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ENDEAVOUR: Verb   try hard to do or achieve somethingNoun  an attempt to achieve a goal.

tess4_110113The online dictionary definition of the word Endeavour neatly sums up the ethos behind this learning project, begun in 2012.  As a teacher I want to challenge and motivate my students in their learning and help them deal with setbacks and problems whilst allowing them ownership of their learning.  Students now have so many opportunities available to them that allow them to take their learning in new directions.  School projects in my day involved trawling through the limited information available in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Ladybird books or the teacher’s general knowledge, and then copying images neatly into a jotter and summarising the key facts.  Today I can remember very little of the different breeds of dogs or the Kings and Queens of Britain…

The students who have worked on the Endeavour projects in the three years since it began will hopefully have a much clearer recollection of their learning in the future, and may even be able to relate the skills they began to develop in primary school to those required in their future careers.  The personalisation and choice of developing your own project, the usefulness of transferable skills development and the satisfaction of solving problems independently will surely have a more significant impact on their future selves.

One of the first Endeavour participants in primary 7.  Keen to be a fisherman like his father this boy wanted to use Endeavour to develop his own lobster fishing business.  He wrote to the business teacher at the High School to find out how to do accounts correctly and received a wealth of information, from which he set up spreadsheets to record the lobsters he sold to his father.  100_7215Then he researched the costs of buying fishing boats online and looked into finance, calculating how much he would need to save up for a deposit.  He also researched the life cycle of a lobster and the importance of ethical fishing practices to maintain lobster numbers for the future and created a photo diary explaining the process behind lobster fishing.  In the final Endeavour showcase he bought into school lobsters which he sold for a good profit to teachers and parents- they were extremely tasty!

In his Endeavour project he was able to develop the skills for work and possible future career that were relevant to him, and was far more motivated than in other areas of his learning as a consequence.  Endeavour projects are a great way to develop skills for life, learning and work in school.

Farming Endeavour by Ben

On Friday it was the endeavour fair we got all are stuff and showed it we needed to make a poster and a wed site and kahoot and if wanted you could do a sway for my endeavour I  done farming so I made a website and a kahoot and  model farm with a barely field  and hay field then a old ruin shed and a cow pasture sheep and horse field  then a chicken coop and a forsty bit.

My Architecture Endeavour

For my architecture Endeavour I made a model house I had to learn how to draw to scale. I made a Lego house and drew the elevations and a plan view I drew the elevations to a one to one scale and drew the plan at one to two scale and 1 to one scale. I also got the elevations of my house I cut them out and stuck them onto card to make the model with. I also mad a sway a website and a Kahoot for people to play.

To make my model house I got he house plans I cut them out and stuck them on card then cut the card and stuck it to together in the shape of my house. I made the sway and website on glow with google sites and Microsoft sway.


An endeavor is a project that you choose every year. Everyone does it and picks a subject to do with the world of work. You have to pick something new to learn. You have six months to finish it. Then there is an endeavor fair on 26th of June.

My endeavor is a beautician. A beautician is were you do facials, hair, makeup and nails. I mostly did facials and makeup. This is one of the ways to relax and be calm. My project was hard because there is so much more to a beautician than you think. It’s not just to make you all pretty it’s a way of mindfulness and can really relax you.

I learnt so much from this project. Before I had no clue how to do a facial. Now I know all the steps to facial. I also thought that facial and massages were just for fun but it’s actually so good for your mental health

Over all this was a really fun experience I have leant so much. It will really help me if I want to become a beautician. There is so much cool facts I learnt at Megan’s as well. Like when you are doing a facial you have to always keep your hands on the persons face.

This is my website that I made: https://sites.google.com/ab.glow.scot/beautician/home

My Music Writing Endeavor

This year I did a music writing Endeavor I wrote two sheets of music. I also did a website that is just bellow.


This is my song:

Verse 1

The Beast of the Oa

Is bounding through the snow

Running like a lizard,

Faster than a blizzard,

A heart made of solid ice.

Running like she wants to

Running like she’s supposed to

Running like a rocket

Faster than a hurricane



It’s proud to prowl

but it’ll wait until the night to howl

It’s the beast of the Oa

And every night it will prowl across the Oa

It’s black and it’s hairy

And it’s also kinda scary

It barks and it growls and it also sometimes howls

And it knows, to never go slow

That’s cause it is, the BEAST OF THE OA


Verse 2

The Beast of the Oa

She knows not to oo go slow

Running across be ee chs

And over the seas

She knows every nook and cranny of the isles coast

Eating every thing

Crashing through the waves

Speeding past the bays

Never to betray



It’s proud to prowl

but it’ll wait until the night to howl

It’s the beast of the Oa

And every night it will prowl across the Oa

It’s black and it’s hairy

And it’s also kinda scary

It barks and it growls and it also sometimes howls

And it knows, to never go slow

That’s cause it is, the BEAST OF THE OA

Iona’s French Baking Endeavour

My Endeavour is about French baking and I was able to make pate sablee, profiteroles, Praline Lyon de Tart and strawberry and apple shortcrust pie to sell at the Endeavour fair. I made a poster to put up on my board, I did a Endeavour report and I made a recipe book with everything I made in it. My favourite recipe was probably Praline Lyon de Tart, it was very good for desert and I loved to make it because of how fun the process was.  I also wrote some letters to some French bakeries and a famous French baker. I loved my Endeavour and I mainly wanted to do French baking because I love baking and France as I go to France every year.


