series.

We have lots more World Book Day fun planned this week – keep an eye on our blog. Why not google BBC Author’s Live to catch up on previous events?


A VERY Special Singing Birthday Card!

Huge thank you to the boys and girls of P4-7 for helping to make my Grandad Fred’s 100th birthday super special today by entertaining him, and other residents, of Thorneycroft in Stranraer!

This meant a great deal to him – and to me! For his 99th last year, we phoned him to sing Happy Birthday but this year, to celebrate his centenary, we decided to take the bus in to pay him a visit.

We had done some research into the year 1920 in the morning; marvelling at the fashions and music, and finding out about new inventions of the time and the reign of King George V. Things have changed quite a bit in the last century!

The children sang Happy Birthday, gave him a card from them and then regaled the room with their Scots songs Caledonia and the fun Daphne Cochrane! In addition,  Alexander. Breagh, Gregor and Phoebe recited their Scots poems. All very much enjoyed by our audience.

Grandad Fred then showed us a very special card he had received in the post this morning; from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Happy 100th birthday Grandad Fred!


Leswalt Primary Podcasters – Session 2!

This morning we welcomed Mr Cameron back to support us in the development of our very own podcasts. Working in pairs or individually, we have used our fabulous imaginative writing skills to pen stories with the title ‘Enchanted Lands’. Doing this pulled together all of our VCOP techniques to make our stories sparkle, then peer evaluation helped us to edit our stories to make them even better!

Next stage was to record our stories onto the Soundtrap website, then use sound effects and music beats, rhythm and phrases to created the finished podcast piece. Everyone is loving using this technology!

Mr Cameron will be with us for one more session in a fortnight’s time.

Then our next stop will be Moat Brae in Dumfries where our podcasts will be available for all to listen to at the National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling! Check us out – podcasters of the future!

Fresh Air Friday!

This term, P4-7 have tried to make it their mission to go outside and enjoy Fresh Air Friday outdoor learning! They have managed this almost every week (Storm Ciara put a spanner in the works!) and they have enjoyed lots of activities. Traditional playground games, gardening, finding area and perimeter, circuits and story sessions to name just a few. Lots more fun is planned for the second half of the term with spring planting, making bird cakes, a trip to the shop to find out about money in the real-life situations, using a bus timetable and creating natural maths equations!

Entertaining the Thursday Club

Pupils headed up to the village hall on Thursday afternoon to entertain the members of the Thursday Club. They recited their Scots poems and sang some Scots songs – the audience loved Leswalt’s version of ‘Ye Cannae Shove yer Grannie off a Bus,’ there was great laughter at the ‘slevery kisses’ and ‘cheeky wee gin’ verses!! They also enjoyed Daphne Cochrane and joined in with some of the actions describing her ‘reekin’ oxters’ and ‘badly heed’!!!

The Eco committee went on to explain what we have done to gain our first green flag, and our plans for hopefully achieving our next one. Finally, P4-7 took to the stage to perform 2 songs on the tin whistle that they have been learning with Feis Ros.

The Thursday Club thoroughly enjoyed our entertainment and commended the pupils and the school on their work.

Podcasters of the Future!

Today we had the privilege of welcoming Mr Alan Cameron to work with us for an introductory session on podcasting.

The pupils of our North Rhins primaries have been given the fabulous opportunity of being invited to create their own ‘Enchanted Land’ story to produce as a podcast; with accompanying music and sound effects!

These podcasts will then be on show in Moat Brae Dumfries – a National Centre for Children’s Literature and Story-telling and the adventure garden enjoyed by J.M Barrie author of Peter Pan!

These will be shared at a very special launch this Summer – which we are hoping to attend!

Today was session 1 – with two more to follow. The pupils absorbed the information given and worked fabulously! We have started on our story-writing and are raring to go.

Watch this space…


Scots Showcase Assembly

Our celebration of all things Scots this week culminated with family and friends joining us for our Scots Showcase Assembly. The handwriting, artwork and recitation winners received their certificates, the winners recited their poems and both classes entertained with Scots songs; P1-3 had some great adaptations to ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus!’ and P4-7 sang Caledonia and ‘Daphne Cochrane’ – a great action song!

The winners were:

P1 – ‘Ode tae a spider’ – Recitation winners : 1. Colin McGregor; 2. Roman Haver; 3. Rachael Drummond:

Illustration winner – Ruby McMillan : Handwriting winner – Roman Haver

P2 – ‘Twa legged mice’ – Recitation winners : 1.Ela Chang; 2. Ewan Clark; 3. Ellie Bennewith :

Illustration winner –Ewan Clark : Handwriting winner – Ela Chang

P3 – ‘Sair finger’ – Recitation winners : 1.Hamish McGregor; 2.Cara Jamieson; 3.Carys McHallum:

Illustration winner –Mark Drummond : Handwriting winner – Faye Adams

P4 – ‘The Bogle’ – Recitation winners : 1. Alexander Clark; 2. Struan Scott; 3. Fraser Reid :

Illustration winner – Fraser Reid : Handwriting winner – Noah Gaw

P5 – ‘Wee Kirk moose’ – Recitation winners : 1. Breagh Kirkpatrick; 2. Aidan Adams; 3. Malcolm McGregor & Murray Williams:

Illustration winner – Murray Williams : Handwriting winner – Malcolm McGregor

P6 – ‘Wullie wastle’ – Recitation winners : 1.Gregor Reid; 2. Jack Cloy; 3. Joshua Obonyo:

Illustration winner –Luke McHallum : Handwriting winner – Chloe Kennedy

P7 – ‘Address to the haggis’ – Recitation winners : 1.Phoebe Gaw; 2.Auryn Kirkpatrick; 3. Erin Jamieson & Finlay Scott : Illustration winner – Finlay Scott : Handwriting winner – Erin Jamieson.

We’ve all had a richt guid time! And we hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

Leswalt Primary do Scottish Week – the history highlight!

We were delighted to welcome Kathryn from History Alive to join us for some fun at Leswalt Primary this morning!

The children are enjoying lots of activities for Scottish Week. This kicked off with their Scottish poetry recitation, handwriting and artwork judging on Friday, followed by a very successful Burns Lunch – complete with Mr Gaw piping and Mr McClure offering the Immortal Memory. This week has included art and design inspired by the Kelpies and the McCoo family, traditional music-making with Feis Rois and the tin whistle, writing in Scots, a whistle-stop tour of Scottish geography and, the highlight, today’s visit from Kathryn to fill us in on Scottish history from Mary Queen of Scots to the Jacobite Rebellion and everything in between! The grand finale will be our Scots Showcase Assembly this Friday – hope to see you there!

It’s been great fun and a tremendous way for the children to learn more about Scottish traditions, culture and history. Just take a look at our photos below…

A Braw Burns Lunch

What a busy day we’ve had with Scots handwriting, artwork and poetry judging in the morning and a delicious feast of haggis, neeps and tatties for lunch!

Mrs Gillian Murdoch had the unenviable task of selecting winners for every primary in the handwriting, artwork and recitation categories. A very tough call as all pupils were fantastic! The winners will be celebrated in next week’s showcase afternoon which is open to family and friends!

And then it was time for our Burns Lunch! Many thanks to Jodie and Carole in the kitchen, Mr Gaw for piping, Mr McClure for the Immortal Memory and the P7 pupils for their organisation and participation in Leswalt Primary’s Annual Burns Lunch.

We all had a richt guid time!

Rotary Lunch

Two of our Primary 7 pupils were selected to represent the school at the annual Rotary Lunch. Phoebe and Erin, accompanied by Mrs Gaw, headed to the North West Castle for a delicious lunch. They were entertained by speaker Mrs Isobel Milroy from RHET, who also held a group quiz for the pupils – the girls (along with Finlay from Portpatrick) competed against approximately 12 teams and won!! They returned to Leswalt triumphant after a great day out.

Music Fun with Feis Rois!

Every Thursday morning we are going to be enjoying some singing, movement, rhythm and tin whistle fun with Dickie and Wendy from Feis Rois. Today we learnt how to count in 4 beats in Gaelic, create rhythms using syllables and our bodies as percussion, enjoy an Irish action song called ‘ Rattlin Bog’, explore non-pitched percussion from all over the world as an accompaniment to Dickie playing and singing ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and finally starting our tin whistle playing with ‘Hot Cross Buns’ – phew! A very busy and productive morning!

We had a fabulous session – roll on next week!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all! 2020 started with great enthusiasm today for all the fun this year has to offer.

P4-7 raised their glasses of fizz (flavoured water!) to toast a welcome to one another and, after much soul-searching, decided upon their own New Year Resolutions. Hopefully they will find them easy to stick to!

Just look at these happy wee faces!


Let’s Paaarty!

Paaaarty Time!

Today we put on our party togs for Leswalt Primary Christmas Party!

To kick off proceedings we all tucked in to a delicious buffet, with party poppers popping, crackers cracking and festive tunes on to sing along to! Then the House Captains (Phoebe and Auryn) led the party with fun games and lots of dancing! From Pass the Parcel to Musical Statues, Christmas Corners to Strip the Willow, the Gay Gordons to Let’s Build a Snowman – it was a high-energy afternoon! There was lots of laughter and excitement; especially as we sang Jingle Bells to welcome a very special visitor. And this very jolly man in red brought fabulous gifts for each and every lucky pupil! What a brilliant Christmas party!

Leswalt Primary supports Purple4Polio with Rotary International

This morning, Leswalt Primary pupils donned their wellies  and headed over to Aldouran Wetlands to meet up with members of Stranraer Rotary Club.

