My Endeavour is on William Shakespeare and one of the things I wanted to achieve was to do a video of a monologue I learned from a Shakespeare play, acting out to show what the words mean.  The monologue I am doing is Helena’s speech from a Midsummers Night Dream, which was recommended to me as a good starting point by Gregory Doran.  Here is my video…

Interior Design Endeavour

IMG_0433For my Endeavour I am doing interior design.  I got my idea from architecture because its basically architecture inside a house. I planned by filling in a sheet that tells me what I have to do each month. The things I have achieved are making a mood board, designing a cushion, making a model room and painting and upcycling a chair- I am doing the chair seat in the picture. The problems that I’ve had is thinking what to put on my mood board and finding  materials. Mrs Mcfarlane helped me find stuff to put on my cushions.  At the end of my Endeavour I will show the chair that I upcycled, a model living room to put it in and a mood board for it.