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‘Blown Away’ with Autumn Poetry!

P4W have been working really hard this week, creating their own Autumn poems using our senses.

On Tuesday, we went for a walk around the school playground and worked with a small group to collect words that described things that we could see, hear, smell and touch. We also collected some items including different coloured leaves and pine cones which we decided could contribute to our display.

Tiana and Lewis used their sense of touch to help them collect words.
Jack and Darren found some fantastic coloured leaves to help them with their poems.
We worked in small groups and used our senses to collect words to help us with our plan.
We walked through the leaves that were piled up in the playground and listened carefully for the noise they made.

On Wednesday, we shared the words that we collected and discussed different Autumn poems that Miss Wozniak found. We also looked at the features of poetry and found that not all poems have to rhyme.

Here are some of our fantastic creations:

Leaves, leaves in the breeze,
They woosh and wiggle in the trees.
When Autumn blows, they move around,
Until they hear a crunching sound.
Woosh, all the leaves are gone,
Until next Autumn,
It feels so long.
By Sarah M

Leaves in the trees,
Falling by the breeze.
The leaves dance in the breeze,
As they fall to the ground.
It smells like chocolate and Halloween treats.
It feels like peaceful raindrops and Bonfire Night.
By Liam N

Autumn, Autumn, I smell you,
You smell like little leaves.
Autumn, Autumn, I hear you,
You sound like leaves swaying in the breeze.
Autumn, Autumn, I see you,
You look like leaves on the ground.
Autumn, Autumn, I taste you,
You taste like Belgian Buns.
Autumn, Autumn, I feel you,
You feel like crunching leaves.
By Niamh C

As an extra challenge, we also created some fantastic acrostic poems too:

All the leaves
nder trees
urn red and orange
nusual black dots
oving in the sky 
ature is the best
By Millie W

Autumn is cold
sually red and orange
weet, tweet, the birds are disappearing
sually rustling in the wind
agically changing colour
o birds to be seen
By Jack S

Always the red and brown leaves 
nusually, some pink and purple fall
inkling in the grass
pside down and the right way around
ystically up and down 
othing can stop them dancing
By Michael R

Neve & Kieran report for P4W

Our Context for Learning in P4W is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have met lots of characters and wrote some descriptions about them using adjectives and similies – Augustus Gloop is the fattest and greediest person in the world. Charlie  Bucket is very poor, Veruca Salt is very spoiled and Mike Teevee likes to watch TV.

We did some drama in class. We had to act out a part that we liked in front of the class and everyone else had to guess which part of the book it was from.  The popular scene was when all the old people were lying in bed!

Kieran and his group acting out a scene from our class novel.
Danielle and her group worked together to act out a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We have learned some French like how  to say  hello, goodbye and my name. We have also learned how  to count to 20 in French. We went on a number hunt outside to match numbers up with the French words.

We took turns to find the matching French word to our number.
We also went outside for a French number hunt.

By Neve and Kieran