Leswalt P4-7 visit a REAL Film-set!

Not your average Thursday morning for the lucky pupils of P4-7 at Leswalt Primary – as today they got to visit a real film-set and chat to the cast and crew of upcoming movie Kingslayer!

This film is being shot at Dunskey – home of the Orr-Ewing family who very kindly invited our trio of schools to visit and absorb the film-set experience!

Malcolm and Noah wrote up this blog report once we got back to class!

On Thursday the 1st of October P4-7 had an amazing experience visiting the cast and crew of a film called Kingslayer. Each pupil got to meet Paul Boyce the Head of Makeup and Prosthetics, Jessica who was a member of the production crew and Stuart Brennan who played King Richard and wrote and directed the film! The Head of Makeup and Prosthetics had previously worked on Captain America and spent two years on the Harry Potter set – amazing!

The pupils each got a signed part of the script and got to see a scene of the movie being filmed and they got to say 3, 2, 1 Action! It was a lot of fun seeing the props and costumes.  We also got to see the main character King Richard Lionheart. He is called King Lion Heart because he fought like a lion in war. The children asked questions like: When will the movie be out? Or like what’s the difference between a Producer and a Director? The answer is that a Producer gets all the right characters and all the right props ready for the film and then the Director tells them where to aim the camera and what to do. P1-3 will have this amazing experience too on Wednesday the 7th of October for their own eyes. The movie will hopefully be released in Spring 2021.

We had a great morning learning lots about the film-world!

Report by Noah and Malcolm

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