The challenge: to plant 4000 purple crocus bulbs as part of the Purple4Polio campaign. Every year, Rotary Clubs across Great Britain and Ireland help to plant millions of purple crocuses to raise awareness for efforts to end polio. Leswalt Primary pupils were delighted to be able to lend a hand and are looking forward to seeing the results of their gardening efforts in the Spring when the bulbs flower!

Leswalt Primary presents… Lights, Camel, Action!

So you thought Strictly had finished for this year? Not so as the pupils of Leswalt Primary staged a fabulous Strictly-themed show entitled’ Lights, Camel, Action!’ for parents, friends and the wider community!

It had everything you might wish for; glamorous hosts, entertaining judges, fabulous voice-overs and a stellar cast! Oh and the dances; from ballet to line dance, funk to tango, Morris dancing to the disco-floor – the show was packed with fun, laughter, catchy songs and some very nifty movers, all whilst retelling the story of the Nativity. The village hall was packed with an extremely appreciative audience who enjoyed the show immensely!

Just take a look at the Leswalt super stars below…


Christmas Unwrapped

Owen from Scripture Union came into school on Monday afternoon to deliver a fun workshop called ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ to P4-7. The pupils explored the Christmas Story as it is detailed in the Bible, and challenged their assumptions. For example, did you know that the Bible does not state that there were 3 Kings/Wise men at the birth of Jesus?! Through assumptions/stories, we all think there were 3 of them, but this isn’t said.

Pupils participated in various activities, such as a Christmas quiz in the form of a corners games to help work out misconceptions that pupils have about the Christmas story; a video called ‘Christmas Unravelled’ which explains that it was definitely not a ‘Silent Night’ as the well-known songs says due to all the people and noisy animals (the boys and girls were in stitches at this!!!); and a craft activity where pupils were able to express what Christmas means to them. They also did a present experiment which led them to the conclusion that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – i.e. the biggest present isn’t always the best!

The pupils had a great afternoon learning about what Christmas means for Christians. Many thanks to Owen for spending the afternoon at Leswalt!


Head Sense not Nonsense! A Compass presentation comes to Leswalt.

This morning, Leanne from Compass (Brain Injury Specialists Ltd) visited both classes to lead the pupils in a presentation and discussion about the importance of wearing a helmet (on bikes, quads, dirt bikes etc) and the consequences linked to brain injuries.

The children discussed why sometimes people don’t wear helmets and Leanne reinforced the important job the helmet does in protecting our brain. She had a ‘jelly’ brain to pass around so that the children could envisage what was inside their skull! She also shared some fun brain facts: an adult brain weighs about a bag and a half of sugar, a jelly fish has NO brain and a brain cell is called a neuron! We actually have 100 billion neurons in our brain – if we started counting all the neurons in our brain it would take a staggering 3176 years! Our brains are like our very own super computer, and that’s what makes us really smart!

Leanne talked to the pupils through what each part of the brain does; and the pivotal role played by the frontal lobe in making us the individuals we are.

She highlighted the need to drink plenty of water, sleep well, eat healthily and get plenty of fresh air to help look after our brains. Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables are fantastic for helping to ‘feed’ our brain!

Compass visits schools to raise awareness of helmet safety and do, in fact, provide free helmets to those who need them. The short video which concluded the  P4-7 presentation told the story of a little boy who hadn’t worn his helmet and was left with an acquired brain injury which changed his life.

It’s not cool to be the fool: wear your helmet!


Budding Structural Engineers at Leswalt!

Many thanks to Lauryn Steel, Principal Technician: Structures with Dumfries and Galloway Council, for joining the P4-7 class this morning to lead a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and maths) session on bridge building. She told the pupils a little about the day-to-day aspects of her job and spoke to them about the different types of bridges that you might spot when out and about across the region.

After looking at some pictures of different bridge styles; the pupils were put into groups to work on a bridge challenge. They needed to work together as a team to discuss, design, build and test a brand new bridge!

This brand-new bridge needed to be able to hold a full water bottle! Three out of four teams managed to design a bridge to meet the design brief: one team even managed to put a number of items on their bridge! It was a super design.

Well done to all the boys and girls for their teamwork and engineering skills, to Ms Whorlow from Portpatrick to organising the visit and to Lauryn for leading this STEM event. Great fun!


More Book Week Scotland Celebrations

We celebrated the end of Book Week Scotland on Friday afternoon by working in small ‘Book Buddy’ groups for a bit of paired reading. P5-7 pupils had been practising their fluency and expression when reading aloud throughout the week in preparation for today, and were prepared with some reading prompts to try and engage the younger pupils in the story and encourage discussion about the book they chose to read.

P1-4 pupils were engrossed (with some even cuddling in to their older buddy!) while they listened to  some very entertaining stories (if you haven’t read “There’s a Bear on my Chair” – look it up!!).

Afterwards, we all watched the Author’s Live event on the Scottish Book Trust website, where we were entertained by James Robertson and Catriona Lexy Campbell who brought ‘The Gruffalo in Scots’ to life.

We had a fab afternoon (and week!) enjoying and sharing books, and developing our love of reading!

Book Week Scotland

To launch the start of book Week Scotland (which runs from 18th-24th November), P1-3 parents were invited into school this afternoon as part of the Bookbug (P1) / Read, Write, Count (P2-3) initiatives. Parents spent time exploring the contents of the bags and discussing ways in which the resources could be used to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy at home. We also had a look at the ‘Parent Club’ website which gives further examples of activities to do at home using the resources.

An excited bunch of P1-3 pupils then joined us and were gifted with their bags. Pupils were desperate to get into their bag and see what it contained! Having sat patiently, we then headed to the classroom where pupils explored the goodies they were given – some were reading books; others were playing games of rockets & meteors or top trumps; and some were using story cubes to create imaginative silly stories!

Later in the week to continue the Book Week Scotland celebrations, P4-7 pupils will be doing some paired reading with P1-3, as suggested by the Pupil Council. We are all looking forward to getting together to enjoy some stories and share in our love of reading!

Children in Need Fun!

Children in Need 2019

P1-3 were given the responsibility for this year’s fundraising efforts.  The main aim was to beat the previous total of £258 whilst at the same time, have lots of fun.  After much brainstorming, the children voted on their favourite fundraising activities and set to work.

The quiz proved to be an amazing success, raising a grand total of £375 alone!  Wowsers!!  The winning family, selling an astonishing £76 worth of quizzes, were the Clark Family!  The boy’s prize for being top sellers is the chance to take charge of the school for an afternoon and become Head Teacher and Depute Head – wish us luck!  The winner of the actual quiz itself was Mr Angus Brown! This lucky winner has won a Pudsey Wristband and a set of Pudsey Ears.

We also had a successful Bring and Buy Sale.  Not only did the parents get the chance to clear out old and unwanted toys before Christmas, the girls and boys got the chance to buy some new goodies!  All remaining items will now be donated to the Cancer Research shop in town.

The girls and boys also got to come into school for the day dressed in their pyjamas, and bring their favourite teddy and a pillow too.  In the afternoon we snuggled down and enjoyed cookies (kindly donated by the McGregor family) and hot chocolate.  We were also delighted to welcome Renita Boyle to school to entertain the team with a bedtime story.

Other daftness on the day included face painting (thank you P7 girls!) and a marshmallow competition for the teachers…who could fit the most in their mouth?? Some controversy there – was it Mrs McKnight? Or Mrs Baillie? In the end, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Baillie and Mrs McKnight all rook one for the team and skipped to the shop and back (a forfeit decided by the P1-3 class!), whilst the boys and girls stood at the school fence and cheered them on!

Amazing effort from all the girls and boys and on the day we raised an incredible £568 so far – with the final total yet to be announced! Wow!  Thank you to all the parents for supporting this too!  What a team we have at Leswalt Primary!




Today we welcomed Mr Kerr back into our class to lead our Spanish lesson. We have been working on counting to 20, days of the week, months of the year, colours and food.

Every morning in class, we get our whiteboards and have a shot at writing the date in French and Spanish – and we’re getting really good at this! We’ve noticed some similarities between the two languages too; all helpful when learning different languages.

Songs are really helpful when learning – we’ve found lots to help us learn new vocabulary! They’re fun to do too!

Out n’ About in the Village

Today we took our Maths lesson outside! We have been doing some work on finding percentages; 10% and 50% with everyone, with some people working on some even more complicated percentage work!

Mrs Ferguson had set up a quiz with 10 questions which involved using clues in the village; doing some mental calculations and working out the % required. We worked with our Talk Partners to do this; and we all started at a different question too.

We also popped into the shop to tell Kim what we were up to. She told us how percentages are used in the shop too; for special offers and ‘money off’ deals.

Back in class, we compared answers and all agreed it had been a fun and different Maths session today!


Curling’s Cool

Our P7s wrapped up warm and headed off to the ice-rink at the North West Castle this morning, to participate in a taster session of Curling’s Cool. They learned how to glide and sweep on the ice and participated in some fun games. At the end of the morning, all of the schools took part in a competition. Leswalt made it to the final, playing against a mixed team of Glenluce and Kirkcolm pupils – and they won!! All 4 pupils had a great morning learning to play curling. Thanks to Finlay’s mum for the photos of the curlers in action!


Spooky Shenanigans at Leswalt!

OOOOOH! If you were to pop into Leswalt Primary this afternoon, you might have got a bit of a fright! From witches to Egyptians; Batgirl to Cruella de Vil, vampires to zombie brides…. there wasn’t a Leswalt Primary pupil in sight!

This party was organised by Phoebe and Auryn the House Captains – and what a wonderful job they did of it!