Drew’s Magic Maths Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing magic maths and I’ve been doing it since the start of the year. Endeavour is something that you learn and it will help you in adult life and you do it for half a year.  I  inspired myself to research magic maths.  In my endeavour I wrote a letter to Dr Mark Biddiss and then he replied with a letter and  sent some of his books for me.  Also, everyone got one of the books, but I had more books, so I could do more tricks. Then I needed to learn his tricks off by heart, which was quite hard. After that I started making  an i Movie , filming all of my tricks I would have learned but there were one or two filming  troubles, including weather conditions.  I performed   my tricks for some people  in my school and most people enjoyed it. I managed to film these tricks. I am also planning to do a magic maths show near the end of term to perform the  tricks I have mastered.   I feel that studying magic maths could be useful in adult life for showing people what the tricks are and they’ll help you with things.  I have tried to fit a lot of stuff in with the time I had. I am already looking towards next year’s endeavour, but right now I need to concentrate on my current endeavour.

My Animation Endevour Alexander

My endeavour is about animation and I have been making stop motion videos with plasticine and rubber toys.   At first I didn’t really know what I was doing for example I couldn’t keep the camera still and that I didn’t really have a story Idea. I improved defiantly with timing and other things. I thought that animation was too much of a challenge but it wasn’t but, it was a good choice definitely. I have REALLY enjoyed endeavour this year I would almost say it is even more fun than last year

Bread around the World

My Endeavour is bread around the world and I have achieved one of my posters which has the history of bread on it and my other poster about facts about bread. I have also done a book creator about all the bread that I have done and made. I was inspired by my dad and my Uncle Chris because my dad is always making sourdough for the house and my Uncle Chris is a chef and really good at bread. I wrote a letter to Paul Hollywood to get information on the best bread to make and top tips on kneading but sadly he never replied.I have made all sorts of bread such as Foccacia which is Mediterranean and Islay garlic butter baguettes which is from Islay.

Scott’s Endeavour

My endeavour is all about world geography. I wanted to do this endeavour because I researched mountains last year,  I thought it was kind of similar but would challenge me more and I also chose this because I am interested in the world.

First for my endeavour, I started to make a book using  the  Book Creator app.  I chose at least two countries from each continent and I identified the president or the prime minister from each country. The next thing I did was to trace the world map and draw on countries. The third thing I did was I got a quiz off the internet and I am using that for my digital task. I also wrote a letter to a high school geography teacher to see if I could get any information I would need for my endeavour but I did not receive a reply. It was a hard start for me. So far I have finished my book creator and my quiz and I am almost finished my map. All I have to do is colour it in.

From the start, I have been following my endeavour plan carefully. The only things I need to do now are colour in my map, check over my work and set up everything up for the endeavour fair.

One interesting fact I found out is that Argentina’s real name is Argentine Republic.

At the start of endeavour I took a quiz and I had to name as many countries as I could and I could only get fourteen but now I can identify over thirty or forty so I am proud of myself for learning all of these countries. I have improved my knowledge of more countries in the world.

By Scott







Caitidh’s Endeavour

My endeavour is making a business selling items made of  Polymer Clay.I thought of this because I was inspired by my mum as who used to make and sell pens and key rings to her friends .To make my business successful I thought of using polymer clay because it is cheap and easy to work with.With the polymer clay I have made sea themed items including pens, magnets and octopus key ring.For my digital skill, I have used  Book Creator,gathering  pictures of me making my key rings ,pen and magnets.

 I also sent a letter to a person who own a business called the Celtic craft shop.The main thing I needed advice on was  pricing because that is really important because you need to know about profit. For example, when you have made like a pen, I would have to sand it then put a coat of glaze on it to protect it . I would need to work out how much all of this cost and to make sure I was charging more than the cost of my materials and time.

Before any of this I had to do a survey to see what people wanted and what they would buy.On endeavor day I am going to lay out some designs and some clay and get people to try and make them as good as they can.The most important thing I have completed is my business plan.Business plans are very important because they are telling you what you have planned to do and when you have to do it.

In this endeavour I have learned many skills, some of them are digital skills which is my book creator. Another one of my skills I have learned is time management. Everything I will be making is going to be sold at the endeavour fair.I have learned a lot from this endeavour this year.The only thing I need to do now is to attach the key rings on to the octopuses then I am ready for the endeavour fair.

By CaitidhImage result for polymer clay octopus keyrings

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