Horses and Riding Endeavour

IMG_6145This year for my Endeavour I am doing a documentary on horses and riding. I chose to do this because I have been riding since I was 5 (Almost 7 years) and I absolutely love horses. I have never made a documentary before, and I wanted to try something new.

I planned my Endeavour on a planning sheet that our teacher made for us. It had all of the months that we do our Endeavour and in them box’s I put what I want to achieve during that amount of time.

I have planned my documentary and I am also doing a Pony Care Book that I have planned out. I have filmed most of my documentary.

I have had lots of problems to overcome during my Endeavour such as, storage on my phone, having good days to film

SSPCA Endeavour

My Endeavour project is the SSPCA. i choose this for my endeavour because I love animals and I want to become a vet when I am older.

I used a long term Endeavour planner to help me plan my whole Endeavour project. i use a plan-d0-review to plan what I would do for my Endeavour every week.

The things I will show at the end is a magazine about the SSPCA and about caring for your animals like, cats, dogs, horses, snakes, fish and more.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

P1020206For my Endeavour I am doing recycling and how to recycle I am trying to show people what can be made out of what other people consider rubbish instead of throwing them away. I got my idea from when I put things into the bin because there is always to much things in there and when my mum puts things into the clothing bank. I planned my Endeavour by filling in a long term planner. The person that has helped me with most with my Endeavour is Mrs Macfarlane. The problems that I had to overcome was when I was sewing because I sewed on the out side instead of inside so I had to do it again.   So far I have up cycled a tin can by painting it and then putting flowers love hearts and other things on it, then a photo frame by spay painting it and then finding things like stones, string and buttons and get out the glue gun and put them on and then I up cycled some dungarees by making it into a bag. At the end of Endeavour I will be showing what I have made and show all of the common materials how to up cycle and a before and after scrap book.

By Rowan Morris

Jewellery Endeavour

pics 021My Endeavour is jewellery making and I chose this Endeavour because I have never made proper jewellery before and I thought it would be challenging. I planned my Endeavour with a long term planner where I filled in what I would do in all the months. I have managed to make some jewellery like bracelets, necklaces and some earrings I have also made a video on how to make some of my jewellery. A problem that I overcome was when I started to make a video and I realised that I didn’t have any lobster clasps left so I just put tape around the edges of the wire but now I have lobster clasps. Mrs Campbell helped me by giving me 4 books on jewellery making, my mum helped me by buying all the things and Ortwin Thyssen helped me by replying to my letter. I will share my jewellery and sell it and I will have a leaflet on jewellery making.

Farming Endeavour

sheep3This year for my Endeavour I am doing farming.  I picked this Endeavour because I want to be a farmer and it seems a lot of fun with my brother when he helps on my uncle’s farm.  I have made a farming diary and I have made a presentation, a fact file and a quiz.  I think it is really interesting that sheep can remember for many years.  A problem I have overcome is that I don’t like cows but I have still worked with them.  I would improve my time management next time I do Endeavour.

By Darren

House Building Endeavour

This year Endeavour has a world of work focus and I chose house building. I chose House Building because I wanted to find out how to build a house.  I planned my Endeavour using a long term planner. I have achieved building a model house, sent a letter to an architect, made a powerpoint and some more. I have had a few problems with the cement and making the roof.  I have had help from my dad with cutting the wood and Mr Pollock gave me some tips in my letter. I will sow my house and powerpoint at the end.

William Shakespeare – Endeavour

shakespeare-sonnet29For my Endeavour I have chosen to do all about William Shakespeare because this year its based on your world of work and when I’m older  I want to be an actress.  I wrote a letter to The Royal Shakespeare Company and I got a reply saying to try Helena’s speech from a Midsummer Night Dream. I’ve done a powerpoint all about William Shakespeare and made a video of the monologue.  Now we are also learning about Shakespeare in  class.



The Fantastic Card Making

P1020063Hi I am Abi and I am going to tell you what my Endeavour is and what Endeavour is. Endeavour is when you choose your own project for a year and you do it by your self and a little bit of help from adults you also write a letter to someone that could help you with  your project. And I am doing card making because I thought that it would be fun and it would relate to my life when I am older.

I got the idea of Card Making because I knew who could help me with my Endeavour. And the person that could help me was Mrs Murray and my mum  and once I sent her the letter after she got it she sent me a hand made letter that she had made. I planned my Endeavour by filling in a plan for the whole year. And in my Eandeavour I have achieved  by making lots of cards and I have done my video.  And the problems that I have overcome was that I did not know how to use a craft knife, so I did a risk assessment.