The costume winners were:

P1 – Colin

P2 – Ela

P3 – Kaiden

P4 – Alexander

P5 – Breagh

P6 – Andrew

P7 – Auryn

The pupils enjoyed a game of Tramp’s Tea-party, followed by ‘Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin’. There was lots of giggling as they played Pumpkin Bumps, followed by a game of Scary Corners.

Finally, everyone enjoyed some cool disco-dancing and had the chance to ‘Dook for Apples’ if they wanted a shot – there were a few wet faces!

Joshua, Kaiden and their mum Natasha had very kindly made up Halloween goody bags for every pupil, so these were handed out as everyone was leaving.

What a wonderful afternoon! Thanks Auryn and Phoebe!



RSNO in the Rhins

Primary 7 enjoyed their first day at Stranraer Academy in the company of all the other Primary 7 pupils from the cluster.  The day had an enjoyable focus of Music, with members of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra travelling down to Stranraer to conduct a workshop with all the pupils.

Our pupils were singing, dancing, playing games, composing and learning about the orchestra and their music in a fun filled day.  After lunch they were joined by older pupils from the Academy who came along to listen to the final performance from the musicians.

All returned to Primary, more familiar with Stranraer Academy and informed and entertained by the orchestra.

Erin wrote a short recount of their day.

P7 Trip to the Academy for RSNO

On the 29th of October 2019 P7 went to the Academy for a transition visit to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.  The P7s got there on bus with Kirkcolm P7 and Mrs Gaw.

Firstly we sang a song called Bella Mama, and then we listened to some pieces of music and discussed what it made us think about. Then we played a game called Hip Hop. Then we had break in the canteen. After break we listened to a piece called A Soldier’s Tale. We also broke up into groups and wrote our own lyrics to Forward.  Later on we had lunch and we got a bit lost! In the afternoon the S4, 5 and 6s came in and listened as well, then we played another game of Hip Hop. Finally, before we left we went to see Rachel (Mrs Baillie’s Rachel. We really enjoyed the musical experience!

I really enjoyed the visit I would definitely go again. I am really looking forward to my next transition.

Erin Jamieson

A Brilliant Morning at Balgracie!

Huge thanks to Mr Drennan of Balgracie Farm and Isobel Milroy from RHET for inviting the P5/6 pupils from Kirkcolm, Portpatrick and Leswalt to the farm for a farm tour and question session on a beautifully chilly October morning.

Mr Drennan has lived/worked at Balgracie for over 46 years. The farm  is a dairy,beef, sheep and crop farm. Teamwork ensures all the jobs get done on the farm – it’s a very busy job! He works alongside two workers to keep the farm going and sometimes workers from nearby farms help one another out too. Isobel Milroy was on-hand to help us with some of the questions and guide us around. She also tested our listening skills with a ‘Million Pound Drop’ style quiz. This really got us thinking!

We saw the calves and heard about what they are fed and when. The calves must have their mother’s special colostrum milk in their first six hours of life as this contains special antibodies to help them be healthy. We saw where the cows are milked and Mr Drennan explained how this is done and where the milk is then stored. Milking is done twice daily; at 6am and 5pm and it tends to take about two and a half hours to do this. Once they are milked, the cow’s teats are dipped in a special anti-bacterial liquid which helps to kill off bacteria.The milk is collected from the cows at body temperature, cooled to about 16 degrees as it passes through the pipes then, once in the milk tank which holds 5000 litres of milk, it is cooled to below 3.5 degrees. The milk tanker collects the milk every 2nd day. At the moment, milk is sold for about 29p a litre – it is crazy to think we pay more for water! Mr Drennan’s milk is sold to Nestle and is used to make the chocolate covering for Kit Kats!

Mr Drennan talked about the animal’s passports and how important these are; they cannot be bought/sold without this paperwork. Tagging the animal gives it a unique reference number; each farm has a number too. This keeps a paper trail of every animal.

The cows have a shed where they sleep at night. Soon they will be brought in through the day too as it is becoming colder. The cows sleep in the shed between cubicle divisions on a rubber mat and sawdust. The shed is scraped and the muck falls to a cellar below. This is then pumped every two weeks to a slurry tank and then used on the fields. No waste!

We went into the shed which houses the hay, straw, cattle crush and some cows in for their ‘dry’ period before they are due to calve. Cows are brought in for this for the two months before the calf is due to be born. The scanner is actually visiting the farm tomorrow to scan 70 cows! This job will take all morning.

It was amazing to see just how much there is to do on a farm. Some of our pupils were able to talk about their own experiences too. It’s a busy time for farmers all year round. We made sure we cleaned our hands and welly boots thoroughly and the beginning and end of the visit – and again once we were back at school.

Getting a Kit Kat from Mr Drennan was an extra bonus at the end of our visit! Thank you!

Our Visit to Kilmorie Cross at Kirkcolm

The Kilmorie Cross

Yesterday P4-7 travelled to Kirkcolm Primary to enjoy a day of learning with them in the village hall – this was in conjunction with the Rhins of Galloway Coast Path Project. At first, we were told about the Rhins coastal path which is to be built over the over the next 2 years. Archaelogists are ready to start their careful examinations of the areas in which the paths will be created. In groups we went to visit the Kilmorie cross stone which is in Kirkcolm church yard. The stone has been there for, it is believed, about a 1000 years. The ‘monk’ explained that it told us the stories of the people living in the area at that time. On one side of the stone it had the Last Supper with the table held up by two drinking horns. And on the other side there was the story of Sigurd and the dragon. He was regarded as a Viking Superhero! We think people carved this stone and possibly added to it over the years – you had to look really closely to be able to spot the picture clues. There was a picture of Jesus on his cross. There were workshops to participate in:  rune writing, weapons and artefacts with Sven, blacksmithing, a settler’s game and a battle re-enactment. It is really cool to think these things were around all those years ago and we can still see them today! We all got a tshirt with the newly-launched Rhins Coastal Path Project logo on it – it’s a version of the Viking rune symbol for a person.

We had a great day with our friends from Kirkcolm. We learnt about our local area through fun activities! Thank you to the Rhins Coastal Path Project!

P6/7 Digital Leaders Leswalt Primary

(Chloe and Erin)

Maths Fun with Parents

On Monday, we welcomed families and parents into school to join in on some Maths fun! The whole school was split into 6 mixed ability groups and worked their way around different stations, which incorporated a range of Maths skills. Each station was led by a P6/7 pupil who explained the task and helped the pupils.

The 6 different stations included: bingo where we practised addition/multiplication; Code ‘n’ Go Mouse, putting our coding skills to use to navigate the mouse to the block of cheese; ‘Shut the Box’ game which focused on addition; Sumdog where we got the chance to explore our new subscription; indoor games such as dominoes and Snakes & Ladders to practise counting; and Big Maths Learn-its to give parents a chance to compete against their child as well as the clock!

Thanks to everyone who came along and to the class teachers for setting this up. Everyone had a great afternoon joining in on some Maths fun – have a look at our pictures below!


The McDougalls Visit Leswalt!

What fabulous Friday afternoon fun! The McDougalls brought their brilliant show to our school! The children enjoyed a great afternoon of singing and dancing as they went on a ‘global adventure’ with Max and Auntie Aggie visiting Spain, France, China and Scotland! The songs used Spanish, French, Mandarin, Gaelic and Scots with lots of fun actions to go along with them. The songs had everyone joining in and dancing along.

HUGE thanks to Natasha (Kaiden and Joshua’s mum) for winning this show for the school through a Facebook competition. Lucky lucky Leswalt!

Maths Week Fun!

Lots of Maths Week fun has been on offer at Leswalt Primary this week!

P1-3 headed off to a fabulously-named Bubbly Maths Show this morning. Bubbles of all different sizes were created.

P4-7 pupils ventured out into the Autumnal sunshine to refresh their shape skills; spotting parallel lines, 2D shapes with more than 4 sides, angles, perpendicular lines and 3d shapes in their playground. After this quick recap of prior knowledge; they investigated Roman Numerals using twigs to represent our more commonly recognised numbers. We then set each other some Roman Numeral sum challenges which really got our application skills working!

The class headed back inside and resumed their Talk Partners’ Famous Mathematicians research task. The pupils used suggested websites to collate the who, what, when, where, why and how about celebrated mathematicians such as Alan Turing or Stephen Hawking. Some even went rather further back in history to look at Leonardo da Vinci; whilst Mrs F researched Pythagoras. We then brought all our information together to share with one another.

In the afternoon, P4-7 had their turn at the Bubbly Maths Show. They too enjoyed watching bubbles of all different sizes being made with the children working out the diameter of the bubble sphere. Attention was then turned to estimation skills using metres; calculating area and volume, and checking their estimates using metre ‘balloons’. Finally the pupils tried to work out how many children might fit inside a cubic metre which was created entirely out of balloons!

Busy times indeed!

Office 365 at home

Free resources to learn together

Leswalt  Primary is happy to support families to learn more about digital technologies.  Senior pupils are using Office 365 through Glow in school.  If you would like access to this software at home, it is available free to use through the children’s Glow accounts.  The children have added the ‘app’ tile (shown below)  to their launch pads to make it easy to locate.

Image result for office 365 glow

Should you need to locate it for yourself, once your child has logged in, simply click on the black flag on the left hand side of the screen and type Microsoft into the search app box in the top right hand section of the screen.  This image can be enlarged  by clicking on it.


Free online tutorials are available from the Microsoft Training Centre at the following address:

Click on each software icon to reveal instructional videos by task.


Image result for office 365 training centre

We hope this is useful for you.

# Successful learners together

Wonderful Wigtown!

P1-3 enjoyed a fabulous time at the Wigtown Book Festival today! The author of One Button Benny, Alan Windram, had the boys and girls (and adults!) up dancing and singing at what has been hailed as “the BEST Wigtown Book Festival yet!”

