week commencing 17.2.20

We had mid term holidays which meant we had Monday and Tuesday off school!

We had lots of fun but we were glad to be back at school.

Leilah -For topic I looked at the pictures and found out which letter the picture was. One of the secret codes was my name! 🙂


PE – Lexxi liked climbing on the bars.

John liked balancing on the benches.

Caitlyn said we were using our muscles to climb the bars.

Daisy loved that we were using the big equipment.

Cole had to work really hard on the circles to make sure he was safe and in control.



We were counting up to 100 and beyond with the Big Numbers Song.

We were working on our 2 times table. We know that every number in the 2 times table is even.

We learned a strategy for subtraction – we can cross out to help us.

Circles were working with ones.

Triangles were working with tens.

Squares were working on hundreds.


Thank you for reading our blog.

week commencing 3.2.20

Caitlyn – in numeracy we were learning subtraction by crossing out.

Adrian – we have been doing dough disco to keep our fingers strong.

Perrie – we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and talking about how the pyramids were built.

John- in PE we are still doing gymnastics. We did different stations today.

Victoria, Ella & Emily Jo  – with Mrs Corrie we did mindfulness colouring and with Mrs Bradley we did Daily 15 – we drew round one another with chalk and coloured it in.



Week Commencing 27th January 2020

Numeracy – this week we have been learning how to double numbers. We have learned repeated addition, multiplying by 2 and the squares have been doubling 2-digit numbers using the split strategy.

Gym – we are still working on our balancing skills. We practise balancing on a thin beam, bunny hopping on a bench, walking carefully on a surface and holding a pose, staying calm and in control of our movements on top of gym tables.

H&WB – We learned about our moods and attitudes. We are going to do 2 more lessons on this to learn to control our emotions.

Topic – We watched a clip from Horrible Histories about mummification and we designed our own Ancient Egyptian Death Masks.

Week Beginning 20.1.20

PE – We have moved on to using equipment because we showed Miss McGurty we can move with control.

ICT – For Scot’s week we looked up Scottish words and found out some of their meanings.  We are getting quicker at logging on our computers so we get more time to research and develop our digital skills.

Numeracy – We are still working on the Make 10 strategy. We are going to start using our jotters to show how good we are at the make 10 strategy.

H&WB – We talked about  SHANARRI


Daisy – S is for safe – we can be safe from the sun by wearing sunscreen.

Kai – H is for healthy – fruit is healthy.

Victoria – A is for active – we stretch properly before doing PE. We go out for Daily 15.

Ravyn – N is for nurtured – Miss McGurty greets every one of us in the morning and we have lots of time to work in groups and with partners.

Jack – A is for achieving – my example is if you can’t click your fingers first time you keep trying and then you achieve.  I have a growth mindset.

Cole – R is for respected – when everyone listens to me when I’m sharing a story or my learning.

Reo – R is for responsible – in p2/3 we are given responsibility for our own materials.

Lexxi – I is for included – I like to feel included by doing work with a group.

January – the first 2 weeks of 2020!

Happy New Year from Primary 2/3 and Miss McGurty! 🙂

We made New Year’s Resolutions. These were linked to the St Pius school rules – Safe, Respectful and Ready.

Most of the class set themselves a goal of being respectful by listening carefully and not talking when others are talking.

This week:

Jayden & Caitlyn – We used Dough Disco to get our hands and fingers stronger so we can improve our handwriting.

John & Navanah – We have learned the make 10 strategy for addition. The squares have moved on to 2-digit add 1-digit and the rest of the groups will move on soon.

Reo & Ravyn – In topic we made name badges for our desks using Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Daisy & Cole – In PE we have been balancing using control so we can be safe when we begin to use equipment.

Ella & Klaudia – We have all been learning how to be kind to one another.

Jack & Perrie – In H&WB we did circle time and focused on the rules of safe, respectful and ready. Next week we think we will be doing something else. Miss Mcgurty has just told us we are going to be doing Being Cool in School. We are looking forward to that!




We are enjoying doing the Daily 15.

It is great to have a movement break. We feel more ready to learn after this.

Here we are dancing to Go Noodle’s Saved by the Bell.

Other Daily 15 activities we have taken part in so far:

Walk around the playground.

Jog around the playground – we are trying to better the number of laps we can do every time.

Just Dance

Cosmic Yoga

Before our Parent Open Afternoon on Friday our Daily 15 was freeplay on the playground equipment.


In gym this term we are learning how to move our bodies and different objects with control.

We began with different jumps.

We then moved on to throwing and catching different objects with accuracy. More photos to come…


After we found out our topic was the Human Body and shared what we already know and would like to know, we created group names and posters related to our topic.

Names we came up with:

The Royal Skeletons

Black Hearts

The Four Skeletons

Small Foot

Black Hearts of Evil

The Ninja Skeletons


We worked together as a group to make a template of a real life body and labelled all the different body parts we could remember.

We worked with our learning partner to create a skeleton using pasta and labelled as many body parts as we could.


We are looking forward to learning more about the Human Body.


We are learning all about Place Value, using Dienes materials, Numicon, and digicards.

We have used Dienes to make numbers for our learning partners. Our LP’s then had to guess our number. We love helping one another.

We have been learning to write our partner’s number into a place value grid. This helps us realise the value of tens and ones.

We transferred our knowledge to outdoors and used sticks, leaves and stones instead of Dienes materials.

Now we understand the value of a digit depends on its place, we can compare numbers.

We are beginning to use the greater than and less then symbols.






August 2019 – Settling into our new class

Welcome to the Primary 2/3 Blog!

We have been practising out routines and showing Miss McGurty our good sitting, good looking and good listening.

We can line up nicely in pairs. We have a line partner so we can get to know our new classmates.

We are practising using our amazing magnet eyes.

We have super listening ears.

Here are some excellent examples of good sitting 🙂


Thank you for visiting our class blog. Come back soon to share in our learning 🙂

Miss McGurty and Primary 2/3

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