Ellie and Ela formed a new girl band ‘El’ and wowed us with their performance!

A great time was had by all! Many thanks to Sue Caunce for accompanying us.

That’s the Book Festival kicked off for another 10 days of literary fun this year. Go and check it out!

Emergency Services Visit

Today, P.C. Wilson visited P4-7 to give them an insight into her job as a member of the Emergency Services. The pupils heard about a normal day in the life of a police officer (there really is no normal day!)

P.C. Wilson explained that the main aims of the Police force are to guard, watch and patrol. They work to ensure communities are kept safe. Our area has a Road Traffic Unit to deal with accidents, speeding and any other vehicle issues and a Port Unit which deals people’s safety when going on/off the boat.

The youth section of Police Scotland (P.S.Y.V.) do lots of work locally and this is open to children from the age of 13.

She reminded them of the emergency number 999 and the non-emergency number 101 and the times when each would be used.

The children asked lots of great questions. This visit really helped their HWB understanding of Emergency Services.

Rugby Fun

Sadly today saw the end of our three week rugby coaching sessions. Huge thanks to Nick and Campbell for their teaching input. Warmup sessions, training drills, mini games and lots of top tips helped the pupils to develop their rugby skills. The class thoroughly enjoyed this sporting input.

Remember rugby sessions are held on Sunday mornings at 10.15 at the Transit Camp in Stranraer for primary school aged children £1 a session or become a member for £20 and every session is free!



Today we had a visit from Mr Kerr who introduced us to learning a little Spanish. We sang a song which had lots of new vocabulary in it to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, hello, how are you and more…

Mr Kerr also showed us a map of Europe and we did some country spotting; Thomas found Spain very quickly! We had a go at a quiz about Spain too to develop our knowledge about the country, its geography and its culture.

Gracias Mr Kerr!

First Class First Aiders!


Huge thanks to Tanya Ellis; paramedic and retained fire-fighter, for coming to visit us as part of our HWB topic. She was full of brilliant information about the role of the emergency services and the things we can do to help.

The pupils worked on putting one another in the recovery position, the dos and don’ts of making a 999 call, how the pager system works and the basics of CPR.

It was really interesting to get a closer look at some of the careers available in our community too.

The P7 pupils each typed and emailed their reports to me as an attachment, so I could upload them to GLOW. They show the insight the pupils got!


Paramedic Visit

By Erin

On the 23RD of September 2019 P4-7 got a input on First Aid from Tanya Ellis. Tanya is a retained Fire Fighter and a full time Paramedic. Tanya came to the school to give the input because P4-7 is learning about First Aid in HWB. Tanya got in to this job because she always wanted to be a fire fighter; she became a paramedic six years ago and decided to do full time paramedic and part time fire fighter. Tanya told us is someone has an allergy to something they will have an Epi-Pen; they stab the Epi-Pen in to the back of their thigh or their butt because they are big muscles. We also learned if someone is conscious the person who is with them would put them into the recovery positon. If they were un-conscious the person was with them would have to phone 999 and give them CPR. Tanya became a fire fighter when she was twenty.


Paramedic Visit

By Finlay

On 23rd September, Tanya Ellis came to give an input the Leswalt class of p4-7. Tanya Ellis is a part time firefighter and part time paramedic. She came to demonstrate first aid stuff. She showed us the recovery position, how to do CPR, what to do if someone has an asthma attack and about epi pens.


Paramedic Visit!

By Auryn

On the 23rd of September p4-7 Tanya Ellis a paramedic and a retained fire fighter came to Leswalt to tell us a bit about her job. She had always wanted to be a fire fighter and just became a paramedic six years ago. She told us how to put people in the recover position and where to put a epi-pen. You also need to stay came when you are going to call 999.And when if you are doing CPR you need to keep doing it till the ambulance comes to your help. I think this is important because if someone you know is hurt than you know what to do and how to help them.

And maybe you could save someone’s life one day.


Paramedic Visit

By Phoebe

On the 23rd of September p4 to 7 got a visit from Tanya Ellis, who is a retained fire fighter and a paramedic. She gave us lots of really good information about how to put someone in the recovery position, where to put and eppypen, how to do CPR , how to help someone who has an asthma attack and how to handle burns . She became a fire fighter when she was twenty and became a paramedic six years ago . She taught us a lot and we even had to put someone else in the recovery position . I think it was really good that she came to talk to us because it was really important for kids to know this because one day you might have to save someone’s life.





Move Over Calvin Harris!

Today P4-7  had the pleasure of John Dinning who is a Sound Engineer and Music Producer. He led us all through the fantastic digital music platform ‘Soundtrap’ and will be coming along every alternate Wednesday for 6 sessions to lead us all in the wonders of composing and collaborating in the creation of digital music.

The class LOVED it! Lots of impromptu dance moves ensued as they listened to the demo; then started to create their own musical masterpieces. The children can access this from home too ( and the pupils then log-in with their GLOW email address and our shared Soundtrap password of Leswalt1.

Watch out for these names in the future – Leswalt could well be the starting block for budding musicians/DJs and could be gracing the music decks of the White Isle for summers to come!


Pupil Responsibilities

Pupils have had a busy start to the year, applying for various jobs in the school and demonstrating they are keen to take on positions of responsibility. We received lots of applications for Pupil Council and monitor jobs; several pupils were keen to be interviewed for the Eco committee; lots of boys and girls in the senior class applied via the online application for Digital Leaders; and P7 pupils said their House Captain election speeches at assembly.

This year, we have decided that pupils will earn a ‘salary’ (in the form of merits – not cash!) for undertaking their job to give them further experience of the world of work.

After a difficult decision, we have selected our new committees for the year.

Our new Pupil Council members are:

Our new House Captains are:

Our new Eco Committee, hoping to work towards achieving our 2nd Green Flag in 2 years’ time are:

And finally, our new Digital Leaders who will help to develop ICT in classes and provide technical support in the school are:

Finlay, Chloe, Joshua and Erin (photo to follow)

Eco Schools Success

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our first Eco-Schools Green Flag! Pupils in the Eco committee have been the driving force behind all of the environmentally friendly work that we have undertaken throughout the year, with all pupils in the school joining in on activities and taking responsibility for making the school and community a greener and more sustainable place.

Over the last year, pupils have participated in various Eco-friendly activities, organised and led by the Eco committee. They have carried out a local litter pick, inviting parents and the local community to join in; joined various recycling projects including crisp packets and batteries; worked with the local community group ‘Wetland Watchers’; and held litter assemblies to raise awareness of the impact to the whole school.

Our Eco-Schools assessor stated, “Congratulations on successfully achieving your Eco-Schools Green Flag award! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your application and am very excited about the work being done at Leswalt Primary School. I was very encouraged to read about the successes you’ve had and how you’ve gotten the whole school involved in the effort.” The assessor also stated that aspects of our work were noted as examples of good practice and may be used on the website/social media as case studies to support other schools with their Eco-Schools work.

Work is already underway to select our new Eco committee and continue the good work to ensure we are able to renew our Eco Schools green flag in 2 years’ time.

Have a keek below to see photos of the pupils with our Green Flag, which we will be displaying in the school corridor. The Eco Committee members were particularly proud as punch of their achievement – well done to you all!!

Fun in the Sun at Heads of Ayr Farm Park!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday on our whole school Summer trip!

The sun shone, the children squealed with laughter and great fun was had by everyone! Between visiting lots of animals, playing on the bouncy pillows, slides, zip wires, quad bikes, water bombs, the fortress and so much more; the children had a fantastic day with their friends.

Many thanks must go to the Parent Council for their help in funding this trip!

Partnership Sporting Success

Tuesday saw all 3 of our North Rhins partnership schools come together for a morning of exploration and an afternoon of inter-school sports fun. Pupils from Portpatrick and Kirkcolm travelled to Leswalt, who hosted the event for the first time. After arriving, the boys and girls made their way up to the Aldouran Wetlands for some fun in the gardens.

They then made their way back to school for a picnic lunch outside, and enjoyed getting to know and play with pupils from the other schools. Just as we were ready to head to the village park to begin our sports, the rain started – but it didn’t damped our spirits! Thankfully, the shower passed and it was a lovely warm afternoon for the boys and girls to cheer on their own schools – they were all getting very competitive and were keen for their school to be the overall winner of the afternoon!

There were various races for pupils to participate in, including sprint, skipping, sack, egg & spoon, distance and a relay. After counting up the points and working out the scores proportionately given the differing numbers of pupils in the 3 school, Portpatrick were the overall winners of the afternoon, with Leswalt in 2nd place and Kirkcolm in 3rd.

A huge thank-you must go to Lidl who supported the event for the 2nd year running, by providing water and fruit for the pupils to enjoy – they were well in need of this after the distance race! Also to the Brown family, who transported the equipment from the school to the park for us. The pupils had a wonderful afternoon mixing with other boys and girls in their year group across the 3 schools and are looking forward to our next get together already!

Leswalt Learns about Czech Republic

We had some visitors pop into school today to meet the pupils of Leswalt Primary. Rev Clare Burl and Steve Flowers brought along some people who are over visiting from the Czech Republic who have ‘twinned’ with Leswalt Church. The boys and girls entertained the visitors with some beautiful singing which the audience clapped along to, and Gregor and Phoebe recited their Scots poems in an attempt to teach them some traditional Scots language – although I’m pretty sure they couldn’t understand much, so we took some time to explain what all the Scots words meant, such as ‘sterving’, ‘I’m gey wee’ and ‘gae us the boak’!!

In an attempt to find out more about them, the pupils then asked the visitors some questions about their life and schools in the Czech Republic. Mr Flowers introduced all the visitors to us and told us their names in Czech – we had to guess what this could translate into in English. One of the visitors (who is a teacher!) then taught us some word in Czech such as please, thank-you, hello, goodbye and (randomly!) ice-cream.

The visitors stayed for another 15 minutes to have a look around and ask questions, with some pupils acting as tour guides.  Everyone commented on how well the children performed and how wonderful their behaviour was – what a credit to our school they all are!

Primary 1 on Tour!

If you had been heading into town on the service bus yesterday morning, you’d have noticed a happy, smiling bunch of P1s, accompanied by Mrs Smith and Mrs Dinsmore, who were off into town to spend their earnings from their very popular tuck shop!

The boys and girls (and ladies!) enjoyed a lovely morning in Stranraer; visiting the museum, choosing some sweeties, playing at the the park and enjoying an ice cream. Just look at the pictures to see how happy their wee faces are!

Well done P1! You had worked hard to collect your earnings- we’re glad you had a great time spending it!

Cream Tea is the Crème de la Crème!

Yesterday Leswalt Parent Council held an extremely successful Cream Tea fundraiser. Stalls ranged from face painting to BBQ, bottle stall to a 50/50 raffle, baking stall filled with yummy treats to a fabulous raffle. The P6/7 pupils mucked in and helped to run stalls too; Beat the Goalie, Guess the Number of Sweets, Glitter tattoos and Nail Painting, Lollystick Game and Pre-Loved Toy stall. A bouncy castle and of course, the delicious Cream Teas were a huge hit!

Friends and family from far and near came to enjoy the afternoon and over £900 was raised. What a fabulous team effort! Huge thanks to all members of the Parent Council and all parents, staff and pupils who came along to lend a hand.

Report added by our Digital Leaders!

Sports Day in the Sunshine!

The weather was kind to us for a dry but breezy Sports Day. We all headed over to Leswalt Park and cheered each other on for a great afternoon of sprinting, sack, egg and spoon, distance, obstacle and skipping races and the bean bag throw. Add in some ice-cream tubs (thanks Parent Council), free bottles of water (thanks Leswalt Village Store), ice poles (thanks Logan’s family) and even more fun watching mummies, daddies and little ones race and it all made for a lovely afternoon. Have a look through the photos above…

Thanks to those parents and Mr Brawls who helped in transporting equipment to and from the park.

See you all at the Partnership Sports on Tuesday 25th June!


Farmyard Demo at Leswalt Primary

Many thanks to Mrs McKnight (and her band of willing volunteers!) for a super Farming afternoon!

If you had happened to drive by our school on Friday, you might have been surprised to see tractors, sheep, a mini Auction Mart, ducks being herded by dogs and sheep shearing! They were all there to bring alive the P1-3 Farming topic.

Another exciting school day at Leswalt Primary!!


Operation Safety Fun!

On Friday our 4 Primary 6 pupils, accompanied by Mrs Gaw, headed into Stair Park for the Annual Operation Safety event. They had a fantastic time; learning lots of new skills and making new friends too.

Read all about it in their reports below…

My trip to Operation safety!

The p6s went to Operation Safety on the 31st May to experience how to stay safe. The first activity was internet safety and we had to text people on a computer and try not to give any personal information. It was really fun. After that we watched a video clip all about this girl that was getting threatened online. Then we had a talk about vandalism which was very informative. Next we learnt about drugs and alcohol safety and then coastguard safety. Our final activity was with Scottish Power and it was really good to find out about electrical safety .This is a great thing for people to go to and I wish I could go again.

by Phoebe


My trip to Operation safety!

On the 31st of May primary 6s  went to operation safety at Stair Park football stadium with Phoebe’s mum Gael and Ivy’s mum Becky. We did lots of activities about how to keep safe on all sorts of things; like on the internet and and how to save someone that’s in the sea drifting away. We covered internet safety, vandalism, ambulance, fire safety and then we had lunch. In the afternoon we talked about drugs and alcohol safety, the coastguard and our last group was with Scottish Power. I loved going to Operation Safety and I would love to go again.  We also made three new friends Jenny, Ellie and Charlotte from Sheuchan.

By Auryn

My Operation Safety Report

On the 31st of May I, and the rest of the P6s from Leswalt and Kirkcolm, went to Operation Safety at the Stranraer Football stadium. My favourite activity was internet safety because we got to go computers and type messages to each other and the only bad thing that happened was when we got on the wall of shame. My favourite thing that happened was when we arrived I met three new friends from Sheuchan called, Jenny, Ellie and Charlotte and we learnt lots about keeping safe.

By Erin

P6 Operation Safety

On Friday 30:5:19 the p6s of Leswalt and Kirkcolm went to Stair Park stadium to do Operation sSafety which teaches kids about being safe. First we had internet safety, and we watched a video clip, then an activity about vandalism. First aid procedures was next, then fire safety, which was in the away changing room. After lunch, our group found out about being safe with drugs and alcohol (that activity was held in the refs changing room.) After that we visited the coast guard group and finally electricity safety with Scottish Power. I really enjoyed my experience and now know lots more about keeping myself safe.

By Finlay

P1-3’s Visit to Balgracie Farm & the Musuem

P1-3 had a lovely sunny morning with Mr Drennan at Balgracie Farm, who was assisted by Isabel Milroy from RHET.  Our topic this term is Farming so it was lovely to escape the classroom and find out more in a real life setting.  The highlight of the trip was most definitely seeing all the young calves and getting to sit inside the tractor!

We then boarded the bus and made a visit to Stranraer Museum where we looked at all the old farm machinery and tools.  This really helped us to see how farming has changed over the years.

Finally, we made a sneaky little trip along to Agnew Park for a quick play before heading back to school for lunch.

The perfect way to spend Outdoor Learning Day!

Outdoor Education Day in the Sunshine!

What a gorgeous day we have had!

P4-7 headed over to the beautiful Aldouran Wetlands this morning and had some maths fun in the sun. The pupils have been working on 2D to 3D shapes in class, so they used natural materials to recreate these shapes. Too soon, it was time to head back to school; but there was more outdoor fun to come!

A very kind group of volunteers from Aldouran Wetlands came in to help the pupils add a little TLC to our garden area. Plant pots were revamped, weeding done, tyres painted, new plants homed, bug hotels spruced up….it was a tremendously busy morning. All made so much easier with having lots of knowledgeable helpers – huge thanks to Elspeth Jamieson, Colin and Ruth Belton, Theolette Watson, Ann Ireland and Jane Sloan for giving up their time to help us (and to Colin for all the plants he brought along for us too). We’re delighted with the difference to our garden area!


Sponsored Walk Superstars!

These pupils took on the sponsored challenge of walking 7 miles to raise money for our school. They joined our trio buddies at Kirkcolm Primary on their 50th Annual Mini Walk and walked the countryside route with friends and family. Once back at the school, the walkers received a medal, a commemorative mug to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this community walk and enjoyed a delicious lunch of soup, sandwiches and sweet treats. Well done all -with special congratulations to Jack Cloy and his Granny Alison who were the first Leswalt walkers finished!

P5-7 Drug Awareness

This afternoon, P.C. Wilson visited P5-7 to tell them more about legal and illegal drugs. She had some replica illegal drugs to show the pupils in an afternoon which was based on awareness raising, ensuring that pupils know who to speak to if they have any questions and most importantly, how to keep themselves safe. P.C. Wilson emphasized the dangers and knock-on effects of becoming involved in drugs. Education is key in this area as well all work together to help our pupils become responsible, happy citizens. The class listened keenly, asking the questions they had prepared. I know they learnt a great deal from this session.

K’Nex Challenge Team in Dumfries

Well done to the Confident Individuals of Luke and Joshua who travelled to Dumfries on Friday to compete in the regional heat of Glasgow Science Festival’s K’Nex Challenge.

The boys were set the task of designing a moving wind turbine using the K’nex, which they built using teamwork and logic. The boys were fabulous representatives of the school and received a certificate each as a memento of their involvement. Thank you Joshua and Luke – we’re very proud of you.

Thanks also to Luke’s dad for providing their transport to and from Dumfries.

Cross Country at Green Valley

What a busy, energetic morning the P5-7 pupils had at Green Valley. It was the annual Rhins Primary Cross Country event! Pupils had opted for either a half mile or mile distance race. Some pupils felt a little anxious – after all running for an extended length of time is quite an ask! But they all were superb – real troopers who all tried their very best! We also had two teams who entered the relay; with each leg being half mile a long. Well done runners!

Gregor Reid was 3rd in the Primary 5 mile run. Super stamina running Gregor – we’re all very proud of you!


Maths in the Real World!

P4-7 headed outside this morning to put our angles, shape, measure and area skills to good use.

Remembering what we had learnt in the classroom, we got busy spotting 2D shapes in the environment, measuring the perimeter and area of squares and rectangles (everything from bricks in the wall to the gate!) and identifying and drawing angles. We had a chat about why these skills really are important and when we might need to use them. Even better, the sun was trying hard to shine. What a nice way to start a busy week…


Music for All Afternoon

P4-7 enjoyed a cultural afternoon at the Ryan Centre courtesy of a group of musicians called Trio Ecossaise. The three ladies entertained the packed theatre with various pieces of music on the piano, cello and clarinet. They told the children about their instruments and invited them to talk about how the different pieces of music made them feel using emojis. They rounded the afternoon off with one we all knew – the theme tune to Star Wars!

Thanks to Joshua and Luke’s mum for accompanying us.


Rotary Quizzers

Huge thanks to our talented Rotary Quiz Team of Eva, Logan, Charlotte and Euan for representing Leswalt Primary so well at the recent local Primary Schools Rotary Quiz.

The four of them worked really well together and were fabulous school representatives answering some rather tricky questions. The team was chosen after a P7 general knowledge quiz was held in class when they demonstrated their super quiz skills.

Eggheads of the future perhaps?



Skiffie World 2019 Visit

Pupils were treated to a visit by 4 gentlemen on Thursday afternoon from the local Stranraer rowing club, who brought along a skiff for the boys and girls to see. Pupils were surprised to learn that the men had built the boat and that only glue had been used to assemble the wooden planks – there wasn’t a single nail in sight!
They were given the opportunity to sit in the skiff and ‘row’ the boat. Isla, Carys and Cara took it in turns to take on the role of the coxswain, trying to keep everyone rowing in time. Afterwards, they all learned about safety when rowing and the importance of life jackets.
Finally, the men explained that the SkiffieWorlds 2019 competition is being held in Stranraer from 7th-13th July and that competitors from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and US, are expected to attend. There will be fun for all the family, with various events on throughout the week. Have a look at the leaflet that pupils brought home or online for further information.

Keeping Leswalt Beautiful!

The boys and girls of Leswalt Primary, together with Mrs McKnight, Mrs Ferguson and Joshua and Kaiden’s mum and dad (with little Aria-Rose in the buggy!), did their bit for their community this morning by heading out in the drizzle with their litter pickers to spruce up the streets of their village.

Well done everyone. What responsible citizens you are!

Big thank you to Natasha, Ross and Aria-Rose for joining us!

‘Dragon Days’ Show Delights!

Well done to all the boys and girls of Leswalt Primary for their superb hard work in putting on another fantastic show!

The story told of a lonely dragon hiding high in the mountains above the Alpine village of Stumbledorf, the hilarious villagers who were a little frightened of this creature, Old Ma and her hero son Tommy who came to save the day and Gilda the Goatherd who made friends with the dragon and encouraged others to do the same. By the end of the show, the villagers and the dragon were great friends with everyone agreeing to ‘Not Judge a Book by its Cover’- the message of the final song.

Super songs helped to tell the show’s story; a mixture of cheery tunes, rock n’ roll Tommy, a melancholy ballad from the lonely dragon, a frantically upbeat reminder about social media’s effects and a touch of yodelling too! The children’s fabulous singing (as always!) and acting combined to make ‘Dragon Days’ a feast for the audience’s eyes.

Huge thank you to Audrey Buchanan from Stranraer Drama Club for her help with costumes- they really helped to bring the characters to life!

Well done everybody!

Curling Competition!

On the 18th of March, we (that’s Jenna, Millie, Eva and Charlotte) represented Leswalt in an InterSchools curling competition. On a Tuesday night we all go to the ‘ Curling’s Cool Club’ at the North West Castle. We had a great day and managed to come home in 2nd place out of twelve schools! The final was a closely fought game but unfortunately we weren’t the winning team. As a prize, we got an Easter egg. We really enjoyed the experience.

Report by Millie, Jenna, Eva and Charlotte



Leswalt’s Got Talent – lots and lots of it!

Crazy hair was all the rage at school today! The boys and girls had been buying red noses all week in support of Comic Relief and rounded the fun off today with their mad hair-dos, casual clothes and a very entertaining afternoon….

We hosted Leswalt’s Got Talent; with the children putting on an excellent showcase of their acts to a very appreciative audience made up of their fellow classmates, staff and parents and friends. From dancing babies to cello playing, comedy synchronized swimming to gymnastics, family dance troupe to guitar playing, solo singing to a self-choreographed dance routine – there was quite a variety of talents on show! So lovely to see all of these Confident Individuals giving it their all!

The very tricky job of judging was given to Mr McCracken, Gillian Murdoch and Mrs Buchanan – not an easy task. The boys and girls treated their audience to a sneak preview song from their upcoming show whilst allowing the judges some thinking time. After some discussion they gave the winning certificates and yummy Easter egg prizes to:

1st place – Jack Cloy – singing ‘Rule the World’

2nd place – Mille Smith and Jenna Calderwood – dancing babies routine

3rd place- Auryn, Breagh and Isla Kirkpatrick – synchronized swimming and Baby Shark routine.

Many thanks to all the wonderful acts for the hard work they put into learning their routines. We thoroughly enjoyed watching all of you, having a great afternoon AND raising money for a very worthwhile cause.

** Fundraising update – We raised over £190!! **

Take a look at the photos of a fun-filled day in aid of charity.


P1-3 Sample French Food

To kick start their new French Foods topic, P1-3 spent the afternoon sampling some typical French food. There was a wide range of treats on offer, including croissants, pain au chocolat, macaroons, eclairs and brioche. They even had the chance to taste some snails! Some were delighted about this, others – not so much!! Have a keek at the photos below to see the fun they had, and their reactions upon tasting snails for the first time!

Super Science Afternoon!


In a follow-on to Friday 1st’s  Super Science morning enjoyed by the P4-7 class, the P1-3 pupils had a blast last Friday afternoon! This was to celebrate British Science Week; engaging everyone in lots of fun science-based activities! There was all manner of investigations set up in the classroom and in the hall for pupils and their families to enjoy.

Take a look at all the fabulous photos below.


Super Science Fun!

A Super Science morning was held across our wee trio today! The P4-7 pupils from Leswalt, Portpatrick and Kirkcolm welcomed The Galloway Forest Astronomical Society with their mobile planetarium and tried out loads of amazing Science activities too!

From engineering to electricity, coding to robotics, human biology to magnetics; the children explored many different scientific tasks and were led on an adventure through the Solar System inside the planetarium. All in all it was great fun…


A Big Thank-You!

The Pupil Council and Eco Committee would like to say a huge thank-you to Leswalt Community Association for the funding they gave the school to purchase new playground toys and gardening equipment. The pupils are looking forward to getting all of the new equipment outside! Thank-you again!

The Big Battery Hunt is on!

Today at assembly, all pupils will receive a small cardboard battery box as part of the Big Battery Hunt. This is a recycling scheme which we have signed up to as part of our Eco Schools work. Pupils should fill the boxes at home with used batteries, before bringing them into school and emptying them into the large plastic containers in the hall. These will then be sent away to be recycled. As long as we arrange for a tub of batteries to be collected before June, our school will be entered into a prize draw to win various goodies including: iPads, £2000 worth of school equipment vouchers, a 2-night trip to a sustainability centre, or a 3-year subscription to ‘MyMaths’ worth £1000.

Please pass on the message that your batteries can be recycled at Leswalt School! Thank-you in advance for your support in this initiative.

History Coming Alive – Ancient Egyptian Style!

p1-3 welcomed Kathryn Purchase from History Alive into their classroom for a fabulous morning crammed full of Ancient Egyptian facts, fun and activities.

The boys and girls have been learning about this historical period over the last few weeks and Kathryn’s visit yesterday was a super way to share their learning, find out even more, do some digging (!) and enjoy dressing up in typical Egyptian costume.

Just look at the fabulous photos below…

North Rhins Adventure to Lockerbie Manor

Primary 5-7 pupils from Leswalt, Kirkcolm and Portpatrick Primary Schools headed to Lockerbie Manor on Wednesday for a 3-day outdoor residential trip.

After stopping at Springholm Primary for some lunch and to stretch our legs, we reached Lockerbie Manor early in the afternoon. Everyone was given a tour of the building and grounds by the instructors and got shown to their rooms. After a quickly unpacking, we split into 4 groups and headed to our first activity. Activities included archery, rifle shooting, obstacle course, climbing wall, abseiling, orienteering, fencing, canoeing and kayaking. After activity one, some pupils required a shower as they were caked in mud after army-crawling on their bellies underneath netting! By this time we had worked up quite an appetite, and were served with the most delicious dinner – what a selection on offer! At night time, we had an evening activity before getting all cosy in our jammies and spending time getting to know pupils from the other partnership schools.

Day 2 saw an early morning wake-up call at 7.20am. We had 5 activities spread out over the day, with some pupils getting an early afternoon bath after falling into the lake whilst kayaking! That night, having been exhausted from all the physical activity, pupils were sound asleep before 11pm – much to the staff’s delight!!

On Friday morning, we were up early to get our rooms packed and emptied. Some rooms looked like a bomb had hit them, there were clothes everywhere! We then headed out for our final 2 activities before the bus arrived at 1.30pm to return us to Stranraer. It was a very quiet journey back, with lots of pupils catching some shut-eye!

Everyone had a brilliant time away, making new friends across the partnership and trying new activities.

Photos below from day 3:

Engineers of the Future!

Huge well done to Finlay Scott and Luke McHallum for winning the K’nex Challenge this morning. This competition was held at Stranraer Academy and was set up by the Glasgow Science Centre, and overseen by our STEM advisor Miss Creighton along with three judges.

The boys were set a brief to build a go-kart with a steering mechanism; with  certain measurements to adhere to and a design plan to be sketched. They worked really well together and their creation was crowned the winner!

The boys will now go on to compete in the next stage which is to be held in Dumfries. Fabulous!


Bringing History Alive!


Today we had the pleasure of History Alive’s Kathryn Purchase who delighted P4-7 with an informative presentation on World War Two. She sped the children through the years before war broke out, the events oversees and at home between 1939-1945, and the after-effects in the post-war years. The children were enthralled; quite literally sitting on the edge of their seats as they soaked up the WW2 experience. After sharing all of her vast knowledge; the children enjoyed handling the artefacts, looking at the propaganda posters and trying on replica WW2 clothing. Such great fun!

Take a look at the photos below. I’m sure you’ll agree it looks like a lot of fun and a brilliant way to learn!

Safer Internet Day!

Today we celebrated International Safer Internet Day! This year the theme was: Together for a better internet. Over 160 countries participated, with over 2000 UK schools and organisations too.

The world wide web is a fantastic resource that our parents, grandparents and teachers did not have when growing up – but we do! But all great resources need to be used wisely and there are things to be aware of. We learnt today how to be super computer savvy…

1. Choose to be aware 

Make sure you know the rules about how to behave and stay safe on the sites, games and apps you like to use. Look out for buttons that let you block, mute and report other users who aren’t behaving and always ask for help if there is something you are not sure about.

2. Choose to make sensible choices online 

Always keep your personal information safe and any personal information belonging to your friends and family.  Check with an adult before signing up to a new game or online service and before downloading a new app or game .

3. Choose to ask if it’s okay 

Always think about how your online actions might make others feel. Be a respectful friend online and remember to ask for permission before sharing something about someone else. This could include a picture, video or piece of their personal information like where they live or their full name. Take a look at our Safer Internet Day film to see what other young people think about asking for consent online.

4. Choose to be a role model 

Always be kind to others online and support your friends if they are having a difficult time. You can help your friends by showing them how to block and report in games and apps or by going to talk to a trusted adult with them.

5. Choose to ask for help

If you are ever unsure about something you see online, or anything makes you feel worried, upset or confused then ask a trusted adult for some help and advice.


Remember! Think SMART – Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable, Tell.


Check out for more information including a section with top tips for parents/carers.


Pupils can easily access the ThinkUKnow website via their GLOW launch pad. This has some fantastic games and a Parents/Carers section too.

A Braw Scots Showcase Assembly

What a fabulous celebration of all things Scottish at Leswalt Primary’s Showcase Assembly! The children had worked very hard throughout the month of January on their Scots poems; writing them out in their most beautiful handwriting, creating pieces of Artwork to accompany their poem and learning their poem in order to recite it with gusto. In addition to recognising every child’s hard work and celebrating and enjoying listening to the recitation winners, the assembled parents and friends were treated to Scots songs from P1-3 and P4-7. The younger pupils raised many a smile with their re-enactment of that well-loved song ‘Three Craws’ whilst the older pupils used their own lyrics to the song ‘If you will marry me’ to tell of a young lad who is trying to win the heart of a lass, only to have second thoughts as their song unfolds! Such a fun afternoon celebrating Scottish culture.


Burns results  – Friday 25 January 2019

P1 – ‘Mince and Tatties’ – Recitation winners : 1. Ela Chang & Hamish Scott; 2.Ewan Clark; 3. Ellie Bennewith:

Illustration winner – Ellie Bennewith : Handwriting winner – Ewan Clark


P2 – ‘Donkey Ride – Recitation winners : 1. Hamish McGregor; 2.Carys McHallum; 3. Faye Adams :

Illustration winner –Mark Drummond : Handwriting winner – Faye Adams


P3 – ‘Street Talk’ – Recitation winners : 1. Alexander Clark; 2.Noah Gaw; 3.Thomas Clark:

Illustration winner –Noah Gaw: Handwriting winner – Noah Gaw


P4 – ‘The Heron’ – Recitation winners : 1. Aidan Adams; 2. Malcolm McGregor; 3. Breagh Kirkpatrick:

Illustration winner – Murray Williams : Handwriting winner – Aidan Adams


P5 – ‘Twins’ – Recitation winners : 1stequal. Chloe Kennedy & Gregor Reid;  3. Jack Cloy:

Illustration winner – Jack Cloy : Handwriting winner – Chloe Kennedy


P6 – ‘The Evacuee’ – Recitation winners : 1.Phoebe Gaw; 2. Erin Jamieson; 3.Auryn Kirkpatrick:

Illustration winner –Phoebe Gaw: Handwriting winner – Phoebe Gaw


P7 – ‘Address to the haggis / Willie Wastle’ – Recitation winners : 1.Charlotte Gaw; 2.Jenna Calderwood; 3.Eva Ferguson:

Illustration winner – Millie Smith : Handwriting winner – Charlotte Gaw.

Remembering Rabbie!

What a busy Burns day we’ve enjoyed! Mr Plant our judge had a packed morning; listening to poem recitations and viewing artwork and handwriting. He had some very tricky decisions on his hands but chose worthy winners, second and third places.

Following this, everyone tucked into a delicious Burns Lunch. Mr Gaw piped in the haggis, Mr Plant gave The Immortal Memory and the children entertained with their poems and songs; led ably through the lunch by our organised team of P7s.

Happy Birthday Rabbie and… Auld Lang Syne!

Badminton Fun!

Phoebe and Erin took part in the Rhins Annual Primary Badminton Competition at Stranraer Academy. They really enjoy playing this sport and had a fabulous time playing against other children from different schools! Phoebe was placed 4th overall too. Well done girls- you are such great sporting ambassadors for our school!

Digital Leaders Training Day

As part of our bid to achieve national accreditation for the Digital Schools Award, we have selected 4 Digital Leaders to help drive our work forward. They are responsible for supporting staff and pupils in the use of ICT by sharing their skills; helping to maintain ICT equipment; leading lunch time ICT clubs; and organising parent sessions to develop their skills and knowledge.

All the Digital Leaders from Portpatrick, Leswalt and Kirkcolm came together on Tuesday for a Digital Leaders training day. They were all so enthusiastic and keen to get going! Pupils were taught how to upload, print and laminate photographs, and how to access Glow and send an email attachment to a teacher for the blog. They worked in pairs to come up with activities for Safer Internet Day on 5th February, and shared their suggestions for lunchtime ICT clubs that they could run back at school.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable morning mixing with other pupils from the different schools and are all away back to their own school ready and raring to go as our Digital Leaders!

Rotary Lunch

On the 21st of January we went to the Rotary Lunch to represent the school. Mrs Smith came with us. Every year, P7s are invited along to join the Monday Rotary Lunch meeting. We had a lovely meal and we also got to listen and talk to Adam Gray. He is the Development Manager for the Scottish Rugby Union. He gave an amazing speech, it was so interesting, and he also gave us Scottish Rugby pin badges. We had a fabulous time and it was a great experience!

Logan Wilson and Jenna Calderwood

Panto Fever Strikes…. Oh no it didn’t! Oh yes it did!

What a fabulous way to start bringing our fun-filled term to a close. The whole school journeyed up to the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr to enjoy a fantastic production of the pantomime ‘Aladdin’ – and what a show it was!

The Parent Council had very generously organised an ice cream for everyone at the interval – yum yum! Then, after lots of laughing, clapping and singing (Baby Shark!!), the children headed off for a delicious lunch at the Stage Door restaurant before heading back down the road to Leswalt. Now that’s what I call a perfect way to spend a Thursday!


Party Party Party!

What a fabulous afternoon we had at our school Christmas party! Crackers, party poppers, food galore ( a party buffet supplemented with goodies sent in by parents – thanks folks), fun party games, some super cool disco dancing and a visit from a very special man in red all added up to so much fun! The children had a ball! Just take a look at our snaps below!

Rugby Fun!

On the 13th of December P4-7 were joined by Scott for our first session of rugby (the last two weeks have been rained off!) The whole class enjoyed a warm-up game of Bulldogs. Then we all worked on some basic rugby moves and learned how to do the cheek to cheek tackle. We had lots of fun trying this out.

We are looking forward to more rugby training sessions next term!

Charlotte and Millie

Space Stars!

The P4-7 class were set a space homework task and they certainly rose to the challenge! Models, power points, leaflets, mind maps, posters, books and emails zoomed into the classroom created by our super space enthusiasts! I was completely wowed by the quality of what the children produced. Well done everyone – you’re finished space challenges are out of this world!

(2 photos to follow!)

Hour of Code!

Today we welcomed Carol Moyes from the STEM team to Leswalt Primary to lead us in an Hour of Code! This week is Computer Science Education Week and so, having tried Scratch coding before, we tried the fantastic website today. Mrs Moyes gave the pupils a quick information session, then working in the Talk Partners, the children got to it!

Wow – they were so good at this! From Dance Party to Minecraft, Frozen to Flappy Code –  the list of possibilities for fun is endless! The children overcame some computer glitches to all produce a short program. And yes, they were much more proficient at this than Mrs F! I’ll need to keep practising…

Photos to follow!


Farewell Feis Rois!

Feis Rois

For the last twelve weeks P4-7 have been enjoying singing and song-writing with Sean, Paul and Sarah. Today we put on a concert for P1-3 and any family and friends who were free to come along. The children sang and were accompanied by Sean and Paul on guitars:

Katie Bairdie (the pupils made up verses with their own words),

The Border Hills,

Bananas are the best (their favourite!)

and Ae fond kiss by Robert Burns.

The pupils really enjoyed their traditional music-making sessions.

Thank you so much to Sean, Paul and Sarah! Sarah is actually a finalist for Young Traditional Musician of the Year. The final is to be held in January at the Royal Concert Hall. We’re all rooting for her!

Report by Eva Ferguson P7

Let’s Get Sporty!

The boys and girls had a great morning with the team from Let’s Get Sporty! They will be coming over the next two weeks to share some fun games and teamwork challenges to encourage the pupils to get active!

Unfortunately, the weather conditions meant that all the activities were held indoors this week. It didn’t stop any of the fun though!

Mrs Ferguson

The Let’s Get Sporty team were at Leswalt school on Wednesday and we ALL LOVED IT! I am sure the Let’s Get Sporty team loved us as well… Their names were coach Mary and coach Craig. They were very nice. The weather was atrocious so we stayed inside but at least we all had fun.  They will be here over the next two weeks and we hope we are the best school they have had.  I hope we gave a good first impression! They did hockey with us; drills and much more. We can’t wait for next week!

Reporter – Cameron McCutcheon

P4-7 Learn All About Alcohol

PC Nicola Wilson popped into P4-7 this afternoon for a chat with the boys and girls about the dangers of alcohol as part of their Health and Wellbeing topic. She explained to the pupils that alcohol is indeed a drug which can affect your emotions and your ability to make sensible decisions. She highlighted that the effects of alcohol are dependent upon various factors such as your size, age, fitness and how much you have eaten, and the importance of drinking responsibly.

Pupils considered why the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 – Phoebe suggested it is because at a younger age, your body can’t cope with it. PC Wilson went on to explain that drinking a lot of alcohol can result in people doing silly or dangerous things which they might not normally do.

Pupils were interested to learn that there is alcohol is certain medicines and mouth wash, which is why the drink driving limit can’t be 0.

It was a very informative afternoon – thank-you to PC Wilson for taking the time to come in!


Read, Write, Count

Primary 1-3 pupils were very excited this afternoon to receive their Bookbug (P1) / Read, Write, Count (P2-3) gift bags. Parents were invited in as part of our launch of this Scottish Government initiative which aims to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting, and strengthen links between home and school learning by supporting parents in taking an active role in their child’s learning to give them the best start in life. They were shown the contents of the bags and given suggestions for helping to develop literacy and numeracy at home using these resources. After presenting the boys and girls with their bags, everyone headed down to the classroom where we spent time exploring our new books and games. The pupils are really looking forward to using the contents of their bags at home!

Pyjama Party for Pudsey

The boys and girls of Leswalt Primary held a ‘Pyjama Party for Pudsey’ today for Children in Need. Pupils donated money towards the appeal for wearing non-uniform and there was also official Children in Need merchandise for sale too. To further raise funds for this worthwhile cause, we had face painting by Kaiden and Joshua’s Mum and Primary 7 pupils, and we have been collecting donations of copper coins all week which were used to form a huge Pudsey in our school hall, then donated to the appeal. Well done to our Pupil Council reps who planned all of our Children in Need activities.

We are still counting up the exact total raised (there are lots of copper coins to be counted!!!) – but we expect it to be well over £100.

Qualified Playmakers!

Well done P4-7 pupils! Under the guidance of Laura McClymont and three training sessions, the pupils planned and delivered short ‘Playmaker’ sessions for their P1-3 schoolmates. A busy, active (and loud!) afternoon was enjoyed by the younger pupils who followed the instructions given by their older friends. Hopefully some of the upper primary might use these skills in the future in the playground or outwith school – what a great life skill to have! Thanks to Laura for her time and advice.

Sunny Winter’s Morning at the Wetlands

Today we all took advantage of the glorious sunshine to head over to Aldouran Wetlands. P1-3 were looking for signs of Winter and P4-7 were ‘adjective collecting’ for their Haiku poetry writing; the carpet of Autumn leaves and bare trees were a great stimulus for our imaginations!

We explored the gardens and found a brilliant new structure there – a fabulous new outdoor classroom! We can’t wait to use this lots over the course of the school session! What a lovely morning!

National Film Week – a trip to the cinema!

Today the whole school travelled to the Ryan centre to watch the new adaptation of “The Little Vampire”, an animated film of a series of books about how 2 young boys overcome their differences and prejudices to become friends.  This film was being shown free to schools as part of National Film week. What a lovely way to spend a blustery Friday morning – watching a movie with friends!


We will remember…

Today the boys and girls of Leswalt Primary headed over to Leswalt Parish Church where they were met by three ladies of the congregation. The ladies told the pupils about the ceramic poppy garden, created by a member of the congregation, one poppy for each Leswalt parishioner lost in WW1 and WW2. They also told us about the stunning poppy fall outside the church (1564 poppies were crocheted, knitted or felted to create this memorial for the 1564 days WW1 lasted). Together we all held a 2 minute silence to take some time to pay our respects.

The P4-7 class had printed a poppy banner under the guidance of Mrs Copeland our art teacher. The children felt it was a fitting tribute to hand this over to the church so that this can be put on display in the village hall on Remembrance Sunday.

What’s Cooking?!

Alison from Apex visited on  Friday afternoon (and will be in every Friday over the next six weeks) to talk about Healthy Eating. The children got the chance to chop vegetables, smell their soup simmering, taste their culinary creation, enjoy some fun games about nutrition AND head home with a recipe card and a back of vegetables so they can show their folks at home how to make this delicious soup too! The first group had a fabulous time and learnt lots too. The rest of the school were most envious but their turn will come…promise! What a great opportunity!

Frightening Fun for Halloween

The boys and girls of Leswalt Primary got dressed up in their creepy costumes for our annual Halloween party. The party was organised by our very able House Captains, Eva and Millie, who planned some fun games for everyone to participate in.

We started off with a costume parade for each year group and our school cook, Patricia, had the difficult decision of judging the winners!

We then moved onto some games, including Spooky Statues, Creepy Corners, Halloween Bowling and Dookin’ for apples. We ended the party with everyone showing off their best moves in a dancing competition, judged by the House Captains.

Parents and carers kindly donated apples and sweets for the children to enjoy. Joshua and Kaiden also kindly donated Halloween boxes for each pupil in the school which was filled with goodies for everyone to take home.

Everyone headed home to enjoy an evening of Trick or Treating!

Young Leaders of the Future!

Laura McClymont got the class together today to work on their organisation and leadership skills – the Playmakers’ Award.

Working in small groups, the pupils used  teamwork to plan and deliver a sporty activity to the rest of the class. The children thought about the personalities and skills within their group and how to ensure everyone was involved in the activity. Fabulous life skills to have! Laura was on hand to offer any nuggets of advice to the children too.

The children enjoyed their session and are already looking forward to their next two sessions.

Bonfire Night Safety Talk

The whole school received a safety talk from a member of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service team, Mr Clark. Mr Clark gave pupils some tips to ensure they have a safe Bonfire Night on 5th November.

He explained to pupils that fireworks travel at 150mph, so only adults over the age of 18 should be lighting them. Pupils were amazed to find out that the temperature of a sparkler can be 15 times hotter than boiling water – Mr Clark said it’s really important to wear gloves when handling them, and to have a metal bucket of water or sand ready to dispose of it afterwards. Pupils also learned which materials are safe to put on a bonfire – plastic and rubber give off toxic fumes so shouldn’t be burned, neither should glass or metal.

Mr Clark suggested attending an organised display if possible. All pupils are now armed with the knowledge to have a fun but safe Bonfire Night!

Computer Xplorers Learning Fun!

Today P4-7 were lucky enough to welcome John from Computer Xplorers. He spent a whole day with the class jam-packed with fun hands-on activities to investigate energy and renewable energy sources.

We started by looking at the transfer of energy through thermal imaging. Maisie left her hand print on the desk transferring the heat from her hand to the desk, Phoebe left her toasty footprints on the floor – we couldn’t see the handprints of footprints with our eyes but we could with the thermal imaging camera! Cool!

Throughout the day, the children worked in 2s and 3s to build Lego Educational models. John organised a competition – to design and create a model which could produce the most voltage. The small groups tested out their designs and then tried to improve on the voltage they could produce by altering their design slightly. Chloe and Euan won having produced a voltage of 14.94v!

The boys and girls also built wind or water turbines and tested these out. Then found out more about solar energy by building (and racing!) solar cell cars.

John spoke to the class about the desperate need for renewable energy sources for the future of planet Earth. The boys and girls had already done some work on fossil fuels; how they were created and the finality of their supply and so were aware of the importance of renewable energy sources.

The second challenge faced by the pupils was to build a wind or water turbine. John talked to them about wind and water power first and how this would work on a grand scale.All groups worked together so well on this. I overhead snippets of chat, “this is well cool!” and “I’m getting the hang of this” to “you want a shot doing the next bit” – so good to observe children working in this way.

In the afternoon, the children were set the task of building a solar panel car which they powered with a lamp (unfortunately weather was against us today).

So – three renewable energy sources covered in a day and awareness raised within our adults of the future and all whilst having lots of fun! Win win!


Yuck! P4-7 Learn all about Smoking…

Today Lisa from NHS D&G Quit your Way popped in to chat to us all about the negative , and very yucky, effects of smoking on your health. The pupils were involved in lots of experiments; from Dr Finlay and Dr Joshua investigating just some of the chemical concoctions that make up a cigarette ( in actual fact there are over 4000 chemicals!), to our fresh-faced and gorgeous Charlotte and Robin being transferred (by the powers of technology) to being ‘not so fresh faced looking ‘ after many years of smoking – you wouldn’t have recognised them!

The boys and girls tried out some fitness tests too. Not too healthy if you were a smoker and the cost?! So expensive – who would want to waste their money on something which is bad for you, affect your health and appearance? Crazy!

The class also considered the dangers involved in passive smoking – second-hand smoke. NHS Scotland has a bid to be smoke-free by 2034! Let’s work together to do this!!

Say NO to Smoking with the Breath Project

P4-7 were lucky enough to meet Prof Lockhart from the University of the West of Scotland yesterday and hear all about COPD (and its links to smoking) in our area. This presentation is designed to teach primary pupils about the dangers associated with smoking and hopefully, completely put them off trying it out in the future!

The children learnt some shocking facts and got to work around 4 activity stations; the peak flow meter, identifying the healthy model lung, COPD keywords word search and re-creating a model lung using a bottle and balloons. Time was a little against us, but I know all would agree it was a fun afternoon tackling a very serious subject. The pupils will continue to do some work on the ‘No Smoking’ message